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I TOO have had not 1 BUT 2 Failures of these thing! At $150 each, this getting annoying. The answer that I get frm Support (Sonny C) is...oulle have to send it in, Meaning:

YOU have to pay shipping to us (In Japan from US)
YOU have to pay for repair, all because of OUR Failed FW Upgrade....what?

This is rediculous, I Never had to pay for a company's mistakes before. I have been a Network Engineer for over 35 years, It is not my network or my signal, It is a re-occurance issue with not just myself but other as well.. as you can see on this blog Other companies have come up with a way to reformat the FW Via SFTP or some other means to get the FW back on it. nor have I ever had to pay for Shipping to another conry (Usually companies have a rep in the country they are selling in. Nor have I had to pay for the FW repair issue. They should pay the FW side If we pay for the shipping, lets be fair Amaryllo!

2017-11-08 14:01:31****************************************
So your andpswer s, even though it has been riven an$ repeated to me Out fault that he F2 ypgrad3 make th3 product non-functioning, we ar3 goin* to make our customers pay for this issue? It would appear that i# an @ccurat3 stamens on the part of you’re company. I wan5 to make sure as I am gon* to post videos, blogs and forum to let other# know how Amaryllo is handl8ng this

by Al Hagie

Dear Al, for out of warranty service or CID (customer induced defective), it follows the warranty policy purely to proceed to avoid any misunderstanding and process stop. Thank you for kind understanding and sorry for any inconvenience occurred. Thank you