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After the update (11-10-2017) the upload to Google drive does not work anymore. The alert with photo works fine, but the folder on my google drive stays empty..
How can I solve this?

Kind regards,

B.L.J. Gaster

2017-10-12 15:56:03****************************************
How can I upload a screenshot to make it clear? => iSSa0as4z => Owner aCloud0004 Amaryllo -

by B.L.J. Gaster

Dear Mr.
Thank you for contacting. We may need some screenshots for the Amaryllo Setting to get the ideas. Anyhow, would you please :
1. Check the Amaryllo app setting "upload storage" if correctly checked
2. Log in and check "My disk" and "Share with
me". My disk belongs to personal drive. Share with me is Amaryllo
cloud index.
Thank you

Dear, please apply to contact further. Meanwhile, please go the Amaryllo app -> Setting -> About to check if the firmware is 4.3.2. Thank you. Currently, no similar feedback on this issue. Only if old firmware vs new app may cause it. Thank you