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I have my camera installed and working ok, but I don' t have the 24 hours videos in Google Drive. I just have some hours, for example, from 13:36, and then 19h. I mean, I don' t have all day recorded.
What can I do?
Thank you very much

2017-10-19 17:14:15****************************************
Hi, Thank you for your answer.
I reduced the upload resolution as you suggested and I have enough space in Google Drive, because I already pay for a bigger size.
I have noticed that it only record the time between 13 and 15 pm. It's not enough for me, I need at least 12 hours since 12am. Please, I will appreciate a solution for this. I bought this camera because of 24h recording.

Thank you very much in advanced

by Silvia

Dear Silvia,
Thank you for contacting. After checking, you are not an Amaryllo cloud service customer which means, you are applying your own Google drive account to upload the recorded videos - such as 15G provided by Google to you. The personal Google drive is size base which means once it reaches the size limitation, the newest video clip will overwrite the oldest automatically. (same as all cloud drives)

Therefore :
1. you may reduce the upload resolution to see how long it can improve
2. consider to pay for bigger size to Google (by size)
3. consider to pay for Amaryllo service to Amaryllo (by days)
Hope this helps

Dear Silvia, the camera does record and upload 24/7. What you have seen is either because:
1. Uploading delay OR
2. Cloud drive size is full
If the drive is not full, then, it may be uploading delay. Please kindly check it day by day to see how fast the camera could complete the uploading. (Also, if the wifi router could be closer to the camera, which may help some) Thank you