Answer of your leaving message
For some weeks now I can't access my camera.
I am trying to click "Retrieve Access from installed device" on the page "What Amaryllo product are you installing?"
But that only opens my iphone camera!
The blue LED is on, stable.
What can I do?

2017-10-17 09:18:38****************************************
It seems like the camera doesn't respond to reset. There is blue steady light whatever I do...


by Stefan Nyman

Dear Stefan, Thank you for contacting and waiting.

Kindly follow the video to perform steps below carefully. If the camera does not response to the reset button, it may have the internal component failure possibility - not recoverable by software.
Steps: Hardware reset –> a beep –> auto motor calibration/rotation – blue light blinking for installation

Delete this installed cameras in the Amaryllo app by sliding toolbar - Delete
- Reset and Reinstall ( clean the camera memory and let camera to connect the router and mobile again )

It may be the internal hardware component defective then. Sorry.