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Canera is on but can't view in phone

2017-09-04 13:20:15****************************************
Both lights are still, reset did not help. White motion light comes on when triggered, but nothing can be seen in phone

by Ed Hauldren

Dear Ed, thank you for contacting.

A. May we know what is the error message? and what is the front led (blue/green)
light status? (green on still?)

B. Does factory reset / re-installation help?
Reset and Reinstall:

Dear Ed,
Let's check it again to see if any remote support helps. Please reboot the wifi router to try and share the result
A. Can the reset be performed? Beep -> 30 sec -> motor auto calibration ->
blue light blinking for installation.
B. If the reset function is not working, then, the camera may have a parts
failure inside
C. If reset can be performed, still. Then, it has better chance to recover the
device by a new installation.
D. Nothing can be seen in phone. What is the symptom? please share some screen
E. Have you tried another phone to check (better by another OS platform)

Thank you