Answer of your leaving message
Lately I sometimes can see there are 2 admins watching my cam. One is me, I don't know who is the second one. Obviously there is intruders as i am the only admin for the camera! What can I do and is it possible to set password?

by Nikky

Dear Nikky

Thank you for the mail. The only way to get the access to the camera must be shared by the original admin. through QR. However, if you feel/see a second viewer is getting in, you may:
1. Turn on the "Live streaming starts/stops" in System event notifications.
This way, any live view activity from all admins will have a message
notification to all admins. 100%
2. If it is true that there is someone in or still not comfortable, the only
way to block any outsider or other admins is to reset the camera and
reinstall it. This way, 100%, no one could access anymore except the
installation owner.

Remove this CAM from the APP, reset the CAM and reinstall it ?
Reset and Reinstall: