Answer of your leaving message
Dear support,

I have two iBaby cams on firmware 4.2.1 and since a couple of hours/days(?) both fail to send notifications to either my mobile app and my wife's (both are version 1.5.4.r10903 on Android). The notifications do show up in the notifications list, but alerts are not pushed to the app (either on wifi or on 4g). Although as I'm typing this, I'm starting to receive notifications from over 20 minutes ago (not the delay we're used to). Is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Kind regards,


by Gert van der Lee

Dear Gert,

Thank you for contacting. We have noticed this issue since 3 days ago by users' inputs (known). We are trying to find the root cause and fixing it ASAP. We have done few adjustments to try. Please kindly bear with us. If any improvement or problem-gone occurs, welcome to let us know to keep tracing. Sorry for this inconvenience.