Answer of your leaving message
I'm trying to add another phone to look at the ATOM, I downloaded App but it only opens to "Which product are you installed " and not "add..." so I can't add. What can I do?

2017-07-30 17:22:31****************************************
ATOM keeps sounding when there's motion, even on me. If o turn Motion detection off, would camera move/follow without alarming?

How can I add iPhone to administer or watch ATOM as well? When I load Amaryllo App on new phone, it only shows "which cam will be registering"

Can I watch 2 cam in 1 phone as well?

2017-07-30 23:21:16****************************************
I wish someone can just come help me set up. It's not as easy as your VDO. Or a direct help line from App

by Chiranuj

Dear Chiranuj, thank you for the mail. Let's communicate one by one item.

1. To install the 2nd mobile device, either iphone or Android, it is easy. On the 2nd phone, new APP downloaded: If you look the "what Amaryllo product are you installing" page, you can see the 'Retrieve access from installed device' bottom right. Click on it. It will enable the phone camera going to scan the QR code to complete the installation.
2. The QR code, you go to the 1st phone Setting. Under 'About', you can see the Administrative QR code. Click it for the 2nd phone to scan. Once scanned, the 2nd phone has installed the CAM in seconds.
I will send you another mail with screenshots to help.