Answer of your leaving message
I have 4 cameras around my home, and I'd like to be able to turn all on / off at once, rather than having to manually turn each on when I leave home and return home.

Will it possible in future to 'group' cameras together and turn on / off by selecting the group?

by Barry

Dear Barry,
Thank you for the mail and good input. The group setting and alarm sorting is in our development milestone, it is just no firm schedule yet. For now, if you have installed the 4 CAMs on your mobile device, you may scroll each CAM page and enable the Privacy mode in seconds. [ 1st icon in the slide bar ]

One point added if helpful. In our slide menu bar, there is a option called 'scheduling', you may take a look. It is designed for scheduled privacy mode, similar to the silent mode of mobile phone. It may help some.