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My Patio was working great then nothing . The blue light is constant with no other light and i cannot reset it

2017-05-15 11:18:41****************************************
I have been holding the button in and nothing happens if I try to hold the other button down the blue light still stays constant

2017-05-17 23:43:51****************************************
after powering on does not move just solid blue light no green light

by Kevin Patrick

Could you follow the step below to revert to factory default settings? If you fail to do it successfully, please let us know you fail in which step.

Q: How do I revert the device to factory default settings?
A: 1. Power up the device, wait 50 seconds until it finishes motor calibration/rotation.
2. There are two small holes at the bottom of the device (If your device is Patio, please open the rubber cover). The hole with "two arrows" sign is the reset button to "revert the device to its default factory settings".
3. Use a thin pin to stick it into the reset button hole, then press and hold for more than 5 seconds until you hear a beep sound.
4. Release the pin, the device will restart automatically.
5. After motor calibration/rotation, check if the front blue LED is blinking. If yes, the process is done.
For Patio, please remember to seal the bottom rubber cover properly.

Did you see the camera turns left/right after powering up?

I will transfer your case to our RMA team, they will contact you later.