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I bought several of your cams - 8 actually - some as gifts (I have pasted in the kickstarter details below). I have kept on outdoor camera - an isensor patio. It went off line a while and I cannot reset it by powering up or pressing the reset button. The blue power light comes on but no green light. When I turn it on the blue light comes on but it does not calibrate... Any ideas on what to do?
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Thanks for the reply,
I have left it on overnight and also since writing to you earlier today.... I'm afraid its just not resetting and not coming online...
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by Chris White

Could you wait a bit longer (e.g. 2 hours) after powering up the device and see if it can come back automatically? Sometimes it will take a long time to fix the corrupted file system.
If it comes back, please format the internal storage from the APP.
If not, I will transfer your case to our RMA team for further investigation.

I will transfer your case to our RMA team, they will contact you later.