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I am trying to connect my ATOM to an application on my Macbook Pro. The program is asking for the source address for the camera. I can find it's IP address but it will not connect and I can't find any reference to the ATOM connecting to anything but a mobile device via the Amaryllo app. Can I connect the ATOM to my Macbook and if so what is the source address I need to use to find it?

2017-04-06 13:02:48****************************************

I would like to use the camera with a completely different application unrelated to Amaryllo. I would like to find the source URL for my camera. Is this something that I can do with the Atom? Again, I want to use it with an entirely separate application on my MacBook Pro. It is calling for the source of my IP camera.

by Chad Beauchamp

Please use browser() Firefox or Chrome)to see the live view in Macbook Pro. You can reference below video.

It is not supported in current app. Next major release of app will support RTSP. It maybe can meet your request.