Answer of your leaving message
The camera is connecting and disconecting every minute. I receive all notifications on my mobile but when I try to open the app and check the camera, it disconnects, when its connected again i open the app again to check and then it disconnects... It's very annoying and I can´t work with the cam. What can I do? It was working fine until now! What happened? The router is just 1,5m in front of the cam and all my devices are connected to the WIFI and they are working fine.

by David Montero

I have used The Camera for 4 years now, and to my fully satisfaction.
I has just installed a new fiberbox, and the camera wil no accept the QR-codes for the new box, for getting on the wi-fi.
I use my Samsung fone .
What can be wrong? and of course I use the correct set up for restarting the camera.
Looking forward to have Your comment!
Kind regard
Hans Knudsen

2018-02-18 21:45:41****************************************
Thank You for the responce,
I have done everything acording to the manual, but still the camera wil not accept the QR-codes!
Ireally dont know why!
Kind regard
Hans Knudsen

by Hans Knudsen

Hi, After firmware upgrade my camera not working, doesn't start from calibration and no blue LED light, I just see in Blue LED background green light inside of the camera.

2018-02-17 22:21:12****************************************
I don't have blue LED light. I tried to change all cables and power transformer.

by Kosta

My camera says the back latch is locked upon start up. I made sure that the back latch is unlocked, but still the message is coming. All sorts of motion has stopped today. Upon performing a remote panning using the mobile app, the camera is not moving. Motion tracking is not working. Go to home position is not working. Patrol mode isn't working. I checked the settings in the app and motor lock is turned to off. Please help fix the issue with the motor.


2018-02-20 15:46:47****************************************
Thanks. Option A and B has already been checked and ruled out. I will try option C. Can you help me with the instructions to perform hardware reset and re-install?
Thank you

by Arun Kunjuraman

Buongiorno, ho sempre utilizzato la icam senza problemi.
A seguito di disinstallazione e reinstallazione della app, la telecamera in fase di riconoscimento emette un bip durante la fase di lettura del Qcode ma dopo 1/2 minuti compare il messaggio "QR code scan failed". Come posso risolvere il problema?

by silvia

I get the message "Failed to connect to server" when trying to view live feed for all of my cameras. I can connect and set settings, but not see live feed.

by Doug Riley

To whom it may concern:
My device is already joined free silver plan but I still can not use "remote micro SD access" this function?

Best regard, Dylan
請問一下, 我已經加入免費的silver plan了, 但裡面有一個功能" 可遠端存取micro SD" 不知如何使用?
麻煩教導一下, 謝謝

by Dylan

pleease send link firmware for acc1308 a1 wh

by alex

I have no upgrade my firmware since 2016, I notice my firmware is 3.7.8, and the latest is V4.3.2.

I try to login the app and go to the Setting tap on IOS, it never prompt me about the new firmware I should upgrade!!

So what I can do now to upgrade the firmware?

by Aric

The unit is not turning on. It was working previously but now seems dead. Nothing has changed and verified that I am using a powered light socket. Bascially exactly like the Q1262 answer on your support section. "Q1262. icamPRO FHD is not turning on, its dead no blue or green light, just off, i would like a replacement. I bought your product through 2016-07-14 04:38:26**************************************** I actually change the cable, try different AC outlets in my house, also changed the power supplier that comes with it and nothing seems to work. You are absolutely right the device was on, connected to my wifi and it suddenly shut down, after that ,as I said the blue and green light were off like if there was no AC power , I tried all I already explained you and nothing worked. " Please advise.

2018-02-07 06:15:11****************************************
Thank you for the reply. The blue light is now on. I tried a hard reset but it never reset nor did I hear a beep as seen in the youtube reset instructions. I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.

by David East

When viewing the recorded clip via Timeline on a mobile device, I could only scroll the bar at the bottom to play the clip from a particular time, but unable to fast forward the recorded clip (i.e. viewing the recorded clip in fast motion).
Many thanks!

by Vincent Chim

I have been trying for hours to install this camera. The app states that I need to upgrade firmware, but the dropbox link is dead. The camera has stopped doing calibration on start up. I have pushed the reset switch and that does nothing. The box said one minute install! Clearly not correct. BTW, the serial number of the unit is 115a05141600350. There is no AMID number on the unit.

by Jay Foersterling

Does Isensor Hd support RTSP ?

by Ali Jalali

I have completed the installation of the ATOM AR3S and was able to key all the parameters in the app.
On the app, the ATOM is on line a couple of minutes than go of line without and reason. The green light on the cam stay light. Then I can’t connect any more in the app, and get the message: Error Device is offline and the green light on the app is swicht off (grey)
Could you help to fix it?



I am a nice « early bird » customer and I bought two cameras iCam Pro.

One of them seems to be out of order. The image is blurred (see pictures attached and fyi serial number of the équipement).

Can you please confirm the process for you to replace it under warranty and confirm you open a support ticket do this question.

Many thanks,

ISSAN Franck
11 avenue Le Nôtre - 92420 Vaucresson- France
Phone : +33 6 22 86 23 78
E-Mail :

by Franck ISSAN

I want to add Atom Camera to NVR, But created URL is too long and I can not fit it in NVR URL text box.
I have the same problem with adding a camera to NUUO Surveillance software.
can you help me how to do this?

2018-02-05 11:58:33****************************************
actually, the main problem is the length of URL that Amaryllo Camera provides on RTSP. can you advise me how we can shorten that URL?

2018-02-07 10:56:47****************************************
it is very important to add cameras to NVR and CMS software. because their textbox character is limited and we can not add amaryllo in that systems.

by Farzad Milani

One of my cameras has developed a fault whereby it switches off motion detection by itself for some reason. Cannot understand why this might be happening as there is no schedule set for it or anything else I can think of. Any suggestions welcome?

2018-02-01 12:14:40****************************************
Thanks for the suggestions. After checking the camera I noticed there were a number of notifications being generated and sent to the SD card but as I selected not to send me notifications then no emails were being sent to me which is great. The next step is to stop any motion event being written to the SD card at all. I have turned off the front motion sensor but left the motion tracking and back motion sensors on because I still want the camera to pan/tilt when it detects movement. Will this stop the SD card being written to or do I need to turn something else off? Cheers

2018-02-04 05:18:41****************************************
After turning off the front motion sensor I no longer seem to get the event notifications and the motion tracking continues to work but you have to be careful not to brush the touchscreen accidentally as that'll turn it off instantly. The screen seems a bit slow to refresh sometimes but I believe that is down to the age of the tablet I'm using as when I use my mobile instead the camera images are more fluid. Thanks again for your help

by Trevor Pearson

It appears that after i did the last firmware upgrade my internal storage wood not record to it so i reformatted and erased it and then rebooted but now it says that the internal storage is a internal storage error “unsupported file system”
Please advise

Thanks ed

I have 3 of these devices and until now they have run excellent.

by Ed de Ferrante

Hello, I am trying to view this camera using NVR(RTSP) however when I add the URL to my viewer software together with the User ID and Password indicated in the Amaryllo App I get the error message that the User Name or password are incorrect. However I am sure that I copied/entered the right credentials and URL. Any idea ? Thanks !

by Tony Knors

The camera doesn't boot properly. I can't even reset it. I'd like to upgrade manually the firmware to reset up afteward. The following Dropbox link doesn't work :
Do you have another where I can get the latest firmware?

Thank you
Best regards,
Ayhan Sahin

by Sahin

We are planning to use "G Suite" service in our office, which Google offers for business.
If so, Google can give me "" account and can I use it to record data in Google Drive instead of ""?

by Tatsuya Namiki

There are no iCM or iSS numbers on my AR3 unit!!

Sticker AMID iCRb0bn7z, 08EA402063F0, ATOM AR3, ACR160BR31BKE26
S/N 7371D04173126401

How to allow multiple/many devices to access my AR3, note the online transfer administrative video does not apply to the AR3, I do not have a square with a plus sign in my App. Please provide detailed instructions. Your product is great! but your manuals and Tech support are lacking both detail and speed.

by Ben Rhoads

Camera starts to have click sounds after turned on about 3 minutes. Click sounds came from the camera itself and also recorded into the video. Any idea what cause the click sound? Going to send the video to

2018-01-30 06:59:41****************************************
Motor rotate doesn't not cause any sound (just normal motor sound) and I don't use motion tracking. Use only still recording. Will provide video shooting at the camera later.

by Andrew Lin

I cant setting my camera. Its infor error when click icon setting

by Vy Pham

I moved and was trying to connect to my new network and SSID. I am trying to factory reset and it doesn’t work. The device boots normally. If I hold the reset nothing happens, no flashing light, etc.

2018-01-29 14:04:05****************************************
No beep and no visual notification. Funny, it does boot normally though and cycle through the motor rotation and lights. I tried same pwrd & SSID and I can't see it. Is there and exchange option or anything?

2018-02-02 20:39:52****************************************
I am interested in a cost estimate for sure.

by Wayne Cochrane

Sticker AMID iCRb0bn7z, 08EA402063F0, ATOM AR3, ACR160BR31BKE26
S/N 7371D04173126401
Cannot view live online, signed up on iPhone for silver service and did not print information, how do I view live on line?

by Ben Rhoads

How can I set upload location to Google drive (folder: My disk) instead of Amaryllo cloud drive (folder: shared with me)? Need to sync video files to my computer instead of streaming. Not able to sync "shared with me" to local computer.

2018-01-25 13:40:19****************************************
Is that means I shouldn't of subscribe to Amaryllo cloud plans if I want to be able to sync video files to my local drive?

by Andrew Lin

Is it possible to vary the recording time, to make it smaller, example between 30 seconds to 5 minutes?

2018-01-24 16:05:21****************************************
the file that is recorded in the cloud in events is 5 minutes. Is it possible to vary the recording time? Make recording time smaller

by Toni

Whilst I appreciate the motion following of the iCamPRO FHD camera there are times when I'd like to manually move the camera view to a different position but using the swipe of a finger to move a degree or two here and there can be a bit tedious if you want to move 90 degrees for example. Can you please look into offering us the ability to save camera preset positions in the same way as you let us set the HOME position. The preset number (say 1 to 4) should be a toggle switch which when activated moves the camera to the preset view but when de-activated it should revert to the stored HOME position. Hopefully this won't be too difficult to design into the firmware and it would make the camera a lot more user-friendly as a result. Many thanks. Trevor

by Trevor Pearson

I subscribe to Amaryllo Cloud, gold plan. How do I review and manage the recordings from my Windows PC?
Thank You

by Peter Budrunas

Inundation in lens room was happened with general use outdoor. Camera has not go well now. i can show you some photo Inundation. i bought it by Amazon 6 month ago. Is there anything support and solve about my camera. Please give me advice some.

by Yuzo Furukawa

ICamPro FHD purchased on Indiegogo campaign. Trying to access via the app returns the message "device is offline." Solid blue LED on unit. Power cycle to solid blue LED with no rotation to indicate any calibration. Reset unit and remove device from app, not change in status. Please help.

by James Voight

I purchased a iCamPro FHD as part of your Indiegogo campaign
It has now stopped working. When plugged in, no camera movement and no blinking blue on an attempt to reset. Blue LED stays constant.

by James Voight

Hi there , my icampro FHD been working fine for almost a year, recently it disconnected itself and keep saying I can not connected to the wifi network, I have reset it few times and reinstall it back but still the same thing.

Can you please help me to fix the issue, please.

Kind regards, Jasmine

by Jasmine

iCamPRO after upgrade to the newest firmware (as of the 19/01/2018) - not possible to make it work again. Reset does not help. Camera was working without any problems before the upgrade. Currently after the reset and successfully Wireless setup, it is just doing constantly short movements left and right and is impossible to connect to it via phone. Please help!!!

2018-01-23 22:49:32****************************************
Thank you for advise. I done step by step what you described. Can you describe in more details what you mean about point 1 (the charger is fine and cable not touched) the device have power.
Each part was successful as per your description, however:
- after new firmware installation (from the card - beeps was as you described and two lights was blinking) I removed the SD card and did not plug in it as the cam should work even without it. In step D the cam was behaving differently. It calibrated correctly, however the cam was reacting on any movements and instead w8ing for installation it was moving. There was no voice message "reading QR code". I tried to install it as per you YouTube guide however it was not reading QR code. I tried option auto-detect and it found and it was even the successful message, however, the cam was not accessible via mobile app (message "device offline") :/

- I reset the device after and followed the installation again. There was a voice msg: "reading QR code" I put the QR code to cam and I heard beep - it tried to find my wireless network and it didn't connect to it (connection was not successful) so I picked the second option "auto-detect" and it found it (there was even successful message), however the when I tried connect to cam through the app I got message "device offline" ?
- Then I tried follow your steps again (this time I reset the card and pug-in before installation) and I got this same issue:/

Can you please advise?


2018-01-24 21:20:06****************************************
1. voltage and amperes are fine on the charger and cable.
2. I change the sd card and it works better this time, after firmware rebuild the blue light was blinking and as well green light. Next I switch the device off and formatted the card and put it back to the device. Then I switch on the device. Cam was rotating and said something like ready for QR code. The cam scanned QR code from my phone but it didn't connect (SSID and password was correct, phone was connected to router and router rebooted). Then I tried with the third method (WPS). Camera confirmed "WiFi connected" however the green light was flashing... and I was not able to see this cam on my router. I switch the cam off and switch it back on. The motor rotated and it said again something like "Read QR code" ..... It looks like the cam dose not connect to wifi and non of the 3 methods works... neither after firmware upgrade or reset.
I repeated this same steps couple times with this same setup with this same result.

2018-01-25 23:11:51****************************************
I didn't test it with another wifi yet, I will do it at some point, however the cam was working without any problems so far.

The firmware has been upgraded to v421 (1 beep after 5s, then 2 beeps after 1min, then both green and blue was blinking). I switched off the device and formatted the card and plug it in. I switched the device on. Camera rotated and I got message: "Ready for installation" (blue light is blinking no green light).
1. I used first method (QR code) camera beep that the code was scanned. Then after 2min message: I cannot connect to wifi network.
2. I used second method, the app found cam iCRa0ac4x, I selected it, I updated wifi password. I got message"Congratulation we did it", however the green light was blinking. The cam start rotating based on the movements. I tried connect through app and I got message "Device is offline" .... I switched off the device for 1 min and plug it in again to see if it will connect to wifi. Camera start rotating. The blue light was on and the green light was blinking. I tried to connect through app and again this same message "device is offline".

I removed the card and open it in explorer. Following was on it:
amaryllo folder (iside the folder was download\config.dat - empty file)
upgrade folder (why it was such folder? Cam create it during wifi connection?)
.dwl_status file (the value inside the file is 0)
event01 file

Maybe I can add some files manually to the cam so the cam will pickup my configuration to login to wifi? It is weird to get message from CAM "connected to wifi", but not able to see the cam like it didn't connect at all?

I am out of ideas :/ Please help! We do need it work again as we do watch our baby very often.

2018-01-30 20:56:29****************************************
I don't know if you received my previous answer? I didn't use the camera for a while and I removed the SD card. When I connected it to the power it start working... It looks like it is something wrong with the SD reader? Can it be a reason? When I tried with card it didn't work... I do wonder if I can now do firmware upgrade to the newest one as I am worry if it will work after?


by Lukasz Rodewald

Hi, im having an issue with my camera. when I went out it was in privacy mode. when I came back home the camera had rotated to facing front, and was making a weird buzzing noise. when I went into the app to reset it, it could not connect, saying no camera detected. so I tried unplugging the power to reset it. still no luck, stayed facing the same direction, no connection available, making buzzing noise. so tried the reset button. still same issue. what could be causing this?

2018-01-23 08:54:08****************************************
Hi, I have done all the steps above, still no luck

by Anthony Excell

I tried to reset the device as mentioned in your instruction book by pressing with a pin at the buttom signed two arrows for ate least 5 seconds, but still the blue light on without been blinking to start installing.
Could you please let me know how to solve this problem.

Thank you


Plz remove it from Amaryllo cloud plan

2018-01-22 14:45:12****************************************
Why you still charging me

by Ricky

Plz remove it from Amaryllo cloud plan

by Ricky

All of a sudden the blue light is on and else the Cam is dead. After Plug in /unplugging from power, the blue light is on but the Cam does not rotate and the green light stays off. No beeps no movement nothing. The App shows the Cam is Offline! Resetting did not change anything. Also tried to use the WPS connection, no action. I also removed the SD Card and tested then reinserted the SD Card and tested, but still nothing happens. Either the FW is corrupt or it is a hardware issue. What can I do now?

2018-01-22 13:13:33****************************************
Thanks for the instructions. I finally got it to work with the manual FW rebuild. Great job!

by Tarek El Nayal

i can't play back the video using the iOS / Android app "timeline bar". How to use/ fix it?

by Kelvin

I can play back the video using the timeline bar. How to fix it?

by Kelvin

How do I turn off the notifications, all are put to off but I still receive notifications for everthing? Please help.

2018-01-18 19:15:19****************************************
The camera is the I Sensor hd.

by Clint Hughes

I can’t upload video clips to Google drive anymore, only to Amaryllo cloud. Can You please help to fix this so I can use Google drive Again?

2018-01-19 10:58:05****************************************

I can’t select Google drive, the option is gone from the menu. Could you disable Amaryllo cloud for me? I’ll send you screenshots from the app to above e-mail adress.


by Anders Laxén

Hi, I'd just like to know how I can view live feed on my Windows 10 PC.

Thanks and Regards,


2018-01-19 05:01:31****************************************
Great! Thank you! :)

by Robert

Please cancel my subscription. Thank you.

2018-01-18 07:43:35****************************************
Thank you.

by Andrew Lin

In a previous post you suggested that a 16/32gb card was preferable to a 64/128 GB micro SD card. As I already have a 64GB micro SD card what is the disadvantage of using such a card, compared with buying a smaller capacity card. .

Many thanks


by Clive

I use Google Drive to store the recordings on one camera and it works perfect. The above that I pay $9.99 per month does not allow me to view any videos, even on google drive. I would like to make the above work perfect like my other camera.

2018-01-18 17:00:25****************************************
I will send the screen shots. The recording section says Amaryllo Cloud. There is no option to select Google Drive. When I go to Google Drive and checked shared with me, only one of my cameras videos appear, the other folder is empty.

by Mark Matovina

All of a sudden, the camera does no longer upload any video to my NAS. The videos seem to be recorded on the SD card, the used capacity there is increasing. I tried to reformat it anyway but with no success,
When entering the permissions for the NAS, I can see the connected user and I see that it tries to create the cameras directory and it tests accessing the file .amaryllo.test which are both successful.

After that, the user stays connected (as with my other camera, which still works perfectly) but no videos show up on the NAS volume.

How can I fix that?

2018-01-18 06:22:42****************************************
1. I reformatted the SD card on a PC which did not detect any problems.
2. I did a full reset of the camera
3. I tried Google Cloud upload
The camera does not upload anything, it just connects (to Google and NAS) and creates the folder for the videos.
After that, nothing else happens. I get notifications for power off or admin access but NOT for movement detection - even when the free space on the SD gets smaller when movement happens. I can also hear the "click" when the infrared LEDs turn on or off.

How can I get the camera back to work?

2018-01-20 14:09:01****************************************
The rebuilt the firmware but without success. After the firmware was in place again, everything went back to the state before. The camera writes its directory for videos on the NAS (or Google Drive) but no videos get uploaded.
Is it possible, that this has something to do with the Plan I am on?

I tried to move from basic to Smart Plan and now my account shows I have been billed two times somehow (Receipt 1516455746 and 1516456715).

It's quite frustrating that the camera does not show any kind of useful information why it's not uploading anything. The videos are on the SD card btw.

How do I get my money back for the 2 subscriptions for the same AMI and how can I get the upload functionality back?

by Harry Brückner

One small problem is that the iCAMHD does not rotate through 360 degrees. When first plugged into power the camera rotates in one direction then stops, it then returns via the front to a position opposite to the first but there is a blank area of about 90 degrees behind the CAM that is not scanned. It is the same using the app one the rear 90 degrees is blocked. How do I unlock the Icam360 to examine the full 360 degrees. I am using the latest Firmware,


This few day i always got delay on the device, the delay is when i turn on the device, it take about 10min to reach online, so i reinstall it, but now it keep saying it cannot connect to wifi, i use QR code and wps already, i just place it beside the router it still cannot connect to it, is it wifi module spoil? Is this device still under warranty?


Since installing Firefox Quantum v57.0.4 whenever I try to view my cameras through Amaryllo Live browser session the cameras seem to connect properly but nothing is displayed on the screen anymore. Both cameras work fine when viewed via Android apps on phone/tablet so can only think it's the browser that is the problem. Any suggestions please??

2018-01-16 07:01:30****************************************
Can you tell me how to enable WebRTC in FF and are the security holes in it fixed already?

2018-01-16 10:00:53****************************************
Tried all of your suggestions but none have worked so far so will have to stop using Amaryllo Live I guess :(

by Trevor Pearson

Just wondering about the release notes for firmware 4.3.3. Thanks!

by Todd Steinhauer

Dear Sirs
I have just purchased one icam360 and one std icam.

1) I have installed a 16gb card in the icam360 but I want to upgrade it to a new 64gb micro sd card and keep the same admin settings.
2) I then want to put the 16gb card into the std icam with fresh settings
How do I do these things

PS Brilliant camera and software!

2018-01-16 07:48:45****************************************
Many thanks for your answer. What would be the disadvantage of using a 64gb card as I already have one.

by Clive Rahn

I want to buy a new support holder for my iSensor HD. Where can i buy it please.

My best regards,

by Pierre

I'm using app v1.6.4 and camera firmware v4.3.3. Since the latest update, I'm not getting any push alert notification. Can you please help? Thanks.

2018-01-19 17:56:21****************************************
I have double checked all those settings. Everything is in place. However, still I can't get any notification. Please help.

2018-01-23 09:12:12****************************************
I've tried that and it's the same.

by Ives

I see you are still charging my account $9.99 each month. This has been cancelled before, need you to confirm that this is cancelled and not billing me anymore.

Receipt: 1455080878 Subscription Date: 02/10/2016
Item: Qty: 1, AMID: iCMa0ix3g Detail

by Austin

Hi, could you please cancel my platinum subscription. Thank you.


2018-01-15 05:15:38****************************************
Thank you!

by Laurent Ma

The camera does not respond. The blue light is solid. I press reset button and nothing happens. Disconnect and connect again to the electricity and blue light still solid. The camera does not responds. What can I do. Can happen

by Alejandro

After a firmware update the camera offline. I try to reset and reinstall but I receive after QR code error from camera (- 1200).

2018-01-15 19:21:18****************************************
Now the camera does not responses to hardware reset. No beep, no auto motor calibration.
Blue led is solid on. Green light is off.
I think the problem is in the firmware ? But I do not know !

by sousa barros

Hello, I use the camera to monitor my baby's room using the Amaryllo app on my ipad. However it seems like the app exits frequently after 5-10 minutes and I will have to relaunch it. Sometimes it loses connection and when I reconnect it gives me an error. Can you please let me know why it is doing that? It is frustrating having to re-click all the time and I simply cannot rely on it at night as it will quit midnight and I will not hear any noises/crying my baby is making.

by Gillian

My recording has stopped. I toggle the switch and it starts to record again. I get out of settings and go back in, and recordings shows it stopped. I cannot keep recording mode on continuously.

by Christopher Johnson

My camera won't record. I've toggled the recording switch, but it stays in "Stopped" mode

by Christopher Johnson

Can you please advise whether it would be possible to view multiple camera feeds on the same mobile app (i.e. all at the same time) rather than having to swipe for the various feeds of different cameras

by Omar Saudi

I would like to purchase an ATOM camera. I read that the camera need a 2.4ghz wifi connection. My concern is that, despite having such a wifi connection, my mobile phone hook up to wi fi via a 5 ghz connection. could this create a problem while pairing the camera to the app intalled on the phone? The phone is a One Plus 5

by Fabio Vasques

I was just billed for a year for two subscriptions to your platinum service. I didn’t receive any notice of this ahead of time. I no longer own these cameras and want my subscriptions cancelled and my money refunded. The subscription period hasn’t even started as I just received the invoice. Please refund both invoice 1515642181 and 1515642230. I will keep my Gold plan with another camera that is still active. Thank you.

2018-01-11 04:15:31****************************************
I plan to purchase new cameras and use your service again once I move into a new apartment. The last cameras were sold with my old apartment.

2018-01-11 08:50:41****************************************
Yes, I will go ahead and buy the cameras. Should I paste the invoice number here to transfer the subscription?

2018-01-11 09:00:36****************************************
Yes. Do I post the invoice number here to transfer the service?

2018-01-11 09:20:13****************************************
Great. Thank you. I don’t know the old device numbers. But my gmail account is The order was just placed. The two new devices (I don’t know their numbers) are on the following order:
Order Number 1515661538
Transaction No. 2000001567
Auth. Response Time 2018-01-11 09:07:44
Transaction Successful

2018-01-11 09:46:49****************************************
Thank you! I really appreciate your help.

by Derek sheeler

I am having trouble with one of my AR3S Camera's.

In the cold below -20C it just gives me a black screen and doesn't capture motion or activity at all.

My other AR3S works fine in the Cold. Your help is appreciated.

2018-01-12 16:15:31****************************************
1. Both the front LED's are on.
After doing a power cycle I got it to come back but it refuses to switch in to night vision mode.

Here are some photos

The totally black picture is what I was getting yesterday. The other pics show some spots of light at night. And one pic is from early this morning with a bit of sun. So I am sure the night vision is not switching on.

by Travis Kittlitz

My iCam pro deluxe stop working. It has a solid blue light and I can not connect through the app or WiFi. I tried to reset but nothing happened, the light remained solid blue with no way to connect to camera.
Please help.
Thank you for your time !
Troy Lizama

2018-01-18 02:00:06****************************************
I followed the rebuild from external SD. I still have a solid blue light and can not reset. No motion at all.

2018-01-29 22:21:59****************************************
My camera is not responding to the F/W rebuilding. I am trying different AC cables. Do I send the unit back to you for repair? Or can you guide me with the next steps to take?

by Troy Lizama

Today I am unable to connect to any of my cameras using my android device. Was working fine yesterday.

When I try it just stays at 0%. I figure it cannot connect to your server.

by james cowell

Why won't your IOS app download?

by Carl Ramsey

Hi, are your products Honekit compatible?

2018-01-09 13:11:27****************************************
I did not ask about API, I was asking if you support or plan to support Apple HomeKit

by Norb

I would like to set up the app on 2 iphones, is that possible? I downloaded the app to both, but I can't get it to work on the second phone.

by Bonnie

I can no longer view the camera live on the browser, either Chrome or Firefox.. After loading, the display area for the camera remains grey, then after a few moments, I get the error message "streaming video time out", then it has a 5 second count down and then reloads, but still nothing is displayed..
I can connect to the camera and see the video from the android app without any problems.

2018-01-08 09:36:56****************************************
I just tried the "Public" cameras, and they are also blank for me, both on Chrome and Firefox. I am using a Macbook Air, but I also tried browsing to my camera on a Chrome browser on a Windows 10 laptop, and it is also blank...

by Gregory Wee

icam stopt responding so i took the power off and let is calibrate it is now stuk in calibration process and keeps moving in steps of a few mm at a time then stops again for 30 seconds and so on
i have tryed to update the firmware via sd card with the same result
pressing the reset button has no effect

2018-01-10 19:27:34****************************************
So what u are telling me is that my camera is not repairable ?
owning three icams this one has been the one always giving trouble even when it was brand new
if this is the way amaryllo customer support works in future no more amaryllo products for me

2018-01-11 19:10:20****************************************
i have solved it myself the camera works again with a different power source so the camera is not hardware defective like u said

by kurt

My account was for a free trial. Now that it has ended, the Free Basic plan is inactive now.
Please let me know why I am not getting the recordings in amaryllo cloud viewer.
The last recording in Amaryllo Cloud Viewer is from December 26, 2017.
In the app settings/Recording, the Amaryllo Cloud Plan is INACTIVE.
How can I active it in the free mode?
The recording is on and the SD card is Good, but 98% used.
Should I need to format the card, so that it will start recording and so that I can get the 24 hrs recording (as it is for the free plan)?
Ivonne Bertran

2018-01-05 17:05:23****************************************
How can I get the 24 hour cloud.( Free) as it used to be?
I just paid for the smart plan, but now I see that it doesn't include cloud storage. I got confused with the 7 day video alert... That I don't know what's that....
Did you change your plans?
For more than 2-3 years I have been using the free 24 cloud storage.
I paid for a plan that doesn't work for me, and still inactive.
Please help

by Ivonne Bertran

I installed my iSensor HD on my new Samsung 8 (was on Samsung 5) and I can't get it to stop panning in live view. I just want it to be still so I can pan the room when I want to view it. Any ideas?

by Sue Short

Hej I have several cameras, It was working until a couple of days.
Now cannot access the cameras via firefox or iPhone app.
I have reboot the router.
I can access all other stuff i have at home remotely.
Please is the problem at your end?

by Jose

Dear support-team,
since nearly 2 hours all our cams are offline. Even the one that is connected via LAN (see above AMID) is offline.
Our cams are in diffrent locations. Our Wifi as well as our LAN do work in these locations. Any help? What happened? I get notice 'access denied contact support of Amaryllo'. Please help.

2018-01-05 09:33:37****************************************
Thanks guys, everything is fine again. Since yesterday late night CET zone.

by Marco

Device always offline and cannot connect the server

2018-01-04 04:06:44****************************************
After factory reset the device and pair again, the AI recognition alert function was deemed, is it normal? as I using from Dec 15, and unable to retrieve the camera

by Law

Could you please change my cloud contract from silver plan to the smart plan (1 Year). Thank you

by Hansruedi Jung SSL certificate expired

by PY


Please cancel my cloud subscription, I can't find anywhere on your website to do this.



by Aaron Raikes

Blue light comes on but then turns itself off. Can't activate it. Doesn't even show up in my app.

by vicky minich

iCamPro stopped working. This is my third robot fail or stop working in 3 months...I have tried resetting without success; I have re-formatted the SD card and tried to flash the robot without any success. The blue light stays on, blinks every 15 seconds, will not restart or move at all...tried removing and reinstallation...nothing

2018-01-03 02:06:55****************************************
As my first complaint explained, I have already done this. In order to entertain you, I did it did not work. I am tired of failing robots.

2018-01-05 11:31:33****************************************
The question remains: will this be covered? Again, I already sent in 2 devices for repair. It begins to get suspicious when your products begin to fail one-by-one...

2018-01-09 22:57:37****************************************
I figured it out on my own. Luckily I have two devices. It is the power cord and adapter. Please send me a new one. It is the least you could do.

2018-01-10 11:24:19****************************************
So you will not replace your faulty wire and power device? This is still a manufacturing default. Stand behind your product and do the right thing

by Dustin

not rotating completely and re-install is just not happening either with the QR code or the or the wp3 button

by vicky minich

Unfortunately my Patio unit that was purchased in March of 2017 has failed. Please CANCEL cloud service ($3.99 mo) immediatly.

by Gabriel Rodriguez

Unable to find the iCam HD 360 apps in Samsung Play store. Searched on google and downloaded the app but unable to continue as it prompts me to "upgrade firmware" but pressing the camera button doesnt take me to the UPGRADE option, rather prompts me to uninstall the app.

Is the iCam HD 360 app really works ? or is there any better way to download the app and also upgrade the firmware?

Mesfin B

by Mesfin

qr scan failed on android device

by Nadim Daher

There is a connection problem, and an error message is always appears to have a connection problem to the server. What’s wrong with my webcam? And the server?

2017-12-27 05:03:50****************************************
There is another issuers that the device seems always offline but the green light is on.
If I remember correctly, the error code is 105

2017-12-27 05:20:01****************************************
It said, there is an error while assessing the server (10), I wonder what’s wrong with the server ? And actually which server ? My internet server or the webcam server ??

2017-12-27 05:23:08****************************************
I couldn’t get into setting and actually I tried reset yesterday two times, and it works for a short period but failed again today.

2017-12-27 05:45:59****************************************
Ok thanks. I will Try tonight .

2017-12-28 16:50:30****************************************
Thanks for your information about the manual firmware rebuild but it doesn’t work. I did what exactly you told me about downloading the zip file and unzip to the SD card. The iCamPro started to reboot but the blue led light never blink. The system is still not working properly, the status on my phone apps showed the iCamPro is offline and online randomly and every the green light is on, it’s still not able to connect and everytime it stopped at 80% loading and the error message appears. Even though I occasionally able to connect to the iCamPro it drops out very quickly and never connected again. Please kindly help, I bought this iCamPro within this year and I wonder if there is somewhere I can go to in Hong Kong, so that someone can check and fix this problem for me. Thank you very much.

by Nelson Chang

Does iSensor HD support RTSP??

by Asif

Hi Amarryllo
Is it possible to set private mode of camera via Google Home?

by Kamolphet Fonghem

When upgrading the firmware for my , I accidentally turned it off so when turned it on, it is not working anymore. Would you please provide me the approach how to rebuild the firmware for , very appreciated!

2017-12-22 14:04:25****************************************
My machine is iCam HD and its id is iCMa0fr8i.

by Emily Tai

I need the firmware cause after the reset the camera does not go on following the steps described on the manual.
this link is not working


I am only able to see 24 hours recordings.
I have Amaryllo Cloud Platin subscription?
Should I use Amaryllo Cloud or Google Drive? What i the right choice?
I have payed for Amaryllo Cloud Platin and I belived I shoud be able to use the Amaryllo Cloud.
I have tried both Amaryllo Cloud and Goggle Drive.
I thought I would be able to see recording for 365 days. It has not been possible for me yet for a long time.
Boot cameras are upgraded to firmware 4.3.3 and restarted
What is wrong?
Best regards
Michael Frandsen, Denmark :-)

2017-12-22 12:36:52****************************************
I am not able to upload sceern captures in this message windows.
I have the following things:
Recording section:
Upload storage= Amaryllo Cloud
Amaryllo Cloud section:
Amaryllo Cloud subscription= Platin
Amaryllo Cloud Services icon= When I press the Services icon it shows no video files.
What can be wrong? It is the same problem for both cameras iCRb0aa9j and iCRb0aa9g
Best regards and Merry Christmas

by Michael Frandsen

I would love to stop my silver plan on my icampro icraodd4u and icraobv5j

by Ricky Seck

ma camera patio ne se calibre pas, et la led reste allumée?

by kuster

Hallo, I wish to terminate my silver plan subscription and my credit card registration.
How to do?

With best regards

by Kim Jürgensen

I have questions about multi-viewing with tablet devices and PCs:

I found a new feature "Multiview" on Android app (ver.1.6.1) recently.
- How many cameras can the feature display at the same time?
- The video quality is also adjusted automatically in the multi-viewing, right? What is the lowest to be adjusted? (360p?).
- When is it released on iOS app?

When browser viewing, (FireFox is OK but) Chrome has been in trouble these days.
It won't open any camera and sometimes with the message "Device is occupied by another user" though no one is probably using it.
Please give me an answer to solve the Chrome problem.

by Tatsuya Namiki

old phone died, so added app to new phone, but can't get it to all connect.

by lingerfelt

This unit was working just fine a few days ago. I has even received the updated app that allowed both my ATOM and ATOM AR2 to be view at the same time. I was checking them today, and the AR2 did not work. I reset it, plugged it back in, the unit cycled through and shut off again. Attempted to register it again, it did not register. As if the wifi unit is out on the camera. The ATOM continues to opperate just fine. Any suggestions?

2017-12-19 15:59:35****************************************
It will not connect to internet. It attempts to connect to my 5G instead of 2.4G, however once this step is complete, it never connects. The camera itself appears to be functioning without the internet. IR light up in dark, go off in light. The camera lens tracks me as I move within its range. I have no way of view its content without a connetion to my network. I will check to see if its some sort of compatablitiy with my Galaxy Note 8. However, i do not think that is the issues because I am connected to the AMID that is on the network and functioning properly. The blue light is solid and green light flashing couple times a second. Was not able to connect with different device. Now what? At $300 plus, I don't want to purchase another one, especially if the life span is a couple years.

2017-12-19 16:01:53****************************************
I forgot to mention that all steps followed. The camera performed as you states in the PS portion of your last message.

2017-12-20 12:16:27****************************************
I did not reset hardware after refuilding firmware. My instructions told me to reset hardware before rebuilding the firware. So I can try that. The camera had been removed and added by many time after each successful step. I even added it to an app that had no cameras on it. I was able to successfully add the AMOD after attempting to add the deluxe ADOM AR2 twice. I have not attempted to add by the WPS and QR did not work.

2017-12-21 13:03:53****************************************
So send it in for repair?

2017-12-23 00:55:35****************************************
Will no one respond to this thread any longer? What is the next step? I would like camera coverage again asap.

2017-12-25 13:56:45****************************************
Let me know the international cross border chargeable repair services you recommend so I can contact them. Also, if a part comes to mind that requires a little skill, I have some training with soldering and working with small parts. I could replace it myself. Provide me with the information required to send payment for the part.
I'd also be willing to make a deal. I would purchase a new ATOM AR2 if you would repair the one I currently own for no charge. I'd be willing to pay for shipping. Let me know if this would be an option.

2017-12-26 17:52:03****************************************
So the issue is, the unit will not connect to 2.4G WIFI connection the other unit is connected to. Let me know if there is anything elso I can do to get this unit connected. If not, sounds as though I need to stick with companies in the US.

Thank you.

2017-12-27 00:33:48****************************************
What is going on! My second camera, which up to this point was working as expected, suddenly disconnected from the wifi and will not connect. It is tracking. The green light is flashing. The IR led's are lit. But I cannot connect with the app. Are you sabotaging the products in the US for some reason? The last firmware update, is this the issue? I have almost $600 in camera's with amaryllo's name on them that are not connecting. Please consider this an urgent fix.

2017-12-27 12:05:29****************************************
I camera that was functioning? I was checking alerts. I received several within a couple hours. I went to check that last one sent. It was having issues connecting. I closed the app and restarted it. The icon on the app that registered red when in private mode, green when active mode was now gray. It would not connect. I went to the camera itself, it was moving, LED IR lights on, green light blinking. I did not change anything. WIFI that it had been connected to from the time I initialized them and added to my network. The first one went down a couple days after a firmware update. Now the second one is gone. Your company is all about the revenue, not about the patrons/clients. I'll send both of these items back to you no change. Keep it. I'll purchase quality product, not the trash Amaryllo sells. Give me your address to mail the trash back to you. Keep all your pressious money! See how far it takes you after you leave life.

2018-01-02 13:56:46****************************************
I attempted to connect to my network using all methods. These cameras are no longer compatible with my home network. Send me amaryllo mailing address and I will send your camera back to you with no charge to you. You can keep them. I recommend you find out what the problem is so you can help other customers with this issue. I will be replacing these units with superior to protect my home and family.

Thank you.

Henry Elliott

2018-01-03 13:39:23****************************************
Do not send the units back.

by Henry Elliott

Light is solid blue. Will not reset. Last time this happened I was given a url to a file on drop box that i used to get it going again. i found the post but the file is gone now. Why did you take it down? Is there an update file. Please help.

by Scott Wilson

When I turn on the camera on only the blue light is on, and the motor calibration dosen't start. I have tried to re-connect the power and re-set the camera and the wi-fi setting several times without any succes. The camera seem dead!!
I purchased it in April 2016 and it has been running without problems untill yesterday. Please advice what to do asap!!

by Kinn Olsen

I have two cameras, however iCRa0ae1b looses internet connection all the time and I keep on reinstalling it. Now I tried to upgrade the firmware to v4.3.3. It still does not work. When I try to reset it now it turns of after the resetbutton is pressed for 30s.
The other camera iCRa0ae1h is no problem with.

2017-12-18 15:11:55****************************************
The problem remains. The blue ligth never starts blinking. It it like the motor calibration/rotation never stops.

by Johan Ivari

Why is my iSensor HD getting offline every 3 days?
After round about 3 days my camera is loosing its wifi connection. After rebooting it is working fine again - for only few days. In the log I can see that sometimes the camera looses the wifi connection, restores it, looses it again, restores and remains online. Sometimes the camery remains offline until reboot. A behavior like this is unacceptable.
Is there an explanation and bugfix? It seems to be a known issue.

2018-01-19 15:41:13****************************************
Hello Support,
in the meantime I tried to fix the loss of the wifi connectivity by resetting the camera. Unfortunately, it is not getting better. The camera is still loosing the connection after some days. What needs to be done to get the camera replaced?
Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

by Beinhoelzl

Hi there, i just want ask you what can i do , if ihave to reinstall my camera, because i change my wifi net, So when i where do all the process to reinstall, the camera didn´t recognize the QR code, just appear an error sign, please tell what can i do !

2017-12-15 05:39:34****************************************
Forget it , I made it !!!

2017-12-15 07:04:15****************************************

by Claudia J Velasco Badillo

How do I setup Google drive?
Have already inserted and formatted a microSD.
When clicking ‘settings-Google account’ - selecting my account; Amaryllo services are offered.
Just want camera images to be stored at Google drive without any paid services.
Please provide guidelines for setting this up.

2017-12-14 18:27:50****************************************
Have done so, though the Google Drive logo is not replacing the Services button logo in the amaryllo app.
Every time when I click the Services button I have to re-select the Google Drive option, which brings me to the Google Drive folder, without any further options to click on.
Please provide me a step plan for installing Google Drive.
Many thanks,

by Jan Willem

Hi Support
Is it possible to copy face recognition profile from one iCamPRO FHD to another iCamPRO FHD?
Right now I have to proceed face recognition on each cameras which is consume so much time.
Thank you

by Kamolphet Fonghem

I have a new router. My phone is properly re-connected to the wifi. My device will not read the QR code. Both the blue and green lights are blinking.
What can I do to reconnect?

by Charles Saunders

This is the final feedback before I disarm and store away these two AR3S. Please forward this to your product management.
The Atom AR3S do not support 5GHz WLAN. In my case this turns into a showstopper, because:
I can not provide LAN cable internet to the location where the cam is mounted.
I can not use the 2.4GHz WLAN because streaming on this band does interfer with about 20 other WLANs at my location.
Including an multi band WiFi for 2.4 and 5 GHz would not cost much but would take a big burden regarding connectivity from the owner.
Kind regards,
Fridtjof Graef

by Fridtjof Graef

I have an iCamPRO that is no longer under warranty. The USB port on the camera is broken. I took it apart and saw that the port was broken and it will no longer power up. The small connector actually broke off of the circuit board. Is it possible for me to purchase the small circuit board that the USB port is on? I am certain that would resolve the issue. The serial number of my unit is 5151A05160712003

2017-12-12 14:02:04****************************************
I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. USA. The camera is perfectly good with the exception of the USB port. It would be a waste to throw this away just because of a broken port. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Rick Maringo

2017-12-20 14:31:21****************************************
Thank you for getting back to me on my request. I ended up fixing it myself by removing the broken USB connector from the circuit board and soldering two wires from the USB cable directly to the circuit board. It is now in good working order. Thank you again for your support.

by Rick Maringo

Having a lot of trouble accessing recordings. Can I get some assistance ?

Deaf ears the purpose of having a camera if I cannot go back and easily review footage of someone vandalizing my house. Can someone help me verify the settings on my storage And robot? Nick

by Nick Zellem

My camera stop working, i tried a lot to reset it, but it doesn't work, even wireless reset not working.

2017-12-10 15:39:34****************************************
i formatted the SD Card, using the app you sent, and i follow the process exactly same what you mentioned, but no response at all, and keep showing blue solid led, not blinking at all,

2017-12-11 10:26:29****************************************
Well, it's working now, thank you very much

by Mo

Ho già altre cam Amaryllo e quando ho aggiunto questa nell'applicazione mi ha dato i seguenti errori:
1. facendo play al video esce il messaggio "aggiornare il firmware"
2. aprendo le impostazioni esce il messaggio "sd card error" (non ho inserito nessuna card perchè non mi serve)
3. se cerco di aggiornare il firmware esce il messaggio "non rilevato"

2017-12-05 22:04:54****************************************
thank you so much
I solved by manually updating the firmware

by daniele caiani

We received the faulty product from our customer. Could you tell me how to return it for repair or replacement in Australia?
Fault: no connection . Connect to the power cord. Power indicate blue LED on constantly, no flash indicate. it cannot scan QR code . Item is not respond whatever press the reset button or Charge WPN etc. Our customer is purchase on 22/06/2017 and return on 28/11/2017.

by AndyLi

stock with blue light only.the camera also not rotating or detecting..what should i do fix this problem

by nick

I've been using my Patio since I bought it through your kickstarter campaign. My camera is running on firmware v4.1.2. I frequently get the message to upgrade to firmware v4.3.2 but it always fails after download. Camera and phone where on the same wifi network. What can I do to get to the latest firmware? since it is a Patio mode the camera is sealed so I can't remove the sd card without breaking the seal and make it less waterproof.

2017-12-01 10:08:34****************************************
Thanks for your quick reply. The camera works ok. I am going to ignore the upgrade massages for now.

by Merijn Bolhuis

I got a new phone and can't get it to connect with the camera. I've even tried rebooting the camera ?
Any suggestions ?

by Jeff

My AR3S cameras are supposed to have amaryllo platinum for a year (Till around July 2018) but they have stopped giving AI alerts. You assistance is appreciated.

Also is there a way to download a video clip directly from the Camera in iOS?

2017-11-30 21:58:53****************************************
About an hour after I sent this message yesterday, AI alerts started working properly again. Thanks

by Travis Kittlitz

Even when i select atom 3 the support is for ICamPro. My camera worked, and for some reason is no longer connected to my phone. Ive tried to reconnect. If i log into my router my camera is still showing and active. Yet i cant get the QR code to work....So i tried the other 3 methods..none which work. Why did my camera disappear from my app? Can you send me a pic of the qr code...may be a clearer pic would do the trick. My email on file is either the or (both the system seemed to not to be able to find).

by Chris Gomez

Hi! Which countries are your products available in? Which countries do you ship too?

2017-11-29 05:30:23****************************************
I don't have a particular country in mind, I would just like to know which regions your Atom 2 is supported and is able to be distributed in. Thank you!

by Harry

Hi, I would like to discontinue my Silver plan and stay at basic plan. How can I do that ???

by M. Morenza

Firstly, can't turn off Patrol mode. Can do that only with reseting cam, and after it can't connect to wi-fi and i have to hard reset it

by Simon

Can I use two phones?

by Wuchimin

Wonder if you can help with below. We are an authorised reseller of Amaryllo in Dubai. A client has an issue with a recently installed ATOM, in specific; he is unable to view the feed from his 3G or 4G signal. There also a delay between movement being detected and pix taken. Can you please advise

2017-11-27 11:32:58****************************************
Hi, please find below answers to above.
Operator is Etisalat. Issue occurs on both 3G and 4G. The issue started immediately post installation. Code error is 100 (server error). Wifi inside the house is a 32MB connection and has coverage throughout.
Look forward to your advice

2017-12-06 15:43:05****************************************
I have reset and reconnected camera. I am now getting error code 15. Seems to happen after linking Google Drive account. Can you please advise

2017-12-07 04:50:06****************************************
Thanks for the response. Can you please advise what would cause the error code 15

2017-12-10 09:50:35****************************************
The server issue seems to only appear when the camera is linked to google drive account. Can you please advise if other customers have faced same issue and as to possible rectification. Also there still seems to be delay of camera reporting movement or face detection. Again, can you please advise what can be done to resolve

2017-12-12 12:54:36****************************************
Can you please advise regarding the Google Drive issue outlined earlier. Sorry but your responses to query regarding the camera delay in notification is incomprehensible. Can you please explain what in specific can be causing this as " the performance of 5 minute is still stable" means absolutely nothing.

by Omar Saudi

First day camera was great . After upgrade the ai recognition tab disabled and caned be enabled . Moreover camera response for events very slow . Some events not recorded or catch . So is it firmware issue or hw ?

And do require to reset the camera ?

2017-11-27 08:20:45****************************************
Hi , still the face recognition not enabled . Moreover I did reset and still slow . Could you advice how to do or perform manual firmware recovery ? Since article posted has old link for drop box which not valid any more

2017-11-27 19:50:16****************************************
Great, I will plan to perform this tomorrow , meanwhile still the face recognition not enabled in camera ?

by Mohamamd

Does ATOM AR2/AR3 support backup the data on local drive via Wifi without using internet ?

by Japes

I set up another viewer but the second viewer is not getting alerts. I also purchased the 10 sec. video alerts but it is not working. I don't know how I can reach you for phone or chat support and am quite frustrated. I'm going out of town and it appears I won't have full benefit of the product because the support is terrible at this point. Please help.

by Tim Rahill

One of our cameras was faulty and stopping tilting up and down, instead it made an unusual clicking noise. We reported it to Amaryllo and they asked us to return the package to their technical department in Taiwan – which we had to pay for! We assumed we would get a refund for the postage due to the item being faulty, however they instead asked for another payment for an inspection fee and return shipping to the UK, on top of not refunding us for our outgoing postage costs! We were well within our 1 year guarantee therefore definitely should not have to pay for inspection costs. We disputed these payments, highlighting the fact that their terms and conditions state that they would ‘’repair or replace the unit back to the sender free of charge and reimburse the sender for the shipping cost” for defected items. Since then we have sent them numerous emails asking them to return our items but have not received any response. We are now left with no camera and no refund meaning we’re out of pocket by £300+. We even tried to contact them via Trading Standards, but they continue to ignore us.

2017-11-30 09:19:41****************************************
I did read your email sent on 30/07/2017 and replied via email on 04/07/2017, 20/07/2017, 31/07/2017 and via Trading Standards around 07/08/2017 and European Consumer Centre around 25/09/2017, all of which you have failed to respond to!! How can we discuss this dispute if you are not willing to respond for 5 months! You still haven't returned our camera or shown any signs you will in the future, therefore we are at a financial loss. This is not how you should treat your customers!

2017-12-11 12:17:26****************************************
Yes I received your email on 03/07/2017 and responded to it on 04/07/2017, 20/07/2017, 31/07/2017 (sent with read receipt) and via Trading Standards on 07/08/2017 and ECCS on 25/09/2017 - all to which you ignored!! We have tried everything we can to contact you and you've failed to respond until I went public facing. How can we resolve this issue if you do not respond?!

by Suzy

I wanto change service plan from Platinum to free basic.

by Yasuyuki Tanaka

Hello. I wanna integrate my camera in my domotique installayion at home. Provlem fibaro ask me snap video url ans jpg. May have you an idea of to do ? Thanks a lot

2017-11-27 06:25:56****************************************
Thznks for your answers

by Richard

I removed Amaryllo Patio cam from my phone and now I want to install it again, but when I plug the camera the blue light is still, not blinking, and I can´t install the camera through QR code.

by Juan Soler Llácer

Hi I"m getting "an error code from camera(15)" it will only load up to 80% and stop and im only able to connect to the camera when I'm home and once i leave my house then I would not be able to view it on my phone can you let me know what to do to fix it thanks

by chuen lam

I am trying to save the recorded video to NAS.
My iOS app version is
iCamPROFHD firmware is 4.3.2
What address should I put in the share folder? My NAS address or the cam address? Do I need to create a folder on my NAS?
I tried my NAS address on the share folder but status still unmount. I already changed the upload storage to NAS event and there is a SD card inserted.

2017-11-21 05:49:54****************************************
My app is different than the one in the video.
I created the folder in my NAS and input my NAS address in the app. Do I need to specific the path? I tried both // and // where cam is the name of the share folder I created and the status is still unmount.

by Herbert

How to record camera's view without using Wi-Fi? I can setup using Wi-Fi but want to use it without Wi-Fi connection recording into the 32GB micro SD card

2017-11-20 13:13:39****************************************
Thank you to solve my question and well understood there is no option to turn off the wifi to run the camera. Rgds.

by Matsumura

Dear Support
I've experienced alerts delay in all of my iCamPRO FHD for 12~16 min. after event detected, the issue happen around 2 weeks ago until now. .
here's AMID
Thank you in advance

by Kamolphet Fonghem

have two of same type and can’t get either to reset despite all attempts - blue light stays on, will not recognize hard reset

by Troy Miller

How do I invert the image from the camera? I had to mount the unit upside down (bracket on the top) and everything looks upside down. Where is the control to invert the image?


My live view also fails when I receive error code 15. I only use Wi-Fi on the latest iPAD Pro mainly but also on iPhone 5s.
I can see the live feed at home but not on other networks which until recently I could. It gets to about 80% then error 15 appears.
Not impressed that this is not being resolved.

by Jonathan Plowman

Hello! From the Amaryllo-app I get a message that firmware upgrade v4.3.2 is available. The upgrade starts, but fails allways. Smartphone and camera are in the same WLAN. Is there another way to upgrade the firmware than inserting a SD card? It's difficult to dismount the camera from the wall... Best wishes, Stefan

2017-11-15 07:05:20****************************************
Hmmm... I had a quick look at my purchase order: it's an "iSensor HD Patio with 32GB Embedded Memory Chip". Does this model have an external SD card?

by Stefan Biebl

I cannot access my camera with my phone. I keep getting error code (-1200) and (-1001) and camera offline. I have purchased the online storage platinum plan and can no longer access anything. Please let me know what I should do to resolve this issue. Thank you. Matt

by Heath

Why there's no option to manage channels, (add/delete)
I can add/create a channel or assign camera to it, but I cant delete it myself...

I'd like to delete the channel made to Amaryllo live, what should I do?
account name :

by Lukas

Hi Team
Does ATOM AR2 support backup data on NAS or network drive via Wifi without using internet ?

by Praveen

Hi Amaryllo Support Team,
I'm really worry about my camera since I'm facing weird problem, it was working fine but in the software I found option to upgrade the firmware version,since I'm technical person my curiosity makes me to upgrade it to latest version, and once it finish, in the application i found the camera become offline and doesn't become online, so i tried to troubleshoot the problem but no luck, i tired the reset the camera to the factory setting from the reset button but no luck. when i power it, it's showing blue solid LED but doesn't moving. it could be firmware in flash is corrupted, so i tried the link in the dropbox ( in your support forum but the file is not found. I NEED YOUR SUPPORT ASAP. Thanks

Best Regards,,

2017-11-18 18:50:38****************************************
Thanks for the update,
I unzip the files, and after I powered on the camera I heard the detected sound, and after a while a WRONG sound comes on and doesn't work. kindly help..

by majed



I attempted to reset the device by letting it do it's calibration and pressing the rest button. No matter how long I hold the reset button there is no beep and the blue light never starts flashing.

2017-11-12 21:48:15****************************************
The device is the Patio.

2017-11-23 05:19:21****************************************
I did both of the above things. This time I did get the camera to reset. Pressed the reset button and it beeped. My problem is still when I plug the camera in the blue light comes on steady. The camera rotates to the left and then stops. The blue light never starts to blink.

by Ron

I have a new router type huawei hg8245q I need the definition of the camera is a fiber and has the property of 5 and 2.4 What are the appropriate settings for the definition of the camera where I won in various ways I could not.

by hani

My iBabi cannot rotate or reset. It only has solid blue light on. Thanks.

by Joanna

Hi are these cameras able to be viewed using Amazon's Echo Show? If not currently compatible, is this something you are working on?

by don trainer

When I am at home the video life feed works well. As soon as I leave the house the life feed no longer works and I receive a "15" error code.

2017-11-08 12:26:35****************************************
I have been using my iPhone 5 for several years now and never has problems. All this stared Last Monday. I am in the U.S.A. Not sure what you mean by operator SIM. The disconnect happens when I leave the house. Indoor Wifi works well and not sure why it wont work when I leave the house. I do not have an Android phone.

2017-11-09 12:26:45****************************************
No it is Verizon which I have used for many years.

by Elke Johnson

I'm trying to use a Verizon jet pack for the camera alone. The jet pack works but when I leave the house & put my cell to cellular, it says the device is offline. I noticed that the jet pack suddenly reads 3G when it's suppose to be 4g. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

2017-11-07 04:31:20****************************************
I’m using an iPhone & it works with the jet pack when I’m setting my phone to the jet pack as wi-fi. Then when as I’m switching my phone off the jet pack & go to cellular, my app says it’s off line. I’m not capable of using the house wi-fi because I’m using the neighbors router & it does not work. I’m simply curious why it works when my phone is on the jet pack but l switching it simply takes it off line. I’m not using the jet pack when I️ leave the house because the reason for the pack was simply dedicated to the camera & when I’m in need of wi fi.
Thank you for a prompt response & I’m sure it’s something dumb that I’m not aware is 4g on the pack but I’m not sure what the cause may be.

2017-11-07 16:45:32****************************************
The iPhone that Iv been using is AT&T pre-paid. The jet pack is a Verizon 4G jet pack. I will find out more about the jet pack...because it does work but like I said, I use the jet pack as my wi-fi. The router upstairs does not lock into atom. Apon leaving the house...I switch to cellular & then I check the says it’s off line. I had my own router & it worked. I see no green light nor a blue after resetting it...even when it works with the jet pack. I will call Verizon to find out if I can set it to 2.4 G.
Thank you for your prompt response.....I hope it works.

by Leo

I have an iCRa0bm9n Pro and an iCRb0bo0c AR3 that have both gone offline permanently after the application notified me of a firmware update that I accepted. Neither device has lights blinking and neither device appears to power-on / go through motor setup.

by John

I TOO have had not 1 BUT 2 Failures of these thing! At $150 each, this getting annoying. The answer that I get frm Support (Sonny C) is...oulle have to send it in, Meaning:

YOU have to pay shipping to us (In Japan from US)
YOU have to pay for repair, all because of OUR Failed FW Upgrade....what?

This is rediculous, I Never had to pay for a company's mistakes before. I have been a Network Engineer for over 35 years, It is not my network or my signal, It is a re-occurance issue with not just myself but other as well.. as you can see on this blog Other companies have come up with a way to reformat the FW Via SFTP or some other means to get the FW back on it. nor have I ever had to pay for Shipping to another conry (Usually companies have a rep in the country they are selling in. Nor have I had to pay for the FW repair issue. They should pay the FW side If we pay for the shipping, lets be fair Amaryllo!

2017-11-08 14:01:31****************************************
So your andpswer s, even though it has been riven an$ repeated to me Out fault that he F2 ypgrad3 make th3 product non-functioning, we ar3 goin* to make our customers pay for this issue? It would appear that i# an @ccurat3 stamens on the part of you’re company. I wan5 to make sure as I am gon* to post videos, blogs and forum to let other# know how Amaryllo is handl8ng this

by Al Hagie

I am unable to access the camera when not on the cameras local WiFi network. I keep getting a 1001 error. Is there a firewall port I need to open or should access be automatic?

I think it worked before the last firmware upgrade

2017-11-06 08:37:51****************************************
Yes I use an iphone7 plus my wife uses an iPhone 7 and that works fine. Updated to latest patches
which vpn product do you suggest and who’s going to pay for it?

by Guy Shoebridge


i can't enable 2 way audio infact by browser when i clic on "two tolking man" i receve the message:
"Please select at least one liveview to enable/disable two-way audio".

and from my app Amaryllo i don't have any button for microfone!

The option stting > audio > rwo-way is enabled.

please need a solution

2017-11-12 07:20:07****************************************
But I have only one camera live-view, no many or other camera.
So i just do what you say but i have always the problem.
if you want can test my camera, I can give you the web access for my camera.
I now use firefox or android app.

Tks in advance, i hope to read you shortly

2017-11-13 06:52:21****************************************
ks in advance

i have understund what you say end is correct... i have speaker: off.

But the problem is not solved because my browser (chrome or Firefox both last release) DON'T ASK ME TO ENABLE MICROPHONE.

I have try from my PC and my notebook and for both no ask me to enable microfone and don't display microphone icon on the adress bar.

I have try in Firefox to check permission on tools menu > Page Info > Permissions and change il to "allow" but notthing.

Can you suggest other thinks for how to solve the problem


2017-11-13 08:11:35****************************************
ok, with this tip i have solved. I must click first on the video screen and after the icon for two-way audio. tks for you support. bye


I want to cancel subscription and just have the basic free one.

by Robert Luxem

I can’t reset the camera, I hold the small hole for several seconds but nothing happens

2017-11-04 15:51:16****************************************
model is icam HD

by Gegham

purchased a new icam HD 360, blue light not blinking, can't reset it (even after pressing reset for more then 2 minutes) ,

by hayar

I bought a new Atom and with this one like my previous one, sometimes it goes from a color picture to a black and white , why is this and what can I do ?
I look forward to your response ?
Thank you .

2017-11-02 14:25:35****************************************
Thank you for your response, the night vision was on !

by Jeff

Hi, I want to copy some of the video loop stored on my MicroSD card.
There was no trigger of alarm, but I need to capture video I can view from the APP and download it to a PC so I can edit and email it.
When I insert the MicroSD into any computer they say it is unreadable !
It is fine when back in the iCam and I can see the footage when I watch TIMELINE but I do not want to share my Camera publicly and need to extra the video files.
Please help!

by Dan

da un po di tempo mi da:
an error occurred while accessing the server 100
riesco a comandarla solo via wi-fi
utilizzo iPhone SE / 6

2017-11-01 06:21:34****************************************
ho h3g come operatore mobile, leggendo dei forum ho scoperto che da un po’ di tempo h3g ha dato un IPstatico alla rete bloccando di conseguenza l’utilizzo di apparecchi in remoto.
in w-fi funziona correttamente.
C’è un altro sistema per risolverebbe il problema se non quello di passare ad un altro operatore?

by Mirco Marangon

My camera worked fine until the last firmware update. Now I cannot reach the camera with my iPhone iOS 11 when on cellular coverage (it says "an error occurred while accession the server (100)"). the stage thing is that it works under wifi coverage. I have already double checked and under cellular coverage I have good connectivity as mails, internet and others app do work properly. I have already restarted the camera without any luck.
Thank you
Best regards

2017-11-01 10:55:34****************************************
the camera is in Italy but The telephone I use is a UK iPhone with operator EE 4G. When I travel to Italy the roaming is with TIM and Wind (both 4G). I have the same problem in Italy and UK. it started to happen mid October and it happens 100% of the time when i'm not using wifi. if I use wifi (indoor or outside huse wifi) i can connect to the camera without problems. I don't have android (phones). I've just tried the vpn (vpn client of the iPhone) and I can access the camera (under cellular coverage). Then I've tried again without vpn and it doesn't work. So Just to recap: the connection works when connected to wifi (regardless where the wifi is) and when under cellular coverage whene there is a vpn active. it doesn't work when the app is used with only cellulatr coverage (regadless the operator).

2017-11-03 12:03:14****************************************
Thank you, Best regards

by Marco Borsa

Have you set up a Halloween prank today we've a picture of somebody in our living room and we do not recognise him

by Jason Yates

Camera was working GREAT then stopped working. I can not rest camera. Holding reset button or wps. At a loss here. I have instruction book but it does not help.

2017-11-03 20:13:32****************************************
I think I will just get another unit.

by Paul McBrien

Is possible to acces to the internal storage of the camera Amaryllo Patio? How to do it?

2017-10-30 10:50:30****************************************
Where is the Timeline?

2017-10-30 14:36:27****************************************
I don´t understand. Could you elaborate?

2017-10-31 09:07:27****************************************
On last weekend there was a robbery in our business. Unfortunately, camera stop recording Friday in the morning, although it wasn´t switched out. I mean, last recordings in the cloud I had were from Friday in the morning and the robbery was on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday. Is there any possibility of recovering some recording of those days.

2017-10-31 10:12:05****************************************
1. Did it
2.I checked and there isn´t any recording of those days
3. Yesterday I eliminated the camera from my phone and reinstalled it as it was malfunctioning. Does it mean that posible information in the card is deleted? Now the phone says that 4,4 MB are used from the card. Does it worth to disassemble the camera or I shouldn´t hope to revoer anything?

by Juan Soler


I bought a camera from you, ICamPRO FHD for ~2 years ago and was never able to get it to work when I got it, but now I want to try again to see if it's possible to get it to work.

The problem is that in the Amaryllo App on my iPhone 7 (iOS 11) won't find any online camera. I have tried to reset the camera and It didn't work connecting via QR-code, but it was possible when using "direct wifi-installation", but as soon as it says that configuration complete the camera is offline in the app. I can find the AMID-number in the app but it's only offline.

I am on a Wifi-network configured to 2.4Ghz and have double-checked all the passwords/SSID and everything is correct. I have tried to re-install the app on the phone and also tried twice to reset the camera.

Do you have any idea what's may causing this, and why it won't be online in the app? I've heard so much good about this camera and Amaryllo so I hope we can find a solution. Is it possible that a firmware upgrade can solve this? Is it possible to upgrade firmware via Mac, without need to put the micro-SD in an adapter or something?

Have a nice day!

Kind regards,

2017-10-30 14:00:11****************************************

Now it's finally working. Thank you very much!

by Felix

I upgraded the firmware and when i connect to the camera there's just a blank blue screen. Why would this be happening? Thanks.

by Johnny

Hello, I have bought two patios and both are not operating anymore. Several attempts to go back to factory resetting failed. On power on, the camera is not even doing a camera reset anymore. Only blue led is on. Please advise what to do next.
Kind regards,

by Mike

Immediately cancel my subscription of 3.99$ a month. I noticed that I was paying for this service even though I never explicitely agreed to paying a subscription. I was using the free trial.

I can sue you in my country for this and I will if you do not immediately cancel any future payments and subscriptions. I no longer want anything to do with this company. If I see anymore charge on my credit card I contact my lawyer immediately.

by Gilles

Hi Support
I've already subscribed for Smart Plan - A.I. but now human detect was unavailable again (human detection was gray)
What happen to the camera,How can I fix it?
Thank you.

2017-10-31 11:54:13****************************************
Dear Support
A.I. function was resume but VDO alert was gone again.
Now there're only Snapshot and Text available.
Please advise.

by Kamolphet Fonghem

my firmware gets corrupted during firmware update, how to recover?
The blue patch burns continuously, when restarting nothing happens.
When resetting, nothing happens.
what now?

2017-10-27 10:26:16****************************************
The camera does not work, so what can I do now?

by Mark Fabel

According to my monthly credit card review, you have withdrawn twice every month... I am wondering why?

2017-10-27 05:29:05****************************************
Here is my record of this month:
Same as in last month and earlier... Can you check with it at your side? If you need a copy from Card Company... I can download it and send it to you...

2017-10-29 07:31:52****************************************
According to my October review, I can find the following records:

2017-10-30 07:26:10****************************************
Yes, please cancel it. I will check with device with iSXXXX as well.

by Yasuhiko Yokote

I want to cancel subscription to amaryllo gold cloud and just have the basic free one.

by Yasuhiko Yokote

My camera wont transmit any vídeo anymore. I can hear and move the camera but vídeo feed is not transmitted. Blue light is always blinking.

Best regards

Tiago Reis

by Tiago Reis

Sometime I cannot access my camer live view through 4G LTE
I got this message
“ Recived an error code from the camer ( 15 ) “

by Abdulla


I believe my firmware is corrupt.My device won't start up. Where can I download the firmware? So I can load it on the sd



2017-10-23 02:51:29****************************************
Thank you very much! That fixed it :)

by Blair Halter

How to enable dog/cat/bird detection?
Now they were inactived in menu (gray)

by Kamolphet Fonghem

As you know many systems are affected by the WPA2 KRACK.

Do you have already a new firmware version to avoid that, or your products are not affected?

2017-10-23 09:56:39****************************************
Your answer doesn't make any sense. I'm a telecom expert, and WPA2 KRACK ( is a bug of the WiFi WPA2 technology.

If your products are using WPA2, then we have a big risk.

Similarly if you're using any dnsmask ( which has been discovered recently affecting most of the Linux and related implementations.

Please, let me know urgently.

by Jordi Palet Martinez

Patio camera has worked for a long time.
Very pleased with product.

However, for some time now i do not get a feed.
Have checked today.
When i plug in usb cable the blue light is on constantly.
There is no calibration / movement of camera.
No green light.
Have removed camera from app (android)
Reset button pressed for several times, Yes, pressed for over 20 seconds each time....
Nothing happens.
Blue light does not blink.
Cable in / out => repeat the steps above did not help.

Looks like it is really broken.

Any thoughts / help?

Also: I have optained this Patio camera and two Atom camera's via Kickstarter.
The pledge was not only for the camera's, but if i am correct also for the FREE OF CHARGE license for online storage.
I have not paid attention to it but i just now took a look at my creditcard and it says that i pay usd 9,99 a month.
Monthly payment started february 2016. That makes a total of over usd 200.
Please inform me about this as well. It was never my intention to buy the camera's and pay extra for a license.
For sure i want to stop the license as soon as possible if it is not a free of charge license.

Best regards,

Jan Otterspeer
The Netherlands
+31 6 411 89 551

by Jan OItterspeer

1. My device already broken, I want to STOP my 2 Amaryllo Cloud Account ( which are 99 Per month & 3.99 Per month ), please STOP Charge from my creadit card account
2. Do you also provide Chinese language web site ? I locate in Taiwan and NOT familiar with English

nvoice No.1508396912 (99 Per Month)

by Jack Pan

I upgrade my camera(petite) to the latest version and after it i see dog cat and bired detection but they are not active . how can i active them ?

by Ali Jalali

Please unsubscribe the plan on your cloud services on my cameray robot ICRA0DM6R, email address and remove my credit card info. Thank you to confirm. BR

by Roger BRIERE

hi, night vision does not work as well as before, I'm not sure but I think from the last firmware update. can you halp me ? thank you. Carlo from Italy.

2017-10-19 14:55:37****************************************
Yes, now it's running 4.3.2 , I ever upgrade when it's required.
The problem only occurs when the cam records in night vision.
The immage is not clear as before.
It's as if a fog effect was added.
If you give me an address where i can send some immages maybe you can better understand.
thank you,

2017-10-21 14:54:32****************************************
find the problem ... when the camera looks at the vertical end, the infrared lights are a bit covered by the edge of the camera ...

by Carlo

Can I install the camera upside down or on its side and change the orientation of the video/image?

by Bill Lathrop

Would like to look at camera MJPEG stream using VLC or comparable software. What is the URL to do so?

2017-10-19 10:19:43****************************************
The app says "this option is not available" (in French). My cam is an iSensorHD, is there any update?

2017-10-20 06:25:38****************************************
So can you describe the way camera streams (or send MJPEG) to the outside in order to be able to connect the camera to iSpy or any other grabbing software? I can understand there are proprietary info involved, but this will avoid me a good wireshark session.
I understand the camera is establishing a session with credentials to a web server (yours) then forwarding images to my cell phone when I connect to it. Very classical. Please spare me some time. Thank you

2017-10-20 21:06:08****************************************
Ok then I will discover it myself. Thanks


I use my Synology NAS to store the recordings of the camera under the Folder #recycle, In this folder I now have hundreds of files named .amaryllo.test each with 4KB. What are those files and can I someway stop this?

by Tarek El Nayal

iSensor HD not responding; wifi initially not responding, then stated that the internal storage was corrupt. Deleted off of the app and now cannot reinstall. Both buttons are not responding (wifi or restore buttons). Only the blue light comes on and then it fails...please help. This is the second device that has not worked. I had an iCam that the night vision went out and had much difficulty dealing with support. I have 5 cameras total and would like to get this fixed...

by Dustin

My camera will not go into installation mode or conduct its self test upon powering up for the first time. I have tried the reset button on the bottom of the unit. I tried another power cord, but nothing works.

2017-10-17 03:41:10****************************************
I followed the steps to reload the firmware, but was unsuccessful. The camera will not initialize and give me any indication that it has taken the firmware. Are there any further troubleshooting techniques?



2017-10-17 05:09:55****************************************
When I extract the zip file into the sd cards directory, do I just want the one folder or so I move the file and folder out of the main folder, so it’s just the two items?

2017-10-18 15:49:11****************************************
I finally got it to work! When unzipping the files onto the SD card, you have to take them out of the main folder so there is one file and one folder.

by Bill Murray

hello, my camera stucked after FW upgrade. Can you help me with the new one? DropBox link doesn't work

by arturas

My iCamPro is starting to go offline frequently ?
I've checked my WIFI signal and it's strong, do you have any suggestions ?
I look forward too your response ?
Thank you !

2017-10-16 03:44:43****************************************
Thank you so much for your reply !
What are the AC requirements in order too replace it ?
I do think that's the problem now as the power light is off and I have checked the electrical outlet !
Kind Regards,

2017-10-16 15:11:59****************************************
I've tried everything without any luck ?
The camera doesn't beep after pressing the reset button,the blue light is showing power and stays solid blue !
Would there be another solution ?
I look forward to your response !
Thank you,

by Jeff

Since two days I got no connection on the iPhone app with my iSensor HD Patio (iSSa0as4z). I got the message: "Camera not on-line". I use IOS latest version 11.0.3 en Amaryllo app latest version 13-10-2017. Restart camera and iPhone does not help. The blue en green LED burn constantly, so it seems everything is OK. On the iPhone Amaryllo app however, the Live view does not work (not on-line message). I can get acces to notifications, but this are old notifications. What to do to restore Live View connection with wifi?

by B.L.J. Gaster

I had a firmware update fail and the location you cite in help gives a 404 error so now how do I recover.

by James Davis

You seem to have introduced advertising for your products using the camera ALERT mechanism. I find this annoying and it detracts from the 'security' function my cameras were originally and installed to perform. Is there a way of switching OFF these so-called NEWS alerts ?? I did a search already but found nothing.

2017-10-16 08:23:21****************************************
I think it is bad news that you use camera alerts as an advertising mechanism and suggest that would-be camera purchasers bear that in mind. Most other apps have an opt-out for such messages and so I urge Amaryllo to provide such an option ASAP please!

by Pearson

Please cancel my cloud membership. Thanks

by Jim Rasmussen

Recently when using my cameras in live view ( I have found the images have frozen with no indication that this has happened. I have been using the system from within my house (everything on one LAN) to monitor a young (and destructive) dog from my study. This freezing means that while I view a sleeping dog on one camera she can actually be in the second room getting up to mischief.

Do you have any hints or is my system dying or hacked? I believe all software is up to date (v4.3.2).

Many thanks

Mike Wort

2017-10-13 16:07:15****************************************
Thanks. I'll try using Firefox for a while. I seem to remember changing to Chrome some time back because Firefox (or possibly Kaspersky) had some compatibility problems.

by Mike Wort

The last two units I recently ordered thru amazon did the same thing: After about a week of working, they rotated their heads clockwise all the way and then shut down— all the lights went out. resetting, etc didn't help.
Any ideas?

2017-10-13 16:36:48****************************************
OH! Stupid me! I forgot that these were set....

by bob

firmware update link on the support website does not work

by kurt

Updated to firmware 4.2.1 as requested by the iPhone app (IOS 11). Upgrade worked well but I cannot bring the device online after it. I can reboot the camera from the iPhone, both camera lights are ON (green & blue) ; the wifi part seems to be in order (ie a reboot moves the camera and reboots). I rebooted router as well but to no avail, camera remains Offline and not working.

2017-10-12 03:58:32****************************************
Thank you , I followed steps A & B and the unit is monitoring again.
Firmware still shows as 4.2.1 and latest as 4.2.1 but I am not worried as the camera is operating as expected , oddly enough the home screen is different (ie a snapshot of last view) and the green light is not on. Also has an AMID start amp which was not there before.

by Mario Recuero


After the update (11-10-2017) the upload to Google drive does not work anymore. The alert with photo works fine, but the folder on my google drive stays empty..
How can I solve this?

Kind regards,

B.L.J. Gaster

2017-10-12 15:56:03****************************************
How can I upload a screenshot to make it clear? => iSSa0as4z => Owner aCloud0004 Amaryllo -

by B.L.J. Gaster

Hello. I'm unable to get into the settings of my camera with the app.
-Accessing the live video works fine
-Accessing Settings from the bottom menu results in a (-1001) error on my iCam.
-Accessing Settings from my iSensor Camera works
-Since the video works for the iCam and Settings for the iSensor camera work, I don't think it is phone/internet/router related.

How do I fix the iCam so that I can access the Settings?


2017-10-11 14:40:48****************************************
I saw another post that recommended removing the SSD card. I removed the SSD card and that seems to have fixed the issue :)

by Shannon Riley

I have an increasingly deteriorating experience on using the iCamPRO, it takes me like for more than 5 minutes and usually need more than 3 attempts to login to the camera now. I have already updated the cam firmware and I am using both android and ios versions. I urge you to improve the quality of your software otherwise it is very difficult to use.

2017-10-13 02:52:16****************************************
I have excellent internet connection with my service provider offering a stable and 1GB exclusive bandwidth connection speed at my home. The receiving end also have a stable 4G connection or office WIFI. Usually, the connection is stopped at the loading stage or very slow, and sometimes show connection cannot be established. I do not always go to the setup page so I am not sure about the connection speed about it.

2017-10-13 06:35:47****************************************
Yes, the 1GB bandwidth I mentioned is about uploading speed. If you insist, I can show you the test speed later today. But I am certain that this is the best internet connection services in my country and there is no other better internet connection service that the cam user can find.

2017-10-16 06:17:26****************************************
The usage experience iin the past few days was indeed better. Let me tell you again when I encouner problems. Thanks.

by Ng

Recently last week or two weeks live view over the Internet does not work?
Locally on WiFi fine, camera firmware recently updated ?
Can you tell me what this error means and how I can fix it please ?

2017-10-10 08:11:59****************************************
Error message:
An Error occurred whilst accessing the server (100).

2017-10-11 07:18:50****************************************
Thanks for replying.
Camera and apps: 4.3.2. And 1.6
I am in the uk using virgin, I have voice and data 4G ticked, but connected at 3G.
Previously for years no problem.
I rebooted the camera and the router.
Locally using wifi the phone can connect to the camera, however when I am away from home, using the Internet to connect I get the error.
Any other suggestions ?
Anything I should look for specifically on the router etc ?

2017-10-11 07:34:35****************************************
Thanks again for the prompt reply.
Luckily I also have my iPad with me in work, yes I just connected with the office wifi and it works!
Anything else to try ?

2017-10-11 07:46:50****************************************
Sorry will reply on here now.
Tonight I once again reboot the router and the camera, although the fact it works over wifi indicates some other issue I suspect.
Any other suggestions or ideas please shout.


2017-10-11 07:48:11****************************************
Regarding point 2 I only have one sim....and do not want to share with other people

2017-10-11 08:11:12****************************************
No good, I can try my wife’s virgin phone tonight, but they are both virgin

2017-10-11 13:19:37****************************************
I just had a thought.
On my iPhone I have a VPN connection, so I connected to the USA and then I could connect to the camera over the Internet.

So it's something to do with uk Internet .? Or uk prefix networks.....

Comments please ?

2017-10-11 14:14:45****************************************
So I can access the camera from home on wifi.
Away from home, it will not work over the Internet when I use UK Internet.(3G) etc.

However, if I use a VPN connection on my phone and trick it into thinking I am in the USA Iit works ! And that is over the Internet 3G.

2017-10-12 09:41:42****************************************
Yes VPN via the USA for example then good.
Virgin sim mobile currently still not working.

Well VPN workaround might work, would be nice to get to the bottom of it though please

2017-10-12 15:56:12****************************************
Any chance of an update or potential fix date please ?

Kind regards

2017-10-13 05:34:48****************************************
Right, I think I have found what it is, but you will have to tell me what the most secure settings should be please.

You recently introduced NVR(RTSP) on a camera update.

Port Forwarding.
On my(peoples) routers I believe for this to work you have enable on your Router port forwarding(RSTP port(default 554)).

So on my router I have the following settings and I would like to know what I should set these to make it work and also keep it secure.

Local IP 192.168.0.X ?
Local start port x?
Local end port x?
External start port x?
External end port x?

Protocol ?
Enabled X?

I think once you tell me these, job done!

2017-10-13 05:37:57****************************************
Odd still how vpn works, but I think this looks promising......(famous last words)

2017-10-13 13:32:24****************************************
Are you able to provide default router port configuration ?


2017-10-16 07:57:27****************************************
Ah ok, in that case I will not use RTSP.
I have checked and my iPhone 6 I have it set to 4G although I am sure my package is 3G.
Either way it has for years all worked until recent updates.

2017-10-16 08:25:48****************************************
Thanks for replying.
No, no other phones or environments to test with, surely your test teams should have these?

Thanks keith

2017-11-26 08:13:40****************************************
Good morning
Sorry for the delay in replying, a private matter had taken up some of my time.

Can I please ask:

Previously all fine and everything worked.

A few weeks ago I assume an update you made or change altered things, have you now had chance to investigate and resolve please ?


2017-11-26 08:14:51****************************************
Also I do not have an android phone.

My iPhone 6 and my network is 3G.

Previously all fine for years....

2017-11-27 05:23:23****************************************
Good morning
Sorry I did not realise you were working on a fix.
I will check the version numbers later.

I could download a previous version, but do you anticipate that it should be fixed potentially in the next 2-4 weeks ?

Later I will download, sooner or that time frame approx I will wait?


2017-11-27 06:12:15****************************************

Firmware 4.3.2

App version

Can I please ask(approx) when do you think the fix would be out ?

Also what are the IPA steps to follow if I did want to revert back(I have an iPhone 6) .


2017-11-27 08:27:06****************************************
Yes same error message!

When approximately do you think you will be able to fix it?
If you are talking days and weeks, I will just wait.
If you are talking months then I might download.

2017-11-27 09:55:36****************************************
Ok thank you

2017-12-18 10:57:31****************************************
Apple just released an update on the iPhones and it fixed the issue.

I can now access camera without having to use VPN.


2017-12-20 08:51:18****************************************
I know annoying, but at least we know.

Thanks, keep up the good work and wishing you a merry Xmas and prosperous new year

by Keith

Updated to FW 4.3.2 about 1 week today Alert notifications not working
try to reboot and reconnect doesn't work but when change setting to text alert it's working fine (video, snapshot not working).
How to fix this problem

2017-10-11 07:33:06****************************************
Thanks for reply
Now Alert notification working well
Thank you

by TKTouch

week ago system work great until last Sunday. I never got any alert from the system anymore
here's the configuration:
When an event detected: Notify me every event detected.
Alert zones
Status Inactive
On screen display ON
Blockout Areas
Please recommend how to fix it
thank you in advance

by Kamolphet Fonghem

Dear Amaryilo,
My camera won't reset, I push the reset button for a few seconds but nothing happens, no bleep, no flashing blue light, nothing, is there another way it can be reset....



by Mark

after recent firmware update(i think) I seem to be getting this error when ever I try to access the camera remotely away from home "Error occurred whilst accessing the server (100)".

Locally over wifi it works as normal.

2017-10-08 16:16:44****************************************
So locally connecting via the wifi(on my phone) its as normal...........I go to work and try to connect over the internet...Error!

I have not changed any settings!

2017-10-09 04:39:11****************************************
Has anyone experienced similar problems and if so how did you resolve them ?

by keith

здравствуйте у меня такая причина в уведомлениях не отоброжает фото и видео можете объяснить почему

2017-10-09 16:44:40****************************************
ну а как это сделать? и когда вы мне поможете?

by Александр


I have 3 Patio cams, is it possible to put all of them on one Platinum Plan account ?


by Paulo

I have updated the firmware now my camera does not turn on

by Derrel Johnson

I would like my recordings to upload to my NAS, the directions I've found do not match the current app menus. Can you help?

by Greg

i have iCam HD connected to my iphone. how can i connect to this same camera another phone and work using both phones on same camera?
thank you

by fouad

After firmware update recently, keep getting error an error occurred whilst accessing server (100) and said it couldn't read SD card yesterday or day before.............

by keith

I have my camera installed and working ok, but I don' t have the 24 hours videos in Google Drive. I just have some hours, for example, from 13:36, and then 19h. I mean, I don' t have all day recorded.
What can I do?
Thank you very much

2017-10-19 17:14:15****************************************
Hi, Thank you for your answer.
I reduced the upload resolution as you suggested and I have enough space in Google Drive, because I already pay for a bigger size.
I have noticed that it only record the time between 13 and 15 pm. It's not enough for me, I need at least 12 hours since 12am. Please, I will appreciate a solution for this. I bought this camera because of 24h recording.

Thank you very much in advanced

by Silvia

I want to unsubscribe the Free 7-day unlimited FHD cloud storage trial upgrade. And please remove my credit card information. Thank you.
Receipt: 1498877350, Subscription Date: 07/01/2017, AMID: iSSb0ab8f

by Joel Chen

I switch on my iBabyHD, the blue light is ok and fixed, but it doesn't rotate for calibration, and the doesn't work. If I open the app the "decive is offline". I tried to change cable, change location, reset the WiFi AP, but nothing changed. 3 times it doesn't work, 1 times it works. How can I fix it?

2017-10-03 19:30:53****************************************
Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. I tried the 2nd procesure, but unfortunately it didn't work.
I put the microsd, but the blue led is always fixed. What can I do as a next step?

by Andrea Servili


I was wondering where I can get the MSDS for the following product:

Amaryllo ACC1308A1NLUS iCam HD World First Skype HD Wireless IP Camera (Red/White/Blue)

Thank you.

by Quyen

Please unsubscribe the Silver plan on your cloud services referred to invoice 1504086079 and remove my credit card info.
Thank you

by hani

I have a silver cloud storage plan and want to change my cloud storage plan to free

by hani

My device will not restart just the blue on , and status is offline.

2017-10-02 07:01:37****************************************
And other device and WiFi working fine.

2017-10-02 07:13:24****************************************
The camera is still stuck with the blue light on despite doing a hard reset and deleting the app

by M Barrett

I have a constant blue light but it won't calibrate on power up or reset, I fear it has had its day, can anyone help? Thanks.

by marc

I see that in the latest firmware you have human & vehicle detection and some additional capabilities coming in the future. I wasn't able to locate setup instruction to make sure I setup the camera correctly in order to use those new settings. Thank you in advance for the help and looking forward to see the other AI functionality in the future that your team are working on.

by Richard

buonasera ho un problema con la telecamera non mi legge piu il codice QR code scan . ho fatto aggiornamento riesco a fare tutti i passaggi quando metto il codice QR davanti la cam emette anche il bip ma poi non va avanti .
come devo fare?
tutto questo mi e accaduto quando Amaryllo mi ha chiesto di aggiornare con la nuova versione

by ruben

the blue LED does not blink

by Anabel

I've two of those cameras, I've, from time to time the same problem. The SD card becomes damaged.
It happened again yesterday after doing an upgrade to the latest firmware.
I don't think is due to the firmware upgrade, as said, happened already several times. The SD cards can't be formatted anymore, they keep the data, but is like if there is a "no-writable" option that has been turned on while using it.
How can I recover the memory cards (it happened with the original ones, then with several brands including Samsung EVO).
How can I avoid this happening again?

2017-09-29 07:29:51****************************************
Tried the SD format already several times:

[ERROR] Invalid end of sector signature: 0xD06C
[ERROR] fat_check_validate_boot_sector returned error: 22 (Invalid argument)
[ERROR] Initializing cached values failed: 22 (Invalid argument)
[ERROR] Generated invalid volume. fat_volume_create returned: 22 (Invalid argument)

I use Mac, and I don't have PC, but should be the same.

Yes, I use the APP SD format option, but I can still can read the contents with the MAC. After the problem, the camera doesn't detect the SD card anymore.

2017-10-10 13:32:18****************************************
No, the SD is never removed.

Not using the cloud. My config is recording only on movement detection and there is not too much movement (average 2-3 times per day). I use only transfering to my own local NAS with is using SMB, on event detection.

Resolution is set to maximum 1080p.

I don't think it happens because the number of R/Ws. How I can check that? There is any counter in the camera?

Any chance, instead of using the SD, to transfer immediately to the NAS on movement detection ? I think I tried that, but was not able to do it ...

2017-10-11 08:42:54****************************************
This is terrible, because if you mandatory need to use the flash card even if you have always an online NAS, then it is stupidly wasting RW cycles on the SD!

by Jordi Palet Martinez

The firmware was corrupt during upgrade. The dropbox link isn't available, so I can't restore it... I've tried with available in dopbox but nothing append. What can I do ? Thx

by Alex

I would like to have the API for my Fibaro Home Automation system.

Thx A.Vos .
Fibaro and Amaryllo user

by A.Vos

When I go home not services to play a video on my iphone it says Pkease use Google drive app to pla.
This s happens it I select amaryllo or google cloud
I've had it turned of for a long time. I when I turned it on it asked me to upgrade which I did
How do I fix this? I can't find any refference to this message.

2017-09-27 17:21:59****************************************
I have installed the google drive app. I can view the videos from July on it but the videos from today 9/27/2017 do not show up on it. This date video file only shows up on the amaryllo cloud in the amaryllo >services on the app. It doesn't make sense that amaryllo cloud videos would use the google drive or app. I'm curious to find out why my July videos are on it. Is this a new function?

2017-09-27 18:44:23****************************************
I've found today's files on the google drive. You have to look under recent files instead of 'my drive'.
Is this where my files are going to be from now on and I will not be able to view them thru the amaryllo app anymore? If so why? Also, does the google drive delete old videos when it's full or is this something that has to be done manually?
Please direct me to proper documentation for this.

Thanks, Bruce

by Bruce

For some weeks now I can't access my camera.
I am trying to click "Retrieve Access from installed device" on the page "What Amaryllo product are you installing?"
But that only opens my iphone camera!
The blue LED is on, stable.
What can I do?

2017-10-17 09:18:38****************************************
It seems like the camera doesn't respond to reset. There is blue steady light whatever I do...


by Stefan Nyman

Hello Dear.
I have 1pc camera iCamHd with serial number 1121E05142600151, and i need its firmware upgrade bin file.
Because your link are closed.
Please check link and answer or send bin to my mail.

2017-09-27 05:42:01****************************************
Excuse me can i upgrade iCamHd with programmer ?

by Maksim

I got a firmware update, and after that the camera is not working. Just the blue light is solid the whole time and nothing happened after that. I tried to reset it but never helped. I tried to download the firmware from your site but the link is not working either. I also tried to delete the app from my iPhone and installed again, and it's hang up when it scan the picture ID. I bought this camera from Amazon one month ago, and I really need it now, so what should I do?

by Sam Salem

firmware upgrade today issues are:
1. settings menu is changed.
2. cannot select smb drive as storage saved recordings
3. message unsupported file type on menu
4. cannot get to menu part for firmware level data

how to fix please advise

2017-09-29 07:00:41****************************************
bootup message internal storage error

meni google account says in red unsupported filesystem

settings tab has red triangle exclaimation mark on it

2017-09-29 07:08:11****************************************
truncated menu no way to reset internal memory

cannot view app version number

2017-10-01 13:58:39****************************************
Ok thanks did re-install process before i started i could connect to the camera and view live only.
re-installed iphone app
after camera wifi re-install exactly same can view live the camera but thats all.

This issue started when the firmware was update....
can I roll back? if not when is the next firmware avialable how will i implement it?

2017-10-01 14:01:01****************************************
re install of iphone app and wifi ok exactly same view live camera only

as this issue started due to firmware update.. how will i implement the next update? with no menu?

by john hennessy

I upgraded to firmware 4.3.2 today and my alert notifications are no longer working. Need help please.

2017-09-26 05:54:39****************************************
I replied back to your email with screenshots. I have noticed that my notifications work only when I am on Text alert mode.

by Ahmed Soliman

I have a problem when upgrade the firmware of my camera model icamPRO FHD.
The camera have a solid blue light all time.
The link " " does not work.
What can i do?

by María

My iCam Pro FHD has started making a horrible noise every time it senses motion and pans to follow it. I can't give you the AMID number because the camera is at my vacation home several hundred miles away. The noise sounds like a maxhine gun or a woodpecker...rat-a-tat-tat. Maybe a bearing has gone out? If you cant diagnose the problem without the AMID number can you at least give me instructions for turning it off remotely until I can get up there?

2017-09-25 02:10:57****************************************
The camera is only about a year old. Where can I send it for repair?

2017-11-12 19:12:51****************************************
Hello: I have now retrieved the camera from my vacation home. The AMID number is iCRa0dl4g. Please send instructions for sending it in for repairs. Please also suspend my monitoring services until it is fixed and back in service.
Thank you,
Marilyn Smith

2017-11-13 18:53:24****************************************
What is an estimate of the repair cost?

by Marilyn Smith

Please cancel my cloud service


Hello. Where can I download the latest firmware? The link to Dropbox does not work.

by Alexander

I love your product's and have been pleased about them for a long time. Now I can't watch my alarm video's In the app. Instead I have no other choice but being forced to use the google drive app as storage. And still not all me pictures and videos aren't there. It worked so much better, when you only just your app to all things.
I have also lost may platin purpel subscription (service) ikon in your app. And ALL my footage.
Because if I want to see myself old pictures and videos it says. There's been an error trying to get access at attempting
to accesering promise from Google .
And instead of my Platin purpel service simpol it's gold instead?
Can you tell me what's happening please

by Daniel

Dear amaryllo team,

Can you please cancel my subscription.

Thank you,
Alexandre Wyer

by Alexandre Wyer

Why is only 10 viewers allowed in the setting? Shouldn't it allow unlimited viewers?

by Jiannan Che

thank you to unsubscribe my plan and go back to free plan.
Thank you to confirm,
Best regards,
Maeva Doom

by Maeva Doom

How can i Fix the camera IP, because when i restart the camer for any resone it is taking new IP address from the DHCP from local Router

2017-09-19 03:17:25****************************************
I solve it.
Live view didn't work at the begging because I had to enable port farwarding feature in my internet router.
This feature means that I have to specify up address so I opened the full port enable for this camera but it is taking dynamic ip from DHCP.
So I need to make sure that the camera have fix IP address once camera up changed so I have to redefine and assigne ports again to the new IP address .

by Abdulla ALMarzooqi

I would like to go from Gold to free plan. Thanks

by Peter Kaiser

My camera lost the wifi connection. I tried to reinstall but it does not read the code. When I turn it on the light is blue but then it just goes off. It does not flash. The app says it is offline. What should I do?

by Joan Rowe

Hello. I would like to get a replacement camera mount for my iCamPro FHD. That is ths clear pivoting mount. Mine is damaged.
Thank you;
Helmut Krueger

2017-09-14 15:30:20****************************************
Yes, i really need the mount. Shipping would be to...
Helmut Krueger
139 Drake Road
Pleasant Valley, New York

2017-09-15 08:27:26****************************************
Yes, I am interested. Please provide a pay-link.
Thank you;

by Helmut Krueger

Forget passcode

2017-09-12 23:17:14****************************************
My atom hd camera i.d is iCRa0bz0f

by Robert L. Ang

How do I add a reviewer?

by James Richardson Jr

I just bought a ibabi hd. When I connected the device to power the blue light came up (solid). I waited very long but it didnt start calibrateing. So i read about that and found out that maybe it has already been connected and that i have to reset it. But i could press on the reset button for 5 or 10 or even longer but there was no beep Sound.

by Mathieu Friedli

I am considering installing 4 of these cameras and definitely want cloud storage and ability to retrieve video in case of theft. How many cameras can I connect to a Gold account? To a Platinum account?

by Brooks


I'm trying to remove this camera from a public channel I created as a test. How can I remove a camera from a public channel?

by gpi

How do I turn off the bright Lights on the front of my Atom camera? It's disturbing when watching TV.
Thank you.

by James

My camera is connected but it will not come online. All the buttons are grayed out in the application and the camera has no lights on at all. Not sure if this is a power issue or whats going on! I have tried to reset the camera but that didn't work either and I am not hearing any peeping. Sometimes the blue light turns on and the camera starts rotating but then it stops and the light goes off! I need your help please, I have not see anything but problems since I purshased this camera and I do regret it :(((

2017-09-06 13:39:16****************************************
I tried to manually re-build the firmware but that did not work. I need to know what warranty do I have with this camera. I purchased it on April 4th 2016, I need this issue fixed asap please. Something is wrong with this camera.

by Ahmed Soliman

I would like to cancel my subscription. I no longer have your product (returned) and I'm still getting billed $3.99 every month for cloud service that I can't use and obviously no longer need. Please advise.

by Jason Sunkel

Canera is on but can't view in phone

2017-09-04 13:20:15****************************************
Both lights are still, reset did not help. White motion light comes on when triggered, but nothing can be seen in phone

by Ed Hauldren

wow! I'm having a horrible time with this product. It was working just fine. but then last week I can no longer see any of the videos because "Error: unable to download video from google drive" great How the hell do I fix this??? I have a gold account but Amaryllo won't let me see the video.

now I can't do anything, every button I press says "error device offline" but it doesn't tell you how to put it online. I can't find any documentation that states how to put it online or why it went offline in the first place.

How do I get your equipment working???

2017-09-07 01:36:31****************************************
Thank you

by jeremy orme

For the last few weeks it is not possible to playback my videos. I have a Silver account. The notifications work but not the storage.
Please advise.

by Peter Hoofd

My patio cam does not respond to any efforts anymore;
- resetting as per your procedure does not work,
- adding it to another WLAN does not work,
- it does no longer take / transmit pictures,
- the blue light is always on once powered (there is only a blue light and no green light on my cam),
- no beeps,
- no calibration movements,
Fyi, I got this cam as a result of supporting a crowdfunding campaign some two years ago; how can I get it fixed?
Ernst Derrer

2017-09-04 13:16:02****************************************
Thank you for your support.
I did try a different power supply but without any noticeable change (no beep / no reset). Since the cable/plug is glued to the unit it cannot be changed without destroying the unit.
Question about economics of repair vs. replacement: what functionally equivalent product do you have available and what are price / T&C's to ship to Switzerland (or buy in Switzerland)?
Thanks & best regards,
Ernst Derrer

2017-09-05 18:17:12****************************************
OK - Thanks!

by Ernst Derrer

for live view ... I need the port range in order to add it to my router firewall.
and if there is anything else i should enable kindly help.
because live view is not working from 4G/3G

2017-09-01 15:25:54****************************************
Please confirm above ports.
No guessing.

2017-09-18 19:25:09****************************************
How can I fix the fcamera up address, currently when I restart the camera it is taking new IP address from the ISP local router

by Abdulla ALMarzooqi

I can'r get notifications from this camera. Also if I take a snapshot it is not available in the notifications list. The memory card is reported to be ok but it's showing as no space used and no space available.

One of my other iCam Pros reports that the memory card is the wrong format but when I format the card it still is reported as being incorrect.

by Stuart

Hello, I've got to iSensor HD. I changes my Internet provider. So I wanted to reset my two cameras but it is impossible to reset them as your recommandations. No beep appear. Thank you for your reply.


2017-09-03 15:23:59****************************************
Hello and thank you for answering me. I tried again on the two cameras in question that I own by following your recommendations. Nothing works. When I turn on the camera, the blue led remains on and frozen. I stayed more than a minute with the reset button pressed but nothing happens.

2017-09-03 15:29:13****************************************
hello and thank you for answering me. I tried again on the two cameras in question that I own by following your recommendations. Nothing works. When I turn on the camera, the blue led remains on and frozen. I stayed more than a minute with the reset button pressed but nothing happens.
For your information, these problems have occurred as a result of the update of the cameras that you see. Since then, they have never restarted and worked


Googledrive uploads no longer working. Googledrive gives this error:

error: disallowed_useragent

please help resolve this issue

2017-09-07 18:06:47****************************************
Hi, my isensor suddenly would not connect to my phone app. And now will not connect to internet. I have tried to reset and to follow same set up as last time and it will time out. Three long beeps.

Please help. This is frustrating, especially as I was considering purchasing more security hardware....

by calen

Dear Support,
i try to connect the isensor with the wifi, via QR Code Scann and WPS.
QR Code Scan: tripple long beep ( it´s documented as not able to connect), blue light ist blinking
WPS: green light is stable on and blue is blinking. doesn´t get any contact via the APP neither see the ISensor at the List of connected IPs on my Router.

What is the way to get connected the ISensor with my wifi?
Information: Wifi, 2,4 and 5 Ghz, tried out other network wifi, doesn´t get any better result.

2017-09-02 05:31:31****************************************
Hi Guys,

also vielleicht schreibe ich in deutsch damit ich mich besser ausdrücken kann.
Ich bin der Anleitung gefolgt. Per QR Methode kommen jedesmal die drei langen peep Töne und das blaue Licht blinkt danach. Mit der WPS Methode ist das Ergebnis: es peept einmal, grünes Licht leuchtet, auf der APP keine Reaktion. Im Router das Gerät nicht zu finden ( sollte ja dann unter verbundenen Geräten aufgelistet sein). Möchte ich in der App dann, nur um es probiert zu haben, "ein neues Gerät hinzufügen" sagt mir die APP "FEHLER. falscher QR-Code". Die INSTAR Kamera ist deutlich einfacher zu installieren, wobei ich die QR Methode echt gut finde. Aber ich brauche eine Lösung für eine Installation. Jungs, ihr habt eine so gute Kamera - aber da hackt es etwas. Kommt, das geht bestimmt mit einer Lösung. Liebe Grüße aus Köln, Jérôme

2017-09-02 05:32:40****************************************
btw. ich bin natürlich im selben WLAN.


I want to use live view on my computer in addition to the one I use on my ipad. I was given a password a while back but now it says no longer good. And, does it matter Chrome? Firefox?


I would really appreciate any help you can provide please. I have an iCam HD (serial #1150A05150410013).
For almost a year it wouldn't read the QR code, and now with an iPad Pro it appears to read the code and gives the message:
QR Code Invalid
When it is plugged in, the blue light stays solid and never blinks. I have tried factory reset on the back; nothing changed other than now it (appears to) read the QR Code and says it’s invalid.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

by Catherine Callender

Hello, I couldn't connect to live view with the amaryllo app all day. It would load to 100% and then shows reconnecting but never works. It can't see anything but black.
Tried to make snapshot, but doesn't work as well.
What should I do?

by Nico

Hello, lately I cannot connect to the cam via ur software when I am outside (not in home wifi). It constantly shows me error code 100. (cannot access to server). Even I am just outside of my door! If I connect to my wifi, I can view the cam again! Why is that happened? And what can I do?

by Nico

The plastic mounting bracket broke when I moved. Is there a way I can purchase a replacement?

2017-08-28 14:09:53****************************************
Yes, please let me know how much.

by Wayne Cochrane

Can I buy you 4 brackets for my cameras? What is the price for a delivery in France please?
Thank a lot.

2017-08-28 09:16:39****************************************
I'm interested. How does the purchase go?

by Benjamin

Hi team,

Would you pls de-activate my silver plan. I don't need it any more


by Steven kan

I can't install my new iCamPRO FHD. The blue light is solid and it's impossible to reset the camera to factory default settings. Whatever I do the blue light is solid and no other light is on. Any ideas what to do?

by A. Laxén

Lately I sometimes can see there are 2 admins watching my cam. One is me, I don't know who is the second one. Obviously there is intruders as i am the only admin for the camera! What can I do and is it possible to set password?

by Nikky

The intruder alarm no longer sounds after a firmware upgrade a little while back. It beeps for 2 seconds and stops

2017-08-22 11:29:47****************************************
I do not see any option for intruder alarm audio

2017-08-23 12:07:09****************************************
When I first purchased it there was a loud intruder alarm. They need to bring this back. Thank you

by Charles baxter

I love your camera. I just cant fucure out how to disable the LED ring of lights. We have it mounted above the TV so it can see the entire house, and thats awesome! But it turns on the LED ring for light when we are watching movies... how di i turn them off?

by David Evans

what is my camera password? how to access on

thank you

2017-08-21 14:27:49****************************************
Thank you very much.... great support!

by Mohammad

I have 2 icam FHD's which have dropped out of its wifi and when I tried reinstalling in all 3 methods. WPS method, QR method and detect camera method all connect briefly but still show off line on the amaryllo app.
I have trawled through your forum and it seems that this is a recurring problem.
Your assisstance would be appreciated.

Kind Regards
Wendel Barrs


Similar question to Q1637 but this is happening to BOTH of my iCamPro FHD cameras i.e. they fill the SD Card then stop recording/uploading security events to my Google account. They are different SD card makes so don't think it's down to faulty manufacturing and I cannot replace them anyway as they are remote from me. Can you re-check the camera app to see whether there is a fault there please?

2017-08-18 11:16:30****************************************
To clarify the situation I have already re-formatted both 32gb SD cards in the two cameras affected using the app and on one of them I've already received an event alert snapshot and a video was downloaded to my Google account correctly which proves the manual reformat fixed the problem.
My main point of concern now therefore is, why does the camera software not overwrite or re-format the SD card 'automatically' before it becomes too full like it's supposed to ??

2017-08-21 05:59:15****************************************
Thanks for the reply. I shall check out the SD card formats when I return to where the cameras are located in a few months time. One thing I am curious about is approx 3gb of data is being written to each SD card every day even though I receive no event notifications. Any idea why this would happen as I have adjusted schedule to avoid false alarms and 'thought' I was only recording when motion events were detected ??

2017-08-21 09:16:54****************************************
Sorry but I cannot find the 'timeline option' you mention in my mobile live view app so can you point me in the right direction please? I think if I switch all options on the cameras I shall be inundated with false alarms which drive me crazy so I'm running on bare minimum right now. What else do you suggest I do to isolate the problem?

2017-08-21 15:48:55****************************************
Just received some video from one of the cameras (both false alarms) for the 20th & 21st so I presume you fixed something your end for them to come through. I understand the SD card has got to be inserted for recordings to be made but why does the app record to the SD card when there has been no event to trigger it?
For example I re-formatted the SD cards on the two cameras on the 18/8/17 and received no event notifications yet 10gb has been written to one camera and the other has 12gb written already. Would welcome your explanation.

2017-08-22 05:08:28****************************************
Thanks for the explanation that the SD card gets used for buffering mainly. Can you advise me how I can determine if the app is overwriting files correctly or not? It's just both cards get to about 98% full and alerts seem to stop sending notifications thereafter. As I'm using them for security purposes it is really important that I get to the bottom of this.

2017-08-22 12:10:39****************************************
Daft as it may seem I have never used Timeline function before and hadn't noticed it even so thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It started recording soon after I reformatted cameras last on 18/8/17 10:00 so will now have to wait until the SD card becomes full and see if the start time shifts forward indicating the camera is overwriting previous days as expected or not. I'll update this thread with the results. Cheers ;)

2017-08-29 12:17:09****************************************
The two SD cards have now filled up to near 100% and using the Timeline feature I have been able to confirm that the start date changes each day which means the old recordings are being over-written correctly. The cloud Google drive is receiving files when an event occurs which so far have been false alarms (thankfully as I don't really want to see a burglar eye to eye). Thanks very much for helping me prove everything is OK but have you any idea why a camera periodically spins from home position counter clockwise to furthest point and back again? I've turned audio and other sensors off so just using motion only as trigger but recorded video shows no motion ??

2017-09-01 12:50:35****************************************
Thanks for the suggestions. Some feedback on them as follows :-
1. Had turned off rear PIR already so that shouldn't be causing camera spin. I am using the lamp holder camera power supply supplied by you so should be OK. Switched on power and on/offline notifications and there were two events of on/off but these did not trigger camera footage but did get audio alerts (at 02:00 in the am :( ). Turned off event notification but subsequently got another audio alert so in the end turned power and on/offline notifications to stop getting all alerts. Has anyone else reported this fault?

2017-09-04 11:23:40****************************************
Thanks for the advice but your first point about motion tracking having a 'usage life' what exactly do you mean by that? I am relying on motion tracking to work on a 24 x 7x 365 basis and if that fails my whole security plan goes out the window :/

by Trevor Pearson

The Amarillo app gives an error message when I want to play a recorded file on my Google Drive.

I press "Opslag" => I choose the folder => Message: "FOUT, Video informatie van Google drive halen mislukt".

However, when i navigate on my laptop to my Google drive and go to the iSSa0as4z folder, I can play the files without a problem. So there is something wrong between te connector between te APP and my Google drive. Can you fix this? Amarillo has access to the folder.

by B.L.J. Gaster

I'm using the new ATOM AR3S for a week now. And on 13/08 I notice a blurred image while recording. Seems like fog exist between inner and outer lens? I have screenshots and videos of this issue.

by Denny Knijff

I had Amaryllo iCam PLUS Home Security camera installed for 1 week when I left on holidays. The system asked me to do an update which I did during the installation. When I looked from my smartphone at the camera, I did work once. After it was offline. Now being home again, I tried to reconnect with the QR code and it give me an error sound instead off the confirmation beep. I did a reset on the device, removed the app from my iPhone, and went through the installation again but it still does not connect, neather with the QR as not with the WSP button … What can be wrong ?
Thx & Rgds

2017-08-20 12:07:23****************************************
30 sec beep => ok
Autoratation => ok
Blue light blinking => ok
Scan qr code ok !
All ok :-)

by De Wachter

Dear Amaryllo,
Can I connect amaryllo to:
1. NAS which have SMB/CIFS protocol? last time I try to connect with Sysnology, a famous NAS brand and have SMB/CIFS protocol but don't know how, could you advise me more document to do ?
2. VMS software which have ONVIF/RTSP/HTTP/HTTPS protocol? (take Valerus from Vicon for example)
thank and regards
Peter Pham

by Peter Pham

I can not reinstall my Patio HD. I followed the instructions, but no QR code is generated.. I do not have a photo of an old QR code. What to do now, in order to get it back on line again?

by Gaster

Model: iCamPRO FHD
AMID: iCRa0dn6p
Firmware version: 4.2.1
App version: Amaryllo iOS 1.5.8
iOS version: 10.3.3
iOS device model: iPhone9,4

The Amaryllo application (APP in iPhone) cannot send the alert notification via smartphone. Could you please help to fix this problem.

I try to remove and new install both application in iPhone and iCamPRO. But, the problem still occurred.

PS: In previously, The Amaryllo application and iCamPRO FHD can normal operating without any problems. It can be sent the activity alert via smartphone very well.

Best Regards,

by Theerasak Patcharoen

I would like to discontinue my silver subscription and just have the basic version.

by Robert Karpel

Dear support,

I have two iBaby cams on firmware 4.2.1 and since a couple of hours/days(?) both fail to send notifications to either my mobile app and my wife's (both are version 1.5.4.r10903 on Android). The notifications do show up in the notifications list, but alerts are not pushed to the app (either on wifi or on 4g). Although as I'm typing this, I'm starting to receive notifications from over 20 minutes ago (not the delay we're used to). Is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Kind regards,


by Gert van der Lee

Hej I have 4 cameras , usually i receive notifications on my iPhone , but for the last couple off days it stop sending notifications.
In the iPhone app in notifications there are the pictures , but no visual notification on iPhone .
Please can you help me?
I can send the other Amids,


2017-08-15 06:43:57****************************************
Yes thats correct.
I m using the settings you suggest all time haven't change a thing.
Here are the screenshots: and

2017-08-16 07:43:17****************************************
Hi , today I have received a notification so far, but there is a delay off 20-30 minutes between the even and the iPhone notification.

2017-08-16 08:30:40****************************************
2 av four cameras have face recognition on ,Have turn off .
Face detection on in all four cameras.

2017-08-17 06:30:58****************************************
Yesterday in the end of the day I received same notifications will check closer today and repport back.

2017-08-17 13:45:21****************************************
Yesterday evening it worked got same notifications, but today is not working. There are pictures in the amarillo app but no text notifications.

2017-08-18 14:46:12****************************************
Have been monitoring today 29-30 minutes delay, hopefully will get as before.

2017-08-28 11:20:31****************************************
The last days it have work perfect.
Thank you guys.
Just so you know :)

by Jose

i have installed the device successfully once in my living room, and when i moved it to my bedroom, it will not work!!
when i plug it on the green and blue light are both on continuously(with no flashes) but the amaryllo app say it is not online. i have tried to restart the device and tried to reconnect to the wifi, but the device did not response to either commands. nothing happened when i pushed the refresh button 5 seconds. same thing happened to the wifi button.

by pei

Dear Sir,
I am writing to request that you cancel my annual auto-subscription effective immediately.
At this time, I am no longer using this product.
Please confirm cancellation via email.


Jordan C. Seidel

by Jordan C. Seidel

When i want to watch the recording on google drive with the amaryllo app the app gives a message "no uploaded videos". All three camera's produce this message. The video's are available on google drive. Please help.

by Mike de Vos

The cam is either showing error in attempt of slow loading or reconnecting after glimpse of the view in a seconde frequently. The other 3 cam I have are working fine.

by John Yueh

I want to downgrade my plan to Basic plan . Could you downgrade my plan? Thank you.

by Tomoaki Ino

please cancel cloud services my last receipt # was 1487159267

by daniel gonzalez

I would like to cancel my subscription. Who do I contact to cancel my subscription?

by Jim Irrgang


This AMARYLLO stopped working. It will not power on. I am from APPLE and won this item. It has not been one year since this has been used. Please assist to send for service repair. Thanks


2017-08-11 05:47:58****************************************
Hi Team ,

I tried this procedure. It stayed on for a while then powered off again. It heats up and refuses to power on again.
Do you have a replacement procedure wherein we send the spoiled item for replacement to new one ?

Thanks and regards,

by Martin Delgado

I want to stop the amarillo cloud subscription. How do I do this?

by Duebendorfer

on the phone app I have a few users if one is viewing the other get a message it is used by xxxx how can I set it up so both users can view via the app and the same time. I have 7 cameras its fine with all except two
And Also Koova

by Shipi

I Atom connected to Amazon Alexa?

by Vincent Mah

need help installing. keep getting message "I can't connect to the network"

tried problem solving -- can't even seem to reset to factory settings....

I've already tried to install so would like to speak with someone in person

Thank you. Carolyn Munro

by carolyn munro

I own an icam 360 and the factory reset did not work. I held said button for more than a minute with no beep. Whats my next step?

2017-08-03 21:51:34****************************************
Sorry! This did not work at all. Is there another plan of action?

2017-08-04 09:57:16****************************************
Where do I send it so I can get a replacement. It's brand new and was a gift.

2017-08-04 19:40:54****************************************
S/N : 1150A05144910026 I'm not sure where it was bought. I asked and she said "online" she can't remember who the seller was.

by Brian

Camera was setup the first time and it worked for a few minutes after that an update came through and after 45 min of waiting for it to finish the camera never came back online. Tried to factory default it and it wont do anything. I get a blue light solid and thats about it.

by Robert Diaz

Some times Amaryllo Cloud Plan on ios app appears inactive when should be always on Silver, recording stops due to no access to Amaryllo Clod

2017-08-02 09:49:21****************************************
All previous conditions are all checked, connection to Amaryllo Cloud is unstable. I don´t find Storage section on IOS, under Recording section there is an option Upload mode, is this what you mean? Should be continuos or by event?
How can I access to recordings in Amaryllo Cloud?

2017-08-02 11:51:48****************************************
Hi, I accessed to Service but all the videos that appear to be are on Google Drive, none on Amaryllo Cloud and they aren't available, I get allways an error (information couldn't be obtained from Google Drive), I have two cameras and I have the same problem with both, I'm changing to event recording to see what happens

by Francisco Lorenzo

Can't add the camera to Amaryllo Live, incorrect ID or Passcode message

2017-08-01 15:53:37****************************************
I used the camera ID and the password you sent me by email
Francisco Lorenzo

by Francisco Lorenzo

Hi, I have iCamPRO FHD suddenly it stop working, I tried to restart it but, when I push the button I did not hear any sound. the blue light is ON but is not blinking or rotation.
Thank You

2017-08-01 06:15:42****************************************
All steps did not work:
0-1) I face the same issue (there is no beep sound, and the CAM does not
do the motor calibration automatically after 45 seconds) if I reboot the Wifi or do the hard-reset.
2) I can not remove a CAM from the APP because I delete the APP and install it Again because the APP always gave me this error message: The device is offline.
3) re-set and re-installation does not work I used deferent SD cards.
Thank You

2017-08-01 07:30:44****************************************
Yes I tried the external SD, the front blue light keeps on.

2017-08-01 16:20:36****************************************
Thank you for wonderful services it is my fault to buy this Brand.

by Gus Yacin

please cancel subscription

by jake

I want to use this Amryllo or the other model I have (Patio) to share image with another device I have (Gogogate gate controller) but I would need a functionality called Snapshot URL..
Is this supported by Amaryllo? How would I obtain the URL, the user and password required to do this?

Thanks in advance

by jorge

My camera lost internet connection and I went to reset my router, when I did that I tried to connect the camera but it didn't do anything. I then tried to reset the camera, but the blue light just stays on and nothing happens. I did like written in the instructions, push the little button where the two arrows are. But nothing happened. Any suggestions?

by Morty

I'm trying to add another phone to look at the ATOM, I downloaded App but it only opens to "Which product are you installed " and not "add..." so I can't add. What can I do?

2017-07-30 17:22:31****************************************
ATOM keeps sounding when there's motion, even on me. If o turn Motion detection off, would camera move/follow without alarming?

How can I add iPhone to administer or watch ATOM as well? When I load Amaryllo App on new phone, it only shows "which cam will be registering"

Can I watch 2 cam in 1 phone as well?

2017-07-30 23:21:16****************************************
I wish someone can just come help me set up. It's not as easy as your VDO. Or a direct help line from App

by Chiranuj

I can't find my recorded video in amaryllo cloud ! I already upgraded to silver plan , but still AMARYLLO CLOUD PLAN is ( inactive ) !
* google account already inserted

online payment response:
order number : 1501354050
transaction no : 1100001358

2017-07-31 11:13:10****************************************
Still amaryllo cloud plan is (inactive)
I can't chose upload storage ( amaryllo could) its not showing,
The showing are:
Google drive, counties or event
Smb/cifs server, counties or event

2017-08-01 06:37:05****************************************
An email has been sent with attachment photo screen shots of setting inserted

2017-08-02 07:22:54****************************************
No , it's always showing ( google drive) , but sometimes it's showing amaryllo cloud and when I refresh the page immediately it's back to (google drive)

Please l need to solving this problem because iam traveling next Sunday and the camera should be working properly.

2017-08-02 09:00:50****************************************
Also when i press on "services" > "amaryllo could" and trying to view a video, an error message giving "field to get video information from google drive "

2017-08-02 09:58:38****************************************
The files which are uploaded to google drive , are not Organized,some of them are in "recently" and some of them are "in shared with me" and some of them are in "my drive"
i can't find my video easily !! Also if I found the file which one am searching for , it's not played and an error giving + video still in process !!
So please it's really urgent request to fix all of that because am leaving my home and needing all options working properly as the camera made for, and I bought it for . Thanks

2017-08-03 05:10:12****************************************
Still can't playing video from amaryllo cloud , and already purchased for silver plan/month since 29-July-17
" failed to get information from google drive "

2017-08-03 06:03:46****************************************
Yes iam using IOS device
Email snapshot sent by email

by fahad

Hi, I have had lots of connection issues with this device (device not connecting to server, impossibility to use the camera with the app, etc.). I have now tried to reset it, and unfortunately it won't find any wifi network, so I can't install it anymore. Also it won't create its own wifi signal when trying to install it using this method. It looks like the wifi chip is not working anymore.
I purchased this item, along with 3 others, as an early Kickstater backer. Is there any warranty for this product? Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you very much. Best regards, Matt

by Matt Ruelland

Please cancel my cloud membership. Thanks

by Dalen Pluskett

My camera does not record videos to Google Drive. The SD card status is good. The status of Recording is Recoding .
Please advise.

by Catherine

Why "Admin called and Admin left " appeared on Live Viewing?
How to stop that?
How to restore the screen to full screen on Live Viewing?

by Catherine

Hi I want to discontinue the 7 day Silver Plan trial and be downgrade to the Basic Plan My AMID is iCMa0do3y and my Invoice # 15005125685
Gabriel Albrand

by Gabriel

no response and no calibration when powered, only blue light keep solid. tried , rest , tried keep everthing from manual but still no respose of cam

2017-07-25 14:19:49****************************************
I Did try rest button in bottom of cam and would hold for 7sec as instruction says but no bip sound or anything else happening after, even if I disconnect from power and connect again ,blue light is on again but Nothig else happening after ,.
Cam is about a year old .

2017-07-26 06:32:36****************************************
Thanks for response but problem started when I had to hard reset my IHonr and after reinstall app as. App didnt recognize Cam anymore !
And since then Cam doesn't work !

2017-07-26 14:20:40****************************************
If cam is less then year old since I bough it would Amaryllo replace it ?

2017-07-26 14:49:33****************************************
If not replace it can I get better price on new one as this one now is just about year old?

2017-07-27 03:42:31****************************************
Thanks a lot , I will look for some new model from some other brand as this one I got this One last year in May so just over an year lasting :(

by Bobo

Please unsubscribe my Amaryllo Cloud subscription, 5.99/month. Receipt 1446284968, Subscription date 10/31/2015.
My Patio device is no longer functioning. Thanks.

by Gerick Bryann Pasana

New, no response and no calibration when powered, only blue light keep solid. Cannot find it in the wifi network 2.4GHz nbg
No response after pressed the reset button.

by Sean Fung

My camera does not send notification alert.

by Catherine Lee

My device does not keep the set home position. I have set it many times and it has never really worked since it was received. The problem is always on the vertical axis, it either changes to full up or full down. The horizontal planes seems to work fine and does not change in that direction when going back to the home position. Please advise how I can fix this as I have the same issue with my Atom AR2 also.

2017-07-27 03:09:43****************************************
1 Home area set
2 Camera returns to home position when tested a few times
3 After a day or so the camera still returns to the horozontal home position set but it does not return to the vertical home position set. The camera returns to a new home position that is sometimes up or down from the set home position. It still returns to the same horizontal position.

When in live view I tap and hold my finger on the screen for 3 seconds as you mention above but the camera does not move or try to calibrate. Please explain in a bit more detail what I can do to provide more trouble shooting information to you.

by David Grant

Please assist. We have just installed our new AR3 model, however the camera does not rotate 360* after testing for motion and voice. It's only pointing straight and stays in the position in which it was installed. We we moved 90* from the original line of view but camera does not follow, or turn, even after we increased the level of noise only a few feet away. Unfortunately, your website does not provide detailed installation, mounting and verifying details.
Thank you.
Stanley Chrusciel

by Stanley Chrusciel

The AMID is iCMa0ax1p. My cell phone died and I can't figure out how to synch the new phone with the security device.

2017-07-20 13:34:45****************************************
I was able to connect but now the device can't connect to the Wifi network though they are all up and running.

2017-07-22 13:37:47****************************************
The camera connected but now all it says is "I cannot connect to the Wifi network."

by Stephen Sottile

I am not able to synchronize my camera with my android phone it is as if it did not see my router what to do? I have done all the steps and it no longer wants to synchronize!

by philippe jobin

I made a firmware update remotly when the iphone app suggested it

When incame back from holliday the camera blue light is on bit no way to connect to it
I tried the reset button but the blue light is still burning, nonflashy no beep

I turned power of but no change for the last 12h
I downloaded latedt firmware on a sd card, restarted bit no reaction
What should i do

2017-07-19 14:07:51****************************************
Hello no change

Blue light remains on wuen connecter to power
Changed sd card nothing

I even tried with the charger of snother camera sinve i have 4 any hard reset solution?

by Bruno

I use silver plan of Amaryllo Cloud and want to cancel it.
Because I do not understand a way of the cancellation of a contract, please tell me.

by yukihiro nomura

Live show the camera is connected but there is no picture

by Kevin Kennedy

I have 4 cameras around my home, and I'd like to be able to turn all on / off at once, rather than having to manually turn each on when I leave home and return home.

Will it possible in future to 'group' cameras together and turn on / off by selecting the group?

by Barry

One of my camera's is not working, in the app it gives me a device if off line error. The light is constant blue instead of green and I can't find a way to fix it in the app. Do I need to reinstall it and if so how do I do that?

Gerard Verweij
cell +16174166089

2017-07-31 21:10:37****************************************
This still doesn't work. There is no green light and I don't know how to fix the wifi connection with this particular camera (my other similar camera works) since the app doesn't let me make any edits. Secondy, there is no beep when I reset this camera and thirdly the installation steps are not helpful either because the app does not let me delete or change anything to this camera and it doesn't let me add camera's. How do I fix this?

by Gerard Verweij

Dear Support team,
my isensor HD Patio stopped working approx. 3 weeks ago. Only today i could unmount it from wall. I try to reset it, but did not work. Before i tried to restart and unplug and plug it in again. This also did not work. I made video to state my procedure. I can send it to you. Please help. I have a total of 5 of your cams. Thanks in advance for your kind help. Best regards, Marco

2017-07-17 06:36:44****************************************
I have already done the reset, It does not work, The installation also do not work, because the Cam does not reboot completely. I unplug it and when plug it in again only blue light mode. No turning around of the Cam so I cannot access installation mode. No green light mode. The Cam is since end of 2015 in use. Please new suggestions / help. Regards, Marco

2017-07-17 09:40:04****************************************
Ok, then please let me know which costs you apply and how will be the procedure.

2017-07-17 09:41:41****************************************
According to the AMID i sent you, please check if maybe you can apply part of the warranty. Thank you very much.

by Marco Randazzo

I have previously installed this camera (iSensorHD) at my home. I would now like to relocate it to me vacation home. ( I still have my patio camera at home and it working fine with the ap.) Can I re-install this camera (iSensorHD) at the new location with new wifi address and use the same ap as the patio camera? I have re-set it to factory settings and tried to install it but it doesn't seem to connect to the wifi here. Do I need a separate copy of the ap for this camera? Thank you

by Laurel Speich

I bought a koova install and later My wifi password is changed. I wanna again install. I don't know how to reset my cam. Pls help me

by Tuncer

Device does not seem to detect as much motion as it has in past. Firmware is 4.2.1 also not sure if this matters but amaryllo cloud plan in settings shows inactive but upgrade plan still shows silver. Please advise. Thanks

2017-07-17 10:00:21****************************************
It seens ut is back on silver but device does not seem to detect as much motion
Please advise

2017-07-17 10:52:37****************************************
Hard to fo on phone. Is ther no way to send log file?

2017-07-18 09:04:07****************************************
Should be silver ibelieve. 9.99 a month. ?

by George clements

My business was robbed between 11.20pm and 12.45pm 7/12/17. I cannot access the still shots from my either my computer or my new phone. How do i get those stills/footage? The authorities are requesting those. If you need to contact me you may call 415-579-8664

Thank you.

2017-07-14 16:26:39****************************************
Good Morning!
No, i did not power off the camera since the robbery just in case they came back. I will pull it down and get the Micro SD card out of it right now though.

Thanks a ton!

by Joshua Goens

How can I send back the faulty product for replacement?
Amaryllo iCam HD 360 Wireless IP camera White
Faulty Description : powers on but can not connect with PC, no view from camera

by Andy Li

I would like to add more than one phone or ipad; however, it does not seem like the QR code method is not working for all but, the initial iphone I configured it with. How can I add more than one device to view the output of the camera?

by Ryuichi Kawai

I have tried everything to connect nothing works. I tried live help it said I needed Firefox or Chrome. I downloaded both I still got the same message. Do you have phone support? If not how do I return this? I have an iPad Air and Iphone 6S. There is no router password it is open.

by Charles Morecraft

Sorry, i forget my account and password, but my camera is paired, can you help me?

2017-07-11 01:59:18****************************************
Thank you for your reply.first,I saw this cam light is blue,no blue light blinking, so this camera is paired,right?
I opened the app is the opening is to install the camera, but if my camera is paired, how can i do? Can also help me remove the match let me re-paired?

2017-07-11 03:19:20****************************************
Thank you for your help.
But I still have a problem.Can I use this camera together with other people? (Use other mobile phones)
If I buy the program, the program bound to this camera?

2017-07-11 07:04:11****************************************
I would like to ask, when I purchase the program will send an invoice to my e-mail?
Can you Editorial it?

by Lan

I leave the shop and the camera is working. It is still working and giving alerts when I get home. When I return to store in the morning I open the app and it has returned to installation mode. I then have to get the camera down reset it and reinstall from start. I also installed another camera but only one seems to connect at any one time?This is very frustrating, is there a solution?

by steve courto

When trying to view a recording on the Amaryllo cloud storageI can see the videos listed but when I click on one to download or view it a message appears that says: ‘Failed to get video information from google drive’. I have it setup to go to your servers not google. Please help.

2017-07-10 22:05:51****************************************
How do we access the stored videos on your server?

by Steven Moser

Where do I find the correct App to download for my IPad?

2017-07-10 00:20:13****************************************
Is there more then one app.

by Charles Morecraft

Hi the patio does not calibrate. I tried resetting to factory but nothing happens.
I only get the solid blue light
Thank you,

by Riadh

Please cancel my gold subscription plan and do not charge any further fees in July 2017 and going forward. Thank you.

by Howard Kwan

My isensor suddenly offline and remain solid blue light since then. I've tried to press the reset button for over 10 seconds several times but the isensor remain no response.

2017-07-06 10:52:22****************************************
Thank you for your reply.
1. iSensor HD Patio used for around 18 months. It was equipped in my kitchen (in-door).
2. Yes no response no matter how you press the reset button, even I plug out the cable to power off and on again.
3. Correct.

2017-07-07 11:09:44****************************************
Please arrange for RMA, thank you.

2017-07-13 13:21:23****************************************
I've receive no reply from your RMA team. Please assist. Thank you.

by Jeremy Chu

Hi - how do i cancel my 7 day cloud recording trial? Only interested in the free 24h storage but can't find how to cancel the free (auto renewing) trial. Thanks!

by Jan Ruys

I' m just asking for the wireless option. How can I use the camera without plugging it?
Thank you very much in advanced

2017-07-05 09:24:49****************************************
Hi again,
thank you for the response.
I mean. I have wireless running ok by wifi. But, I mean, do I need to plug the camera into the electricity for recording? If I unplug the power goes off.
Thanks a lot

by Silvia

I'm having trouble accessing my camera through your app on my iPad. It's working fine on my iPhone. The camera is on my home wifi network, but your app on my iPad keeps wanting me to install first. Ones I did iPhone set up, wouldn't that cover it?
Hope you can help.
Thank you,

by Mark Johnson

Camera does not move when powered on. Flashing blue and green lights.
Tried new SD card with Firmware from your box files, Tried reset buttons no change

2017-07-06 01:28:23****************************************
The camera does not move at all when turning on power, it does not perform the hardware calibration.
Please advise

2017-07-12 00:26:50****************************************
I have followed the instruction 2 times with different SD cards
Reformatted the cards, loaded the software t the root dir
Plugged in power cord.
Solid Blue light come on and stays on
There is no camera movement
After 5 minutes waiting there is not any blue/green blinking lights.
I need to now have a RMA
please advise if this covered under warranty ?
iCamPRO Deluxe
S/N 5152D05161326036
Stephen Bedford
6258 Bono Ct
Dublin OH 43016

2017-07-13 12:11:31****************************************
That is pretty sad
You have lost one customer
And I will make sure I leave appropriate reviews about the poor performance and reliability of your device
It is unacceptable to pay the amount you charge for the device for it to only last 15 months
Good luck with your future sales I will do my very best to educate your buyers

by Stephen Bedford

i cannot use the same passcode, how to get new passcode

by Ahmad

Why are all categories empty for the Koova camera?

by Wong Ling Tseng

I have 4 iCamPro FHP cameras, only 1 have constant WiFi disconnection, but it is the nearest to the WiFi router. I tried everything, factory reset, etc. This camera have with platinum plan too.
When i try to access via Firefox or iPhone, iCRa0br8j is the only camera with this issue. Most part of the day is disconected, sometimes for 3-5 hours.
Help please. Thank you.

2017-07-07 12:25:19****************************************
Still waiting for a solution from your side, I think this unit has hardware issues with wifi, is the nearest to the router, the one with less use and the only one (of four units) with recurrent connection issues.

2017-07-30 21:41:59****************************************
Thank you, I tried exactly what you suggested without any improvement on 8j.
I forget to mention in previous message, that green light is permanently green, but most part of the day I can't access to the camera via Firefox or iPhone, showing only error message and even the video upload to Google Drive via Amaryllo cloud is erratic and sometimes a day later. Waiting for your comments.

2017-07-31 13:21:05****************************************
Thank you,
I did that before (adding a second wifi network from another router) but nothing changed or improved.
For your reference, most of my hardware are connected to cable (rj45), rather than wifi, only hardware that don't have rj45 conection is conected to wifi.

If you still need it, I can move 8j to another environment and another router and wifi network. By the way, is it possible to change the amaryllo cloud platinum plan from 8j to iCRa0da8w? Because after resetting 8j yesterday, it's not connecting to amaryllo's platinum plan, it says error every time I try to connect it. It's very frustating try to use 8j, the other three run perfectly.
8j was the only one from the four cameras that was not installed until this year, end of April, otherwise I would have detected the issue before. Hope you can help me with a solution soon. Thank you.

by Rodolfo Stoltzmann

Good Day,

I got the Ibabi HD as a present and unfortunate its not working. Blue led is solid as well as tried to reset it a couple of times without success and yes I am using the original power charger cord.

MAC: 44334C22BD7A.

I look forward to your reply at your convenience.

Thanks in advance,


by Christopher Axiaq

I submitted a request yesterday actually, but found the information I was after under Installation/Reinstallation (not in Sharing Control - which was empty).
Anyway, have 2 new questions actually:
a) Concerning the new iCamPro (also referred to as the ATOM). How can I switch off the 6 LED lights that come when it detects motion/sound under dim light conditions (such as in one's lounge in the evening).
b) I moved my other iCamPRO from the lounge to the garage, but now I find it has no IR night vision, was fine before I moved it and night vision is indeed enabled.

2017-06-29 09:30:36****************************************
As stated, night vision is enabled

by Vaughan Bonnell

Hello my dear ,
I have inquiry
in the network of my House (WiFi) I can view the living view through cell phone but if I went outside the scope of (WiFi )working with the camera is not hold live view of the network regular a cellular
It rich to 40% and stopped to that amount

2017-06-29 08:47:01****************************************
Hello dear
My network is Oman mobile
Thank you

2017-06-30 20:04:37****************************************
Hello dear

2017-07-05 05:56:12****************************************
i didn't understand

by Zahir Al Rumidhi

The device was working smoothly. However, I changed my phone then I reset the device and installed it on my new phone but the only problem is that the device shows as offline on the application.

The green and blue lights are working not blinking and the WiFi is lte working just fine and I checked the firewall on the router, everything seems to be fine except Its offline on my phone.

2017-06-30 17:21:28****************************************
I have tried these solutions. Is there a way to factory reset as in restore the original firmware. Or firmware downgrade?
I have tried all the available solutions.

2017-07-03 21:38:31****************************************
I know how to reset and I've done it several times. I can access the camera settings, the problem is with viewing a live feed on my mobile application. It gives me an error message (device is offline)!! I need a solution to the problem please.

by Infinity

Let year I bought an ATOM and all was fine, including sharing access to my wife. Now I just bought another ATOM but have forgetting how to share access, which ironically I can't find anywhere.

Can you please advise.

by Vaughan Bonnell

I have had this camera for a week now with nothing but trouble!! It took 3 days of trying to get it to read barcode. It has worked once, then it went offline, new firmware came and after camera goes online (after 2 days of getting it to connect to Wi-fi, didnt work but finally got it connected via wps but screen is still black. I have tried EVERYTHING = Resetting it, removing and installing apps from 2 diffrent devices, removing and inserting sd card, run with and without admin mode, disabled all sensors, tried taking snapshots (doesnt take snapshots). When trying to stream I get a notification that "Guests limit reached" as soon as I start the stream (screen is black then app freezes). Its 200% unable to read barcodes, wont take snapshot or start livestream/record. If this camera doesnt work in 2days I want my money back + cancel my silver subscribtion please as I feel this is a scam. I will contact credit card company shortly

2017-06-26 13:26:04****************************************
Green light is on, blue light is on (non of them blinking) when streaming blue light blinks. Cant setup up via barcode as it refuses to read it (tried for a week, sensor seems broken)

2017-06-26 19:21:00****************************************
Cant connect to live stream via browser, says wrong pass or id. Live stream from app on phone and tablet still just shows resolution and black screen, freezes up after a while so i have to close app. Phone and tablet got newest firmware and is of newer date. I have tried every possible setting, with and without sd card (which ive formated 5+ times now even though its brand new) no videos/snaps are taken, when trying to take snapshot from Apps first menu it says "saved, check alerts later" but nothing shows up. Snapshot from the black screen live stream results in nothing, it doesnt take a pic and freezes and blue led starts blinking till I close app and leave live stream, then it goes back to solid blue. Green allways on solid except when it restarts. Help would be apreciated fast as ive never been so frustrated with a piece of equipment before. Black screen started after the firmware update a week ago

2017-06-27 19:17:51****************************************
An answer would be lovely but no need now, its gone to camera. It would be nice of you to atleast cancel my (2) subscriptions, as there is no way to do so on the webpage. Was looking forward to using your product but that was the biggest waste of time and money ive had in years. Not gonna make negative reviews as I might have been unlucky, but atleast fix ur webpage or respond to ppl

by Brian

Can we remote over this camera from different IP address, I mean from other location?

2017-06-26 15:42:34****************************************
What does it have to do with add new wifi? . My question is can I remote my camera from other country since I living in USA, like Australia or....

by Ricky

Suddenly, my iSensor HD (Patio) stopped working. It's blue light comes on when the AC-adapter is plugged in to the wall, but other than that it does nothing, so no motor-calibration etc. The camera is also no longer connected to the wifi- network (according to the app). Trying to do a hard reset (pushing the pin under the cap) does nothing. This is quite a disappointment for a device that has been operating just 18 months! It's installed snuggly under our carport, tucked away in the corner on the side of our house, so harsh weather can't be the cause? (also, it's summer...).
Is there a way to get it working again, or can it be replaced under warranty?

Kind regards and really hoping for a fast reply,


by Youri Derks

Hi. I take out sd card, because it was faulty and format it. After camera can't start, just blue light is on. Try to reset but it's not working. Any idea what I did wrong?

2017-06-26 10:30:50****************************************
Address where I have to send for repair?


I would like to cancel my current subscription and switch to basic plan

by M. Bayu Indra Putra


2017-06-23 10:07:59****************************************

by 馮'S

my device is not working. no response from the device. please send my another one. my invoice number INV17010005
and order number is 1483246170

2017-06-23 11:17:05****************************************
How? What the contact person phone number and email address

My product serial number


2017-06-23 11:18:49****************************************

by mohammad pervez

My camera is in Texas.. I'm in Wyoming. Suddenly I can't see the camera.. It says "access denied" what do xo do when I'm not there?

by Robert Kochman

Do i have to subscribe Amaryllo Cloud plan for using Facial Recognition Function?

2017-06-25 01:56:38****************************************
Can i use facial recognition for free without subscribing Amaryllo cloud plan?

by WhiteFlame


My name is Rusty Sweeden. I am willing to make some purchases with your company, before we proceed can you please answer the question below.

1. Do you have POS machine to charge master and visa credit card payment.
2. Do you accept private pick up by our forwarder
3. Can you send me your price sheet.

Kindly email me as this order is going to be shipped to Ecuador by our forwarder.

Rusty Sweeden

by Rusty Sweeden

Can the Atom3 be powered by POE instead of the bulky AC/DC adapter? AC Power to the building can fail or be intentionally disconnected by criminals, causing the ATOM to be unusable to record the crime. Our LAN computer system is protected by an uninterruptible power supply, including the POE LAN network. Powering the ATOM with the POE would allow it to remain online and fully functional during power outages and criminal attacks on the premises.

by Derek Larson

My cameras will not install - beeps three times and does not connect. I have reset both cameras, but same result....
I have two other cameras (identical) and both installed without problems.
Please assist!
Wbr Rolf

2017-06-20 08:09:56****************************************
How/where do I enter this setting when I can't connect to the camera?
Wbr Rolf

2017-06-20 08:35:13****************************************
Please read/understand my previous message - I'm NOT able to connect to the cameras, even after power cycling. I have already connected two other/identical cameras so I'm familiar with the process.

2017-06-20 15:37:28****************************************
Anyone looking into this issue for me?

by Rolf


2017-06-20 11:48:24****************************************

by Chris Wang

Does the light power have to stay on for the camera to work. Every time I cut the light switch off the camera goes off. I have it in my hallway in the recess can and can't keep it on all night

by Eric Woodley

My SD card on the camera is filled and it seems like recordings are being stored on my phone and now my phone is out of storage. I would like to know where, on a Samsung Galaxy S5 the files are so I can delete them. I see where if I go into Amaryllo Storage there is an option to clear data. but is says "all application data will be deleted including file, settign, acconts, databases". Will I still be able to access the camera or will it need to be reinstalled? Thank You.

by Rob

iCam HD weren't anymorein lime, but 3 other were still functionning. At home, the blue light was on (not flashing). It was impossible to restart the cam (message error: not in line) with scan code. I tried to reset, but no sound and no result.
I got my icam through kickstarter. and my five others are workin well.
Thank you for your help
Serge Reingewirtz

by Reingewirtz Ehpad-Ressources

I was able to install the atom, It stated that it is already connected to the internet. But when I want to view the camera, it states that the device is offline. I tried using QR code, quick installation, and via WPS. all of which has the same result. It says it is connected to the internet, but i want to view it stated DEVICE IS OFFLINE.

by Erwin

Will there be a way to turn off the lights on the Atom AR2 or is ther a way to do it presently?

by Mark

How do I set up browser viewing and is it free?

by Mark

got an error code 15 previously, not sure what that is.
Then now when we plug it into a power supply it turns on, but after 2 minutes or so it just turns off.
tried the same power point with our other icampro fhd and it works completely fine.

been at least a month now...

2017-06-19 17:42:50****************************************
im simply trying to open the function to view what the camera sees

by adrian

I can't find the Timeline beside the Patrol option. It was there yesterday but not it is gone. How do I get it back again?

by Michael Frandsen

How do I get image recognition working and how do I access "Services" There is nothing there even if I hit "edit"?.

by John P Delaney

one of my 3 icams destroys sd cards
i have 3 icams that all have the same brand and type of sd card that record
only in one of my cams the sd card gets destroyed and can not longer be formatted or read in a pc or the cam itself
i have already destroyed 2 sd cards this way i use all 3 cams on the same firmware and settings

2017-06-18 10:17:06****************************************
the sd card formatter is no longer available

by kurt

The device show that it has successfully installed . But when press the app icon, it shows an error message 100 no the menu, the server access find an error (100). We have reinstalled many time but not work. Please let us know how to solve the problem and response as soon as possible. Thank you!

by Huey fang

I'm currently away from my house. I watched an amazing live stream of an otter (I have the cam under the house), but it didn't upload it to google drive! It got the 5 minutes before it, but not what we saw! I can go back and watch it in timeline, but I want to save it. Is there anyway to get it to upload a particularly segment? I can look at the SD card when I get back, but by then it probably will he overwritten.

2017-06-14 14:33:19****************************************
The upload is set to events only. And for whatever reason the camera did not recognize that as an event. It's been uploading before and after just fine. I have hundreds of gigabyres of Google drive storage.

2017-06-16 13:57:09****************************************
As I said in my message. I'm away from home. Takong out the SD card isn't an option. And by now of course that sequence is overwritten because it's been several days since I asked my question. This can't be uncommon, it's a remote motion sensor, if I were home and had access to the SD card I wouldn't be using it.

So let me ask a different question. watching the cam live, does that mean a motion event won't be uploaded? Because that's what happened. We saw the event via the web, but it never uploaded the video. Is that a bug or a feature?

by Kee Hinckley

Hi, I'd like to downgrade my cloud subscription plan from silver to Basic. How can I do that?

by young min

Dear Sir,
I have camera installed and working fine with my iPhone but I tried to install to my android but I'm not able to connect to the camera, I followed instruction but still I can't make it
Please advise

by Islam Sami

My iCare FHD began to drop signal and disconnect. It took longer and longer to re-connect, but worked normally when it did connect. Finally it stopped connecting: Now the blue light does not come on at all unless the WPS button is held down for an unusually long time. It does then light up not flashing. Factory reset makes no difference. As the blue light can be made to light up the power supply must be operating and the blue LED is serviceable. I have never seen a green light on the machine anywhere ever since new and assume that your instructions are out of date. Perhaps there should be a green light and the camera has always been partially faulty?
As a carer this camera provides an essential monitoring service which improves our quality of life. That is your sales pitch and the reason we selected the iCare FHD. However reliability is essential in the care application. I have had to urgently order a replacement, which means waiting for shipping from Tiawan.
I hope this can be quickly rectified because I have made a mistake, but I think it likely that there is a fault. Can I return the product for investigation please ?

by Bird

Firstly, it would help is it actually said AMID on the bottom, because there are several numbers.
Second, you say to format the SD card. It would be really helpful if you were specific as to the format parameters. My card won't format using FAT, 512kb settings, so what do I do now? Since you don't specify, I don't know what to do. Is FAT, 512 kb correct? If not, what is? We need specifics when it comes to technical aspects, please.

by Jeff

Why doesn't the camera follow peuple entering the house?

2017-06-18 21:28:47****************************************
Which model do you recommend to do that in replacement of my camera

by Louis Manibal

i dont hve my AMID, becuase than i have too open the sealing and take the whole system down.

the problem is the last abdroid update makes it impossible to look at the live feed. and if you try it gets in a loop logging in and out. and keeps stuck at 60%. it works normal at my Ipad. working on the same wifi and same camera. i did not change my phone, the only thing i did was update the firmware of the camera/app

2017-06-10 01:44:20****************************************
App version , v1.5.4.r.10903
Firmware, V4.2.1
ID iCRa0cq3p

2017-06-14 08:13:57****************************************
It works again. Thanks what was wrong?

by jan willem koedam

I noticed that when the camera is turned on )nobody is watching the stream) the internet response time increases on the local network. Checking the router it looks like there is a continuous stream of data out. Is the camera streaming somewhere even if there is no motion trigger? Or did somebody get access to the camera? Is there a log to check when there was outside connection to the camera?

by Akos Toth

Hello there...

After a while i have been reinstalled my iSensor from kickstarter capmpaign. Updated firmware etc.
All instalation worked like a charm but now, when Im out of my house it seems i cannot see live view.
Im getting "error 15" message and it seems everything else is working (snapshots, recording etc).

Thx in advance

2017-06-09 07:15:40****************************************
No results...

When i press 'play' button, in order to see live starts to connect in procentage (30..60%) and it freeze on 60%.

by Marko Radosevic

cannot delete photo recordings and getting error 100 and 101 problem accessing server

2017-06-08 11:46:25****************************************
Can not access server to delete recordings. Error message 100 and 101 appear saying can not access server

2017-06-10 01:24:21****************************************
Tried resetting, restarting etc. Doesn't work. Got worse, device is now off-line but has ok indicator on. Network is excellent.

2017-07-11 11:07:01****************************************
My network is great. All devices work except for the camera.

by robert

These cameras are the biggest pieces of shit! They drop off the network all the time and have to be repaired constantly.
The pairing process is the biggest headache that seems to work about 35% of the time. Just recently saw there was an app update for the camera software, so I updated. What a fucking mistake! Once again, it knocks the camera offline, and I have to go through the pairing process yet again which is NOT working worth a shit! I've wasted an hour and half so far trying to get it back up. I wish I could return it and get my money back! What a fucking hassle and waste of time!

2017-06-09 14:42:31****************************************
In the hour and a half of trying to pair it... you can be rest assured I tried unplugging it a few times!
A few times too many! This thing is NOT worth the hassle! Already bought a new camera from a different vendor that has more features, costs less, and far less hassle setting up. If anyone wants the iSensor that I still have I can mail it to you! I want nothing to do with it

2017-06-14 16:04:31****************************************
Now you want me to pay more money for me to return this crappy camera back to you in Taiwan??
I'm not spending another cent on this thing! It will serve more use as a target at the range!

by Kevin

I lost my phone, and was sent a new one, installed the app again and camera didn't connect the recommended way, had to push the button on my wifi and search for the camera. Now it will not stay connected. Please help.


by Dalen Pluskett

After firmware update I het a message that my camera is not online. I ma not at Home and cant poweroff my sensor. Could you send me what to do so I can turn my camera on again?
Thanks Brigit

2017-06-08 07:35:46****************************************
It is stil not online

by Kooijman

I have white version and when I plug in into a usb the blue light does not light up! Have no idea why it stopped working, I did check power cord and usb with my second camera and no problem in wiring.
Any idea how to restore the camera?

2017-06-12 16:08:20****************************************
Hello I did that, but it doesn't work. Is there another way to repair it?

2017-06-14 12:18:27****************************************
yes, I'm using original cable and all. Now I have second problem, I pressed the little button where the reset button is and now it is stuck "it doesn't click anymore". Is there a way to unstuck the button?

2017-06-16 15:00:16****************************************
No sound. button just stuck. inside, it does not click. :(

by Miroslav

Downloaded app and installed camera. Main screen recognizes camera has green dot, can also turn on and off privacy mode and indicator turns red. When I press play it says "please upgrade to latest firmware" - settings screen: loads camera says "MicroSD card error" About menu: shows model #, AMID #, IP & MAC address - when I click on "check upgrade" for firmware it says "No camera detected, please make sure it is plugged in"
Where do I go from here, Thank you.

2017-06-06 16:08:01****************************************
Followed above directions but the light doesn't start blinking

2017-06-07 08:24:46****************************************
That solved the issue, camera is now working. Thank you

by Jason Williams

My camera will not stay online . It goes of and on repeatedly .

2017-06-06 09:41:35****************************************
Alerts say offline and online and I cannot get to view recording

by Scott Bedford

That's not working. When power up its not calibrate the motor. Nothing happens except that the blue led is on steady. I have already tried to reset it with the button whiteout any luck. It seams as it freezed in a lookup state.

2017-06-07 08:31:11****************************************
Working Now! Thanks

by Edwin Lee

I would like to know as below.
1. As I know the google drive basic capacity (15GB) saves per two days as maximum what I use now.
2. Is it possible to save more
unlimitedness if I upgrade to 100GB ?
3. How much does it save the capacity for 100GB per days??

2017-06-07 23:47:47****************************************
Not your services.
Google Drive

by T-jay

I've the iSensorHD. I am thinking of getting the atom. Can you let me know that it works with the same app on the iPhone? Also does the recording also go to my google account?

by David Chua

I have the ICAM ( RED WHITE BLUE version) .
And I cant connect . In the app says ERROR all the time . he connected with wifi.
App also says have to update firmware . But cant because cant connect

by Peter Gieselbach

After initial installation video would upload to google drive. Now the days are intermittent and when clicking on individual files in a day there is no data. I have rebooted the device but does not solve the problem.

by Gregg Davis

Having trouble installing to a Samsung note 4. Finally got to reset, but tried 2 routers with proper passwords and matched to phone wifi. Read QR code, but never connected to wifi. Now after trying many ways, it is now stick with blue light solid, no green and rotates occasional quarter turns. Cannot get to reset now, just stuck in a dumb phase.

by randy katz

I show a charge to my credit card of $3.99. I did not authorize this . I do not see an option to cancel either. Please advise

by Emma Mitchell

When power up its not calibrate the motor. Nothing happens except that the blue led is on steady.
I try to reset it by push the Reset button for 5 sec but don't work. It seem it don't calibrate and motor not working.

2017-06-07 08:30:06****************************************
it work.. thanks

by Edwin Lee

I do not have the units and want to cancel accounts

by James York

Can you advise me whether there is a way of altering the duration of the video clips taken when an alert is triggered please? At the moment I get 5 mins of video every time which is a bit too long in my opinion, I'd rather there was a setting whereby users can state how long the video should be say 1,2,3,4,5 mins. Most videos I go through are false alarms and it can be a pain watching for 5 minutes each time.

2017-06-07 08:35:37****************************************
OK thanks but can I ask that you add the facility to change video duration to your product enhancement list for future inclusion please?

by Trevor Pearson

The camera wont do anything upon installation except remain in a blue LED mode. I've tried unplugging and leaving the power off for more than a day. I've also tried holding the reboot button down for more than a minute when its unplugged or plugged; in both cases the camera remains frozen in solid blue LED mode. Please advise ASAP.

2017-06-08 01:20:33****************************************
Ok, I'll do this, but this seems obviously onerous for a brand new camera. Seems to me you should be replacing the SD card with ones that you have formatted. More to come.

by Jade Samulski

I want to stop the cloud abonnement. Invoice No 1495518210 I dont use it anymore.....

by Peer Jønson

I never subscribed to a paid plan. It's forcing the customer. It's sad. You have a nice product with a bad service. My camera with the plan is not connected for months, and you are taking $9.99/month. No video was recorded in that time. Please, reimburse me, and cancel the Gold plan. Thank you! Why we can do it from the app or website?

2017-06-03 04:21:47****************************************
Why we can't downgrade the plan? How about the reimbursement? Do I need to ask my bank to cancel your debit!?

by Haddad


I would like to purchase the lightbulb adapter for the iCamProFHD. Saw the link at

BUT I would like to buy another mount for the ICamProFHD.

Thank you.

by Vincent

is amaryllo compatible with IOS APP - IP Cam Viewer Pro - ?

2017-05-26 08:35:59****************************************
is there any other non proprietary app compatible ? or can the amaryllo app integrate other cameras ? I explain you why, we gave already some cameras (Dlink) installed and would like to purchase some amaryllo cameras. But of course we would like to monitor them whtin ONE app. Would that be possible ? Thank you Dan

by Dan

Hello, my problem is that the cameras from time to time are disconnected or are left out of line with what I have to plug in the current i re-plug in, but when I am away from home it is not possible with just when But I need the cameras these fail. What can it be? Why do they do that? I beg you to tell me if it is a failure of the cameras to return them to the establishment since they are still in warranty, or in your case if they have a solution, a greeting.

2017-05-25 11:53:08****************************************
Hello I try to format the internal storage and if they disconnect one I look at the leds and it does not matter what is one day is a to i another day is another.

2017-05-25 17:51:12****************************************
Hi, I'm sorry to see you delayed answering, I was waiting if it was to format the internal storage and they did not re-connect and the leds fixed blue and green turned off, this time only one.

2017-05-26 08:52:14****************************************
Hi, that sometimes depends sometimes hours.

2017-05-29 19:00:06****************************************
Hi again, I still have the same problems with the four cameras, a thought that really have a serious problem, so if you do not give me the solution I will have no choice but to request a refund.

2017-06-05 21:22:16****************************************
Indistinctly, one day and another day, and another two hours a week.

2017-06-08 14:01:02****************************************
The cameras are less than two meters from the wifi router, and they remain the same but apart from that the images look bad.

by Manuel Del Angel Soler

I cannot see video only "An error occured while accessing the server (102)" The devise and app are both installed and it has worked. I moved it, now even closer to the router, and then it failed to show video.

2017-05-24 09:39:16****************************************
The camera moved when I turned it on. The top green light is blinking. The bottom blue light is solid.

by peggy manfredi

it goes offline all the time and a take the cabel out abd start all over igain

2017-05-24 07:17:08****************************************
no a cant get in on setting the green lamp solid on for 30 seckond then its dark

2017-05-26 04:44:53****************************************
Hello! I cant reset the camera it is lockt cant here no beep or anyfing a try the wps byt if went offline after 30sec.

by Torbjörn Sivertsen

I don't get anymore acces to my camera, but I also cannot reset it. I pushed a pin in the hole several times for 20-30 sec, but no beep and the light is still continuous. How can I reset?

by Martine

All of the images are upside down. Is there a soulution for this ?

by Bill Fischer

Please unsubscribe the Silver plan on your cloud services referred to invoice 1493712268 (2-MAY-2017) and remove my credit card info.

Thank you
Sarawut Pavasajjanant

by Sarawut Pavasajjanant

My camera is iCRa0ao6t. The app gets to 40% and stops. After quite a while I get the message "Error failed to send the offer"I have deleted the app, restarted the iPhone6s and it still won't work.

2017-05-20 16:07:01****************************************
I also get "An error occurred while accessing the server (105)" and "Received an HTTP status code from the camera (-1001)" errors.

2017-05-22 17:36:39****************************************
Yes, I have power cycled the camera...multiple times...and it doesn't fix the problem. When the camera boots up, both lights are solid initially, then the green like blinks for a short while, then goes solid again. So, after boot up both lights are solid. I did get the app to work briefly this morning but after a few second it said "reconnecting" and then "An error occurred while accessing the server (105)" which is the most frequent error message I get. I also got the "Failed to send the offer" error message twice today. The above experience happened both at home, on the same wifi network as the camera, and at work, on a separate wifi network as the camera.

2017-05-22 17:39:14****************************************
Just tried again and got a message "received an error code from the camera (15)" which I've seen once or twice before.

2017-05-24 14:51:43****************************************
That seems to have fixed it! Thanks!

by John petrey

Hi, I thought I am on free Basic plan after trial (that I was forced into with my credit card). I have only used the google drive and never your storage. I cannot use your web to remove my credit card and you have charged me two months (2 x $3.99 ) now. I will have to report you to my credit card as fraud by virtual of free plan and then bait and switch without allowing me to get my credit card out of your system. Please confirm back that you have fixed and refund my two months. Or else you refusal to refund me will be forward to my credit card dispute.

2017-05-22 14:09:19****************************************
please remove my credit card & refund , free trial should end automatic, not forced because you have my cc,

2017-05-23 03:19:36****************************************
It's a customer rights issue, free trail ends free, especially since you force giving credit card. Gotcha details to default to you taking money are shameful. Gotcha way of earning money is wrong. Give a good service, allow people to choose. Again, refund my fees, I will challenged them with my cc. Just because you have crazy policy to force cc and give free trial that doesn't mean you can automatically charge. Be a human being with decent values. Don't hide behind stupid ways of making money. Who is forcing you to make stupid policies? Greed? Did you get earn an MBA or PhD to be a street hustler! Shame shame shame. We are your neighbors, brothers and sisters, not gotcha victims.

by Bao Doan

How do I use the live option on my computer?
Thank you

by scott bedford

This morning I went to use the app on my Android phone, it opened, I went to play video from my Koova, and my phone restarted. Now when I go into the app it seems to have no cameras registered (I have five - 1 Koova, 1 Atom, 3 iCams). Am I going to need to reimport each of the cameras (several hang from the ceiling and are not easily accessible)?


by Susan Tipton

After I tried to do the firmware update my iCamPRO FHD will no longer work. The blue power light is the only thing that seems to work. I tried to use the zip file "icampro_362" but the unit did not respond.

by Craig Rampley

Hi together
I have a iBabi HD with a Firmware 1.1.6 and they doesn't work with the actual app. i spend a lot of time to upgrade the firmware with the sd card. First I make a reset and after I have downloadet the rescue353 and uncompresed it to the root directory of the sd card (16gb, fat32 formated). but the camera allways start in the normal mode.
What i make wrong?
Thanks and greetings Flavio

2017-05-17 08:20:48****************************************
1. Yes
2. What you mean? Only one partition? When i have no partion i cannot save the files on it. No mbr

Other ideas?

by Flavio Bossi

Hi, my data-costs on my mobile phone are through the roof from using your app to live-view my baby in the same house. Mobile phone is on wifi....but somehow it is still using the 3G network - or maybe sometimes wifi is less strong and it switches to 3G? i dont know, but how can i make sure this does not happen. can settings be changed to make sure it only works when connected to wifi? Last month was 125EUR in mobile data cost...all from life viewing. Thank you for your help.

2017-05-17 17:59:19****************************************
Thank you very much for you quick reply. That is a very easy solution, great.

by Tessa Nolst Trenite

we would like to cancel the cloud subscription

by susan sea

Hi I am a Kickstarter supporter. When I supported cam pro we were told in writing that kickstarter platinum plan supporters would be able to renew our platinum plan for $9.99 per month. I did not get an e-mail to renew and can not find the kickstarter renewal anywhere on your site. Please tell me where to go to renew my kickstarter platinum plan.

Thanks, Geoffrey Gray

by Geoffrey Gray

How can I turn off the lights that seem to be on all nigh. I have tried all positions in the settings. On - off - auto - events. All settings seem to keep the lights on all night. please let me know. Thanks,
Ross McCoy

by Ross McCoy

I do not use the device for recording so I wish to discontinue my $9.99/Mo subscription.
I wish to go to the basic free plan.


Emmett Simpson

by Emmett Simpson

for some reason the camera does not read the barcode even after i unplug or reset
thank you

by Kevin Patrick

My Patio was working great then nothing . The blue light is constant with no other light and i cannot reset it

2017-05-15 11:18:41****************************************
I have been holding the button in and nothing happens if I try to hold the other button down the blue light still stays constant

2017-05-17 23:43:51****************************************
after powering on does not move just solid blue light no green light

by Kevin Patrick

I had to replace my phone and had to delete iSensorHD to reinstall it, but I can't find it in the iTunes App Store. Did the name of the app change?

2017-05-15 09:00:23****************************************
iPhone 6s Plus: software version 10.3.1

by BrenDt M Reese

I am Don Shuwarger's widow, Penelope Shuwarger. Sadly Don passed away last July. He told me to do two things a day. I am trying to get my home in order, so I feel safe. I do not know how to run your outdoor devises Don installed. I tried to change the password and to put a current credit card on file. it looked like I got the password changed and then it would not let me log in or add a credit card. I want to be able to turn the motion sensor lights back on for safety at night. I also need to be able to sync both his phone and mine so I can see live when out of town. Please, Please, is there someone who can help? Don's phone, 701-587-0957 is no longer in service but his email accounts are still in use. My cell # is 406-208-1999 and email. is
Thank you for your consideration.
Penelope Shuwarger

by Don Shuwarger

I am unable to download and view recordings to my iPhone's default "Photos" app because they are now in the "avi" format! Why did you change the recording's format from "mov" to "avi"? The last recording that I downloaded on my iPhone (7 Plus) was on April 14, 2017 and it was in the "mov" format! It saved directly to the Photos app as usual. Now, that is not possible! However, I am able to view the recording within the Amaryllo app, but the download fails because the iPhone photo/video app ("Photos") does not support the "avi" file format with the resolution and possibly the frame rate that you selected. PLEASE change it back to "mov" or "MP4". Below is the link to Apple's tech specs for the iPhone.
* Video formats supported: H.264 video up to 4K, 30 frames per second, High Profile level 4.2 with AAC‑LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio or Dolby Audio up to 1008 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo or multichannel audio, in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; MPEG‑4 video up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC‑LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio or Dolby Audio up to 1008 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo or multichannel audio, in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats; Motion JPEG (M‑JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, audio in ulaw, PCM stereo audio in .avi file format. Amaryllo app version is and my camera(s) firmware version is 4.2.1

by Phillip Marshall

Please cancel subscription to Amaryllo Cloud.

by Bob Brand

The unit is locked with an Error Message ... "An error has occurred while accessing the server (102)" I can not obtain any future recovery. I changed WiFi server module ... still no recovery. All LED's functional on the unit.

by Bruce Cook

My unit will not work. It has been off for awhile but now when I go to the app and I try and retrieve access from an installed device. I get a blinking view of my phone camera and no video or action from the camera.

2017-05-27 20:02:45****************************************
Where is it located I cannot find any listing that you give and example of

by Stephen Rouse

Dear Sir,

I want to cancel this service
Receipt: 1456322806 Subscription Date: 02/24/2016
invoice number 14563228062598.
please help me to cancel this service

i don't want to pay it



2017-05-12 09:51:02****************************************

by tom chang

Hello, Now that RTSP is implemented, can you please provide us with instructions on how to use it ? What username.password to use ? What ports ? Any documentation would be welcome.

Thanks !

by Tony Knors

I have installed the AR3S and everything works great during the daytime. However, the night vision is very dark. I can barely see anything while another camera in the same area is able to see clearly at night. I have tried all the settings on the iphone app. Is this a common issue or isolated to my unit?

by Jun Huang

When will you have option to integrate with NEST? I want to be able to turn on the private mode on when I am at home and when NEST is set away, turn off the private mode. I know you have a scheduled private setting in the App but it is not practical.

by TJ Shin

I have rcd AR3 yesterday in that I find there is no installation manual. Also they have provided stainless cables(fasten the device ) 2 screws and anchorsx2, can you pls tell me where to use cables or do u have drawing or sketch to use the cables .



by Ramesh

I just saw that RTSP support was added in the latest firmware update. Awesome! I am unable to find any documentation however. I am trying to implement this into my home automation setup. What's the correct way to include the new RTSP user name and password in one string? For example: rtsp://


by Josh

how do you change from one cameras to the other

2017-05-09 13:38:24****************************************
when i swipe the screen i rotate the camera.

2017-05-09 13:41:38****************************************
i have two cameras, but can only find one on my I-Phone. How do i find the other camera

by frank desalvo

Hi, I just bought the camera but once installed with the application it does not allow me to resume Live View since I need a firmware upgrade. I tried updating through the app but writes that she can not find the camera that is instead properly installed. I have read about the reviews that initially is a very common problem and that I need to contact your support for the resolution of the problem.

Package: eu.amaryllo.cerebro
App Version: v1.5.2.r10602
Android version: 6.0.1
Phone brand: samsung
Phone model: SM-G900F
Fw version: v1.1.5
Model: iBabiHD
AMID: iCMa0fb3y
Thank you



2017-05-08 12:34:03****************************************
I contacted ( in Italian) your support twice by mail but il did not answer yet.

2017-05-09 09:29:36****************************************
I've already tried this solution, but on my camera the blue LED does not blink when get power, it remain blue without blinking. To let it blink, I have to reset it from the back. Anyway, I'll try once again and let you know. Thank you

2017-05-09 11:31:12****************************************
Thank you, I'll check

2017-05-09 11:49:01****************************************
Could you please tell me if the uncompressed files to insert into the sd card root are the following two?Icampro-v3.6.2.r7960.bin

2017-05-10 04:57:31****************************************
Probably I downloaded the wrong file, I'll check. Thanks

2017-05-12 12:18:59****************************************
So I followed the instruction:
I downloaded file,
- I uncompressed the right files to root directory of a MicroSD card. (corrected formatted)
- I inserted the card to iCam HD (mine is the "baby" one).
- I plugged power cord of it.
- I waited till front blue led is blinking and it blinked
- I unplugged power cord.
- I took card out.
- I plugged power cord again but.....THE BLUE LED WILL NOT BLINK AFTER REBOOT.... Whats wrong?
I had to insert the card again? (doesn't change anyway)
The app still says that the firmware is to upgrade and that it can'find the camera..
Please help me

2017-05-20 19:33:19****************************************
Yes, the camera turns right/left after I plugged the power cord, as you say that means the firmware should be upgraded. But, as I said, the blue led doesn't blink. So, following your instruction, I reverted the device to factory default settings. Now the blue led blinked I could re-installed the camera. But after nothing changed.
Still the firmware seems to be not corrected. Looking for it on the App, it is actually this one: v1.1.5.
Still the camera can't be found by the App but the App recocnizes the card if it is inserted or not....

2017-05-27 10:22:48****************************************
I re-formatted the sd card (less than 32G) tryng VFAT format, before was FAT32 but nothing changed.
I also tryed with another card but was the same.
Can yuo tell me please if my actual camera firmware: v1.1.5. is the correct one? Otherwise which one should it be?

2017-06-02 08:36:36****************************************
I re-formatted the sd card (less than 32G) tryng VFAT format, before was FAT32 but nothing changed.
I also tryed with another card but was the same. 
Can you tell me please if my actual camera firmware: v1.1.5. is the correct one? Otherwise which one should it be?

by Piero

Help! An error occurred while accessing the server (100). I get that error when I try to use the app when I'm not on the same network as the camera. What is wrong?

2017-05-10 18:55:10****************************************
Yes, I am using an iPhone and yes, the settings are turned on to allow cellular data for the Amaryllo app. What do I do now? The app works on wifi only.

2017-05-11 20:08:24****************************************
1. Yes, I can access it via Safari, no problem
2. No, that does not work - I get same error
3. I installed the app on another iPhone and it only works when on wifi. It doesn't work on cellular 4G - I get the same error

2017-05-12 11:39:13****************************************
Yes, services and help works. I have emailed you the info you requested.

2017-05-16 17:21:57****************************************
General-Settings-About-Carrier says T-Mobile 28.3

2017-05-18 13:32:19****************************************
I contacted T-Mobile tech support and they told me that iOS10 doesn't support dual stack. They have no recommendation on how to make it work.

by John petrey

This won't reset. It stays blue. I have tried to reset with the hole on the bottom and nothing.

2017-05-08 15:48:01****************************************
Like I said I power it up the blue light goes on. Then I insert a paper clip into the small hole and there is nothing. No beep nothing it does not restart. The blue light remains solid.

by Tom Rukavina

I am trying to use my iCam Pro FHD as a mp3 player. I have created the music folder and I have placed my mp3 files inside of this microSD folder. I select the audio file in my app but it doesn't sound...
I am trying to listen to music while Private mode is connected but it also impossible... Is this going to change?

Thank you in advance

2017-05-08 20:04:18****************************************
It sounds properly, I checked.

2017-05-09 09:22:00****************************************
It isnt muted. I only can Play while Prívate Mode is set but even doing this It doesnt sound

by Carmen

all of my devices... I have 7 or 8.. iSensors .. through iCamPro... they no longer can record on Google Drive. Please help. I am getting Error: disallowed_useragent ... The user-agent is not permitted to make an 0Auth authorization request to Google as it is classified as an embedded user-agent.... etc. It is really important that I get these cameras operational asap. I appreciate your attention to this. Thank-you

2017-05-09 05:44:28****************************************
Thank-you. I appreciate how quickly you were able to respond. It was essential that I got the cameras working. I only needed to do step 1). and haven't done 2). What happened? Was this related to the Google Docs issue that was in the news? Best wishes

by vicki woolf

How do i install on new phone. My old phone broke so i can not do the transfer method. I tried doing as fresh install, but camera will not stay still to scan QR code, and i can not get it to auto detect.

by Christopher Gomez

How many Atom AR2 can be installed in 1 home? Is there a maximum number you can install for it to work with the software?

Also, what is the max number of Atom AR2 that can be viewed at one time on the software? For ex, if I have 6 Atom AR2 cameras, can I create one Login and be able to access video/photos from all 6 cameras? Or do I have to create a separate account for each camera? In other words, if I purchase your cloud storage, can all 6 cameras feed into 1 cloud storage account?


No matter how I set the sensitivity on the camera, I still get alerts from my dogs (Dachshund and Chihuahua) moving around and the wind blowing the bush near the pool. Also, road noise from the street behind the house seems to be setting off the audio sensor. It wouldn't be so bad except that it happens, on the average, about once every minute or so (ex: 09:20:45, 09:20:47, 09:23:14, 09:24:22, 09:24:37, 09:25:30, 09:25:59, etc). I thought the sensor was not supposed to pick up something as small as a dog (and therefore the bushes moving in the wind). Is there anything I can do about this issue? The real problem is that with all the alerts, I'm pretty much ignoring them so I wouldn't know what an ACTUAL alert is!

2017-05-09 00:52:51****************************************
That might work for the audio alerts but what about the wind-blown bush and the dogs for the movement alerts? Any way to adjust the threshold?

by Troy Havard

Hola ¿ se puede cambiar la contraseña? y ¿ como?.

by Manuel

I have recently updated the amaryllo app to version 1.5.6 on my mobile phone. Before the update, i was able to keep the live viewing camera running in the background whilst using other apps on my phone or simply just switching the phone to standby mode. But now, the live viewing camera turns off unless i keep the app open the whole time. I bought the camera to be used as a baby monitor hence its very important that the live viewing camera is working whilst the phone is on standby mode during night hrs. I hope this makes sense.

by Jessica

I have 2 ATOM ARS and 4 ATOM AR3S, so I have some questions:
How do you mount the AR3S? The arm on the mounting plate doesn't line up with anything. Am I missing something?

by Eric Cancemi

camera footage leaves no memory?

by sergej tkacenko

Suddenly, It is having a hard time getting through on the wifi.
and so I push the reset button, and try install again.
but. I can not instal.
at that time push the instal button, heard anounce"starting wait protacting set up''
what do it mean?

by nobuko yamaguchi

Why he is not responsible for me?

2017-05-01 21:39:28****************************************
Your video, I watched and cannot find such a program as navas hot video, on android ?

2017-05-01 21:39:52****************************************
I am very disappointed in your cameras, it does not work via the Internet, it does not write on micro SD, skype not work. I want you to abstain from me ?

2017-05-02 18:05:23****************************************
camera footage leaves no memory ?

2017-05-03 09:41:34****************************************
I put the SD card into an empty all the time.

by sergej tkacenko

Dear Ladies and Gents,

is it possible to change the greetings by uploading some other mp3s? Or, when will you support German?

Best regards
Sven Hansen

by Sven Hansen

I am having issues where the camera is not moving fast enough to detect motion or is not quick enough to capture a picture? I have had multiple instances where the unit is on and have had people walk by it, but does not capture the person. It detects the noise and movement but takes a picture of empty space?

2017-05-05 15:01:05****************************************
No improvement. Please inform on next steps.

2017-05-08 13:48:45****************************************
Set up activity zone. Will report back. However, why does the app set the new activity zone as the home position? No option to remove that feature.

2017-05-17 10:20:21****************************************
Some improvement. However, when it does actually capture a face it is still blurry. No stabilization and clear capture?

by John

The camera was working fine last April 16 and now I can not view the camera from Amaryllo App anymore. The blue light in the camera is just blinking. I have tried re-inputting the wifi but it doesn't work. I tried resetting by pushing the button on the camera but it doesn't work either.
Thank you,

by Michelle


I have two Amaryllo products icRa0bp0k ICAMPro FHD and icRa0co6p atom
Both the camera I kept in same room near the router, The atom is working fine while ICAMPro fhd is giving problem
When the ICAMPRO fhd camera is connected I try to see live I got message that Error " an error occurred while accessing the server (105)" some time I get the error that the device is offline. When I checked green lED is blinking but the camera is rotating , I dont understand one is working fine and other is giving the problem, can you please advice


2017-05-01 13:40:11****************************************
My complaint reference is 1826
Blue LED solid
Green LED solid but when I go for live view it shows Device is offline

by Ramesh

The app has been downloaded, the power is on. But the icam hd didn't rotate and the blue light didn't flashed. How should I do for that?

by Jay

The sound sensor is still very sensitive in low configuration. I would like to have the sound sensor activated to only detect alarm sound from a smoke sensor. Could that be possible?
What is the purpose of face detection?
Do not jump the alarm when you recognize the face?
Thank you.

by Javier Parra

I get an ERROR msg when attempting to add a browser for viewing from the app on my phone. I also tried to add a camera to live viewer per this web site and it states my Id or password are not correct

by emma

I am considering to purchase this product if it will support ONVIF. Is there any such plan?

2017-04-26 11:43:28****************************************
Thank you. Once available, do you plan to let ONVIF be an upgrade to current products?

by Søren Voigt

I bought several of your cams - 8 actually - some as gifts (I have pasted in the kickstarter details below). I have kept on outdoor camera - an isensor patio. It went off line a while and I cannot reset it by powering up or pressing the reset button. The blue power light comes on but no green light. When I turn it on the blue light comes on but it does not calibrate... Any ideas on what to do?
Dear Sir,

Followings are the Campaign Information Summary of Shipping Number 8238 for your reference,

Shipping Address: 33 George Hibbert Rd
Shipping City: Madora Bay
Shipping State/Province: WA
Shipping Zip/Postal Code:: 6210
Shipping Country: Australia
Telephone Country Code: +61
Telephone: 417956999
This is a sample with $10 value.

If you have any questions about this order, please email to

Online store team
Amaryllo International B.V.

2017-04-25 11:41:55****************************************
Thanks for the reply,
I have left it on overnight and also since writing to you earlier today.... I'm afraid its just not resetting and not coming online...
Thanks again,

by Chris White

I would like to speak with the president or owner to learn more about the product line and possibly purchase quantities of product to sell to consumers thru our direct response television commercials. Thanks in advance


App can connect to Google Drive account, because I can see and make folder changes, but new videos are not uploading. I have formatted the SD card, restarted the camera, upgraded to latest firmware. What other troubleshooting can I do to get new videos to upload? Recording is set to "Yes" and I get Snapshot alerts on my phone, but after an hour, video tests have not uploaded to Google Drive.

by Quinn

Dear Support team, i have a couple of problems.
1 my recordings have stopped uploading, it says my subscribtion is inactive. how can i fix that.
2 i now have a silver plan, can you chanche this in a free basic plan?
3 after upgrading the firmware the camera gave a false movement or sound almost every 5 minutes. because of this i reinstalled version 3.6.2 and it works fine now. is it possible that these problems are connected with each other?

by Roland

Recently when I was away from my residence I kept above camera on and was working properly. After few day when I went to app I saw that the camera went offline, after returning from trip the camera was dead, so I change the place of camera it was working but couldn't see live view (error 105) so I reset the camerato factory default t, there was beep, first blue light was blinking then solid blue light, green light is blinking.
I tried to install it through first by QR code, I was showing the QR code for long time but no response
Then I tried direct wifi installation , that also not working
In my router WPS button so I am unable to that method

Now can you please advise me how to reinstall it or there is something wrong with unit.though the camera is moving
Please help.



2017-04-24 18:18:57****************************************
Hi my complaint reference no is 1817

I did the same thing as said in email, but I am getting the voice message that unable to connect to the network. Though the camera unit was kept next to router itself and password was entered correctly even QR method it beeped but no connection. Please advice

2017-04-25 11:43:07****************************************
Hi, my complaint reference is 1817

No I have got 2.4 ghz router

2017-04-28 12:49:12****************************************
Hi, my complaint reference is 1817

I try to install once again and it went through but I a m getting the error while having live view
"An error occurred while accessing the server (105)" and I was near the router . Pls advice



2017-04-28 14:24:24****************************************
Hi my complaint reference no is 1817

Yellow led is blinking, while in the same room other amaryllo atom is also workin perfect

2017-05-02 11:56:48****************************************
My previous complain reference is 1817

2017-05-03 17:53:29****************************************
Hi removed the SD card also, some time it works , some time it give the message that the server is not reachable(105)
While the camera is rotating,i dont know what is the problem

2017-05-03 18:40:38****************************************
HI previous complain is 1817

Without doing anything to unit it has reset on its own the welcome message appeared, this is wiered

by Ramesh

I would like to discontinue my silver subscription and just have the basic version.

by donnie mcmickle

Hi, I am unable to connect or reset my new atom ar3. Please assist

2017-04-24 04:19:15****************************************
I have completed the above but the unit does not beep or reset ay step 3&4. Please advice of further steps

2017-04-24 06:37:47****************************************
The unit does turn left and right on power up. I have pressed the reset button for 20 seconds as hard as I could, without breaking it or my finger, still no luck...

2017-04-24 07:17:53****************************************
No power supply was provided as it screws into a light bulb...

by Scott

Can I only buy a E27 socket (with LED light) to replace the old one?

2017-04-27 09:32:39****************************************
No response?

by Ho

How can I reduce the frequency of false motion alerts due to wind/noise?

2017-04-24 15:24:01****************************************
Enhanced mode was disabled and the firmware is the latest

by Anthony Federico

1. Why do you NOT have a phone number or email for your customers to reach you directly? Why do you have the worst customer service of any company I've every worked with in high tech? You are exasperating!
2 I've spent over $1200 with your company buying products which I registered on your site. Now I try to log in and can't. then I get the message that you do NOT have me in your system. SO YOU'VE BLOWN ME OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM WHERE I HAD MY AMID NUMBERS OF EVERY UNIT REGISTERED! does it not occur to you that when we need help, we may NOT be at home where our cameras are??? Is that too logical for you?
3. I'm in Mexico so the AMID number I just gave you is NOT THE PROBLEM! The problem IS AT HOME IN SEATTLE! but since you've blown me out of your system, I don't have those numbers available.
4. FINALLY, THE PROBLEM IS THAT I'M TRYING TO ACCESS MY HOME CAMERAS: i'm getting the message that the device has been reset or reinstalled. SO WHAT!! Why won't it show on my iPhone? It showed at home when I had to reinstall the units. It does show on my iPad, but not my iPhone. WHEN YOU GIVE US AN ERROR MESSAGE, IT MIGHT HELP TO TELL US WHAT TO DO ABOUT THAT! But of course you have nothing in your help system to tell me what to do. SORRY! CAN'T GIVE YOU THE AMID OF THOSE UNITS SINCE YOU'VE BLOWN ME OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM!


2017-04-24 22:43:17****************************************
I'm going to suggest this to you this again. Your products are fabulous, innovative and perfectly designed. Your help system and support is exasperating and difficult.

In fact what I finally discovered after spending a long and difficult time dealing with it is that the control of the cameras that had been reinstalled needed to be shared with my iPhone. By going to the QR code for that camera, then adding a previously installed camera and scanning the QR code, I then also have control of it with my iPhone.

by Mardig Sheridan

Nothing happen ,the blue light remain on , not rotation , no blinking light?

2017-04-21 03:55:14****************************************
Thanks for you response, I do ,but nothing change.
The blue light remain .not rotation ,any suggestions?

2017-04-21 12:50:37****************************************
Yes I do, I hear a beep and unplug the unit ,take out SIM card ,
Power up ,the blue light are on ,and nothing more.same same..

2017-04-21 22:28:54****************************************
Yes I do, I hear a beep and unplug the unit ,take out SIM card ,
Power up ,the blue light are on ,and nothing more.same same..

2017-04-22 20:59:09****************************************
yes I hear the beep and a minute later the green and blue light are flashing ,
Im disconnect the power, take out the sim card , reconnected power and blue are on and remain on , no rotation , not sound ,

by Enrique

My camera is overly sensitive. Motion sensing follows every bug (Reg size flying insects) and Sound sensor picks up every car that drives by (60 feet or more from camera to street). Both settings are turned to lowest. What can be done about this?

2017-04-22 00:39:39****************************************
I have v 4.1.6 and it says im on the latest version for model AR3
Also as i stated my settings are already on the lowest. Enhance distance is off....Audio detection is on low.

Please advise. This has to be affecting several customers. Atleast one other post ive seen has stated they have same problem. If a Gnat flys past the camera it follows it. If the Gnat lands it sits and watches it and ignores the front gate.
There has to be a way to either determine size, or heat signature.

by Christopher Gomez

i installed the application on my i phone it was working good but since 1 month it give me camera offline from my i phone and if i tested in android it's working fine
please advise ASAP


I want to use the Amaryllo Live function(Browser Viewing), but I can find my passcode. kindly help ,where I can find the passcod...?

by Jessy Chu

There Gentleman's , I brought this unit last year , , recently the unit stop working , the blue light remain all the time (there is not flashing ,not reboot ,I resset the unit different times and not look,
What can I do ?

by Enrique Prochnicki

I am monitoring my camera through firefox and on the bottom right portion of the screen there is a TV. When I hover over it it says public and private is grayed out. Does that mean my camera can be seen by the general public?

by Rick

I bought 4 atoms vote a your kickstarter campaign and I've been using Amaryllo since the very first kickstarter for isensor and icam. One on the four atoms I have been havig issues with and now it's evident that something is wrong. Initially it would constantly drop our of WiFi. It didnt matter where I placed in in my house (even though the others were fine). A few weeks ago it stopped connecting. I've deleted the old connection on the app, followed the instructions for resetting and the atom doesn't beep. The solid blue light goes from being solid to turning off. Help please.

2017-04-19 11:03:20****************************************
No it doesn't turn left and right. I have already tried to follow these instructions. I have successfully reset the cameras in the past.

2017-04-19 11:11:20****************************************
When I power it up the camera doesnt calibrate. The camera stays in the same position and then the blue light stays solid. I flashes off and back on again every 17 or so seconds. When I try to press the reset button for 5 seconds or hear the beep... there is no beep and the blue light turns off. Nothing else happens.

2017-04-19 11:35:28****************************************
No problem. Where do I send it to? Can you supply a email address and I'll upload it via my wetranfer account

2017-04-19 13:14:56****************************************
I'm currently uploading you the video.
I was able to get the camera to calibrate after this video. I was also able to get it to connect to the wifi after about 10 attempts and each time was exactly the same (connecting to the same wifi as my other cameras). No that the camera is connected I constantly get a 105 error. I had to restart the camera and the iPhone. After the reset I was able to update the firmware and software. Now that is updated it the atom stays offline. This camera is being a totall nightmare and is so buggy.

2017-05-02 10:30:08****************************************
The camera is still not working since my last correspondence. I think there is something truly wrong. Im going to upload you some videos that I did last week. Ill send it to your email address.

2017-05-03 02:59:50****************************************
I tried it without a SD card. I tried it with a sd card from another atom camera and still I have the same issues. I have followed all the instructions and nothing has worked with this camera. I own 8 Amaryllo cameras and this is the only one I have issues with. It was always a problem since I bought it. It would always drop off the wifi and now it has progressively become worse with different issues. Here is the link to the video files I recorded.

2017-05-03 03:21:27****************************************
Thank you so much!

by Steven

I would like to cancel my cloud subscription please.

by Aaron

Do you have a windows store app developed yet? Otherwise, how do I view/control my new AR3 via web browser?

by Troy Havard

I had bought the ICAM PRO FHD, I would like to connect the camera with3 to 4 smartphone by app.

What is the procedure I should do

by Ng

How do I cancel my account?

by Gregory Panos

How to access Amaryllo cloud to see the record during the camera offline?
If cannot access, please cancel my subscription.
If can access, please advise and downgrade my subscription to silver.

by Pornthep Kittisarnwuthivet


I'd like access to the API to be able to toggle the private mode.

2017-05-15 06:31:55****************************************

2017-05-15 08:18:28****************************************
That's very dissatisfying, from what I've read the API should be available by now.


by Martin

I need to cancel my monthly subscription of $9.99 as of this date. just go back to the basic plan.

by Ted Petersen

Dear gentleman's , for not reason the unit stop working , the blue light remain on all the times, don't turn went power up/down . I will tried to reset the unit and nothing happens , What can I do ?

by Enrique Prochnicki

I connected and upgraded the firmware - only to get a bunch of issues. The issues are, "Failed to Connect to Device".

I've uninstalled, reinstalled the app. The iPhone app isn't great. So I'm using the Android app - seems a bit better. I've reset the unit repeatedly. Tried connecting to my wifi using the QR Code, WPS button, etc. Can't seem to get it to work.

Any ideas appreciated.

2017-04-13 15:49:29****************************************
With the card in or out - Same issue.

Right now - the blue light is blinking (no green at the moment). Oh, there's no card installed at the moment.

by Jeff Flowers

I failed to install the app. There is any other way

2017-04-15 08:08:52****************************************
Yes, I install it on my friend device, now I can not uninstall it from his device I install again in my device.
I think there was problem with the version of my system

2017-04-17 09:08:11****************************************
Yes, everything is ok know, thank you!

by Yousuf

I have numerous Amaryllo Cameras, how do I cancel my subscription???

As you have no way on your site or app to do so, which I feel is very tactical.

by Graham Russell

I can not connect to the camera. Help?

2017-04-11 18:24:52****************************************
ACC1308A1GR How to make upgrade to the latest firmware ?

2017-04-23 12:07:15****************************************
I am very disappointed in your cameras, it does not work via the Internet, it does not write on micro SD, skype not work. I want you to abstain from me ?

2017-04-23 12:32:35****************************************
Your video, I watched and cannot find such a program as navas hot video, on android ?

2017-05-01 21:32:50****************************************
Why he is not responsible for me ?

by sergej tkacenko

Can you change my subscription to silver and refund me the difference please. I forgot it was renewal time. Don Scott

by Don Scott

Hi !
My back sensores, apparently don't work, since last firmware actualization . just the front sensor !
My camera don't rotate if i move from back !
How can i fix this ?
PS: sorry my english

by Paulo Soares

Hello, I tried to setup my SMB/CIFS server but i can't see where i can set the adress in the app (firmware 4.16 app version:
Can you help me with this?
With kind regards,

2017-04-10 16:13:01****************************************
Sorry, but in my app i can't put any adress to it. I think the video use another app.
There is no line for adress input in my app.

by Hans

Can the storage within the unit be upgraded by inserting a microSD card with more memory? Also, how does one secure the camera to prevent it from being stolen? My outdoor lights can be easily accessed.

by Eric Cancemi

After upgrading to firmware 4.1.6, I'm getting lots of false alarms - when I view the video feed, it shows random full-screen artefacts where whole blocks of the screen turn a blue or greenish hue and the camera then detects that as motion. How do I roll back to the previous firmware?

2017-04-19 11:39:04****************************************
I've just tried the 4.2.1 firmware and when looking at the live view, the whole image still randomly flashes blue/green, which the camera detects as motion and then moves to try to follow. Perhaps you can check what changed between 4.1.6 and the previous firmware (4.1.5?) in terms of image capture?

2017-04-24 11:58:16****************************************
Seems to have stabilised over the last few days. Will update again about the flashing colours on the image but it doesn't seem to trigger the motion detection now. Thanks.

by Wei San

I want to have a meeting with my laptop and iCamHD.
But I don't know how to work with laptops.

by ChangHee

I bought this camera #ACC1308A1WHUSR, but after I install it to my father's cell phone, I can't install it to my brother's cell phone.
Can You tell me what should I do?

by Liang Chin

impossible to connect with your live
where is the passport what is the loggin ?
i can use by my phone but i want use only with windows 10
how to do ,do you hzve some manuelle clear please ?
3 hour i try impossible
very not easy
and no sofware for watch video ? only your website ?
thank you if you can help me coz i dont know what this to do this it now

by searhill

Can I connect the camera to more than 1 device? My phone connected I phone) but two other phones are failing. Trying to connect with q codes.

by David

Dear Support Team, i cannot access anymore the live streaming of the device. I get error message when press play. I could access the settings but no live video. First I unplugged the device then iI plugged in again. The device had no machine rotating, only blu light went on. Still no live video. Then i followed your video to reset the device. No success, no beep and no reset. Still only blue light and no rotating, no live video. Please help, I have 3 other devices like this ine.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards,

2017-04-07 11:28:59****************************************
Ok, I will do as described. Let you know. But still have one question. The iCamPro Deluxe have already a microSD in. Can I use that MicroSD for that procedure? If yes, after I have done as you told me, shall I leave the iCamPro without MicroSD card? Thanks in advance, regards Marco

2017-04-12 19:31:26****************************************
Hi, just did as you described. The iCam works again. I could also add a new WiFi in order to test it inside another Network. It works. Thanks

by Marco


I have seen a debit of 97.77€ on my bank account with Amaryllo Hsin Chu as the beneficiary. What is this ?
I'm working for Somfy in France, we bought this product for evaluation as we thought we could be a reseller within our channels, but I'm not using it. Please stop any subscription and refund the 97.77€. I never agreed to an on-going payment for this camera.

Thanks in advance,



icam 360 blue led is on at startup and stays on no calibration movement blueled does not blink tried reset button 5 seconds no bleep this is a new out of the box camera

by kurt

Please cancel my Gold subscription. I don't use the product anymore.

Thanks in advance,

Jurgen Leckie

by Jurgen Leckie

I am trying to connect my ATOM to an application on my Macbook Pro. The program is asking for the source address for the camera. I can find it's IP address but it will not connect and I can't find any reference to the ATOM connecting to anything but a mobile device via the Amaryllo app. Can I connect the ATOM to my Macbook and if so what is the source address I need to use to find it?

2017-04-06 13:02:48****************************************

I would like to use the camera with a completely different application unrelated to Amaryllo. I would like to find the source URL for my camera. Is this something that I can do with the Atom? Again, I want to use it with an entirely separate application on my MacBook Pro. It is calling for the source of my IP camera.

by Chad Beauchamp

How to re-format patio internal memory?
I can't find the button in the recording section of app,and patio also can't update the firmware.

by Chao

According to Product description on, it is possible to set Intruder LED Light Alerts on. But I could not find how to set it at iOS Menu. Could you explain how to set?

Please find below its description (Sorry. It is written in Japanese)


by Kiyoshi Sugaya

I have been using the camera frequently and suddenly one day I can't view it on my iPhone app, I have tried with resetting the camera, QR, WPS, Deleting the app and installing it again, nothing works.

2017-04-06 12:10:58****************************************
The blue led flashed and the camera rotate back and forth and the camera starts talking. I have tried to connect both with regular wifi and wps, when doing WPS the camera says it is connected but when logging of my own wifi and using cellular there is an error 100

2017-04-07 02:44:10****************************************
My router doesn't have a firewall, it is Apple.
But yes, the live view isn't working. It works when I'm connected to my router but not when using cellular data

2017-04-07 12:30:40****************************************
What and how do I check that?
IT was working fine two weeks ago and suddenly out of the blue it stopped working, no changes, no updates, simply just doesn't work.

2017-04-07 12:44:16****************************************
Yes, I just did that now
it says connected to the internet, but the little green dot net to the ID doesn't come on and it gives me error 100

2017-04-07 12:52:18****************************************
I get the notifications on the app, but it doesn't go live.

2017-04-07 12:54:53****************************************
Apple Airport Extreme does not have a firewall

2017-04-07 13:00:59****************************************
I don't have another router.
I can connect to the wifi no problem when I'm connected with my phone to the same network it comes up on the phone but when going to cellular data there is no connection and I get error 100

2017-04-19 11:49:30****************************************
Hi, the cellular data is on, I get notifications on the app but when I click to watch the camera it says error 100

2017-04-20 11:16:48****************************************
I can't access anything on the app, but I can see the notifications getting to usher through as it says 99 on the button.
No android Phone tried as I don't own one.
When I'm connected to the same wifi as the camera I can access it.

2017-04-21 12:35:47****************************************
Got is ON under cellular data

2017-04-25 11:35:38****************************************
I have tried with both t mobile and also att it is the same thing. Both phones are up to date

2017-05-27 16:13:47****************************************
Now I tried buying a new router, one from Netgear and also a new from Apple, both comes up with the same Error 100, I think your camera is defect. it only connects when my phone is connected to the same wifi

2017-05-31 14:55:03****************************************
I have done everything you asked me to do but the camera is still not owrking, we have tried on ATT, T-Monile, Verizon and it is all the same.
There is clearly a flaw on the product since my friend that bought the same camera is facing the same issues.
I requested to return the merchandise to the seller and copied this whole correspondance to the email.

by Morten Larsen

Functions shown in the video are not available in my Firefox Live View.

by Wong Ling Tseng

I got 2 questions.

1. Can't use skype to view/talk via iCAM HD.
2. Is there any website I need to enter AMID to ensure the product warranty?
Thank you!

2017-04-08 13:43:17****************************************
i bought the device via internet. Does the warranty only come with direct purchase from the company? Kindly confirm tks.

by Karen

Hi ,
I am initial backer of ATOM AR3, at end of Feb . Kickstater had sent update that shipping will start within one week. Can you please tell me when I will be getting my camera. Thanks.Regards Ramesh

by Ramesh

When will my order ship please?

by Linda Nys

I have two icampro hds. I recently tried to use them, but the green light keeps flashing upon installation. So I reset the app and cameras, disabled 5GHz on wifi router, and went through setup again using auto detection. I get the beep sound and successful music, but the green light is still always flashing and never goes solid. When I try to access the camera's or settings through the app, I always get a message saying 'Device is offline'. How do I fix this?

2017-03-30 10:25:37****************************************
I have already done all that, including disabling firewall. If the green light is flashing, does that mean my phone can't connect with the camera or the camera can't connect with your servers? It still doesn't make sense, because I get a successful registration of the cameras including the chime music and app telling me it was successful, but then I can't access the camera's from the app.
Do you have any other advice? Cause at the moment I have two useless camera.
Thanks, John.

by John Rohozynsky

Dear friends, the Cam doesn't work anymore. :((
What can I do? Is the cam covered by warranty?
Thank you!

2017-03-30 17:48:28****************************************
No blue led, no green led, no rotation of the device when I plug power adapter :(

2017-04-18 13:45:30****************************************
I tried with another one similar power adapter I bought from you (I've two Cams...).
Nothing to do... It doesn't work anymore...

by Claudio Premarini

I had my camera working in the past, but for some reason I cannot get it to work now. I have both the blue power light and the blinking WIFI lights working. I have gone through the setup between my IOS device using the QR code several times and all I get is the message "Error - Device Is Offline". What is the problem?

by Phillip Petit

please help me to install camera. The blue light is solid and I can't reload it with the button below.
How can I turn it to set up mode?
Thank you

2017-04-08 08:32:46****************************************
It works! Thank you

by Anton

Hi, my camera didn't apply the time change this week-end. How can I configure the time manually ?

by Nicolas VERLYCK

Why can't my Iphone download Amaryllo iCam HD app from Taiwan?

by Nick

I never can see the camera. It always tells me "The camera not rilevato" (not found, please check).
I followed firmware upgrade instructions.
It recognizes android QR Codes and looks like autocalibrating (when needed). I can dee used/free SD memory space on the app.

2017-03-28 23:26:58****************************************
I did it already.
I'll try again, maybe I got something wrong.
Thank your for the answer: I'll let you know.

2017-03-31 17:20:40****************************************
I followed all the procedure once more.
The blue led never blinks.
And the app still asks me to update the firmware.
Please help

2017-04-02 12:36:47****************************************
It now works, thanks!
It always gives me an error message stating that android.googlequickseachbox:interactor does not work. I qould like to have recordings
I also have set up a PC connection, but it never loads images (it buffers until 40%)
Where can I buy a new AC adapter?


i just have question i just both this camera and. i have same camera how can installl the 2 camera but i am been try to put the app it will register the one but the other is not there got deleted

by corwin dela cruz

Is there a way to alter when the camera takes a photo, earlier or later. Regards

by Andrew Mackay

Is it possible to mount the Atom AR3s on a vertical surface (i.e. a wall)? Al images show it hanging from a horizontal surface.

by Mike Wort

Iphone app no longer shows as installed and I can't administer. I know the camera is ok, as I can view it on ipad, but I can't administer any longer please advise.

by George


Upload to my Google drive does not work anymore from my iSensor HD Patio (iSSa0as4z).
Can you take a look at my settings if something's wrong? Or what I have to do to make this work again?

Best Regards,

2017-03-22 17:31:29****************************************
I've done that today. But still no new folder is made on my google drive.. Latest file is from Januari 18th 2017..
What to do now?

2017-03-22 18:56:35****************************************
A new folder has been made (March 23th). Solved!

by Gaster

I chose to upgrade my device today when prompted onscreen.
My iCamPRO FHD is now "Offline" with a solid Blue light.
I tried to revert it back to Factory settings by pressing the Reset button, but nothing happens.
When I power on my iCamPRO FHD it does not rotate or calibrate.

What do I do now?

2017-03-25 05:24:07****************************************
I downloaded the file, uncompressed it to the root directory of my MicroSD card and plugged the power cord in and only the Blue light appeared.
Left the iCamPRO FHD powered on for more than 2 minutes, but the front blue led and green led did not blink.
I unplugged the power cord, took the card out and plugged the power cord in again.
Nothing changed. No sound. No rotation. No calibration. Just solid Blue light.

2017-03-28 13:22:46****************************************
What can I do now?

by Curley

After the last software update cameras recorded false alarms constantly every 5 to 10 minutes (Falses Audio and Movement Alarms ) I have two cameras and booth working bad after the update software

2017-03-22 15:20:07****************************************
Yes. 4.1.6 never before I has any false alarm..... tonight I has 56 falses alarm ....

2017-03-25 15:20:16****************************************
I have firmware version 4.1.6 in bout cameras.
My cameras still give false alarms throughout the day, more than 40 false alarms each day and each Camera
I've updated the Amaryllo App to version 1.5.6
You remember before last firmware version all working perfect.
I don't know what I need to do. But I'm think to switch off bough of cameras

2017-03-25 15:28:49****************************************
I mean Both of cameras.... sorry

by Manuel Vicente

Question category not covered by your drop down list!
1. I wish to purchase 2 more units to add to 2 I already own. If I subscribe to one of the Amaryllo service plans will it cover all 4 devices or does each need its own plan?
2. The Koova spec quotes 8GB of built in memory. The order page only states Free 4GB memory. Which is correct?
Thank you
Mike Wort

by Mike Wort

We have multiple cameras from Amaryllo. iCamPRO, Koova, Atom. This latest firmware update has caused all of them to generate tons of false alerts. Please fix it. None of them have "enhance distance" enabled. The number and frequency of false alerts is such that my husband is either going to turn off the alert feature or uninstall the app from his phone. I understand his feelings but turning them off makes them useless.

by Susan Tipton

My Amaryllo account says it is inactive in the camera configuration but my account payment is up to date...

2017-03-23 10:25:00****************************************
It is okay now. I'm not sure what was done to fix it.

by Charles Wallace

Video will not record to either Amaryllo Cloud (which I just signed up for) or Google Drive and all setting s are correct. I tried both continuous and event mode for both??? Status remains at Stopped regardless of option I choose???

2017-03-22 18:57:57****************************************
Thanks for not responding I appreciate it. Great Support!

2017-03-23 13:22:37****************************************
Did that already and didn't change anything

2017-03-28 17:55:01****************************************
I sent QR code for iSSa0bu6W tp Please check to see why recording still wont function???

by Chad Goetz

And i Sensor has no nightview, right?

2017-03-30 10:53:04****************************************
Sorry, my technical know-how is not very good. My question was for your camera patio. It should be with night view.
But my question is because the motion sense! How near or far must a person be to make the camera feel that move?
It is really the last question about it!
Sorry for so much asking and thank you for helping!

Kindly regards

N. Bentenrieder

by Bentenrieder

Solid blue light. Will not flash

2017-03-27 01:16:18****************************************
What information are you looking for? The unit powers up and the blue light never flashes. Therefore, I cannot get further in the process.

It would help to talk to a technician.

Thank you

2017-03-27 18:44:28****************************************
The device does not beep while depressing reset button according the reset instructions. Now what do we do? Please respond.

2017-04-02 15:04:08****************************************
I followed the steps below and the blue LED nor the green LED never started blinking.

Please follow below steps to upgrade firmware from MicroSD card.
- Download file
- Uncompress it to root directory of a MicroSD card.
- Insert the card to iCamPro FHD.
- Plug power cord of it.
- Wait till front blue led and green led are blinking. (About 2 minutes) **************
- Unplug power cord.
- Take card out.
- Plug power cord again.

What is the next step? The iCamPro FHD is still NOT working.
Please advise.

2017-04-02 15:47:31****************************************
I retried the download and the camera is now working. Thank you for your patience. I appreciate your help.

by David shellenberger

Greetings, is this a camera I can mount outdoors? Thank you, Niels

by Niels Mueller

Hi, I've asked here a question about API access more than a year ago. You said you would work on it but so far no news. I'd lile to have the camera accessed and controled by a home automation system. I would also like to be able to get a live mpeg stream sent to the automation system like most of the cameras allow.

thank you for your feedback.


2017-05-31 13:39:34****************************************
Hello, still no answer to my question/request for info that I submitted a couple of months ago ... This is a shame.

2017-06-07 08:22:10****************************************
Thank you for your answer.

I'll be then looking for another product that has real integration capabilities... That's a shame in the IoT era that you so not provide this... Anyway...

by Jo

When i try to scanner the code it say: wrong code

by Helena

Hi, my Patio camera stopped working with solid blue light. Have tried resetting and nothing works.

Opened up the camera and tested 32GB card which seems to have failed. Please provide link for Patio firmware so I can solve this. Also, which format is the card supposed to be formatted with?


2017-03-27 21:34:11****************************************
Supplied MicroSD card died, cannot be re-formatted. Camera is in perfect working order. Please provide Patio 32GB filesystem and instructions and I will replace SDcard. Thank-you.

by Sean

when I set it to record, it says no Micro SD card in my settings, did it come with the camera or is that something I need to purchase separately?

2017-03-15 20:06:32****************************************
Where do I get the Micro sd card for my icam hd 360 camera?

2017-03-16 14:56:47****************************************
Where can I buy this card:
Support microSD (for Class 6 or above) up to 32GB

by Michele

Please cancel immediately my subscription. I never asked for it.

by Francois pilloud

Dear Amaryllo,
We bought this iCamera to keep a eye on our puppy when we are not home.
How can we share this camera my husband and I?
We would like to setup this camero on 2 différents IPhone but we don't know who to do it.
Thanks in advance for your guidance.
Best regards,

by Camos

Where do I find my passcode? or how do I create it, as I would like to add my camera on Firefox, in order to view my flat from a PC


I have issue on connecting to my CAM, With the following error code "An Error occurred while accessing the server (107) "

Would you please check it for me


2017-03-14 07:58:01****************************************
I try the suggestion but it does not work, it is related to my subscription plan changed on today

2017-03-15 07:48:47****************************************
Any idea about my issue ?

2017-03-15 10:51:26****************************************
Hi Support,

It is not working still showing error (107)



2017-03-16 04:10:23****************************************
Hello team,

Any updates, it has been 3 days ! But still not able to fix it


2017-03-16 14:32:19****************************************
Hi support,

This is my second time I met that issue. On last year your team said that this cam is from kickstarter. I have to subscribe a full year gold subscription. Once I subscribed the golden plan the cam back to normal.

On last week I have request your team to change my subscription to silver plan. Then the live view stop working .

Would you pls check with the team before I share the admins right to u guy.


2017-03-18 23:39:49****************************************
Hello , any updates from your team ?

2017-03-20 09:27:22****************************************
Pls refer my previous ticket logged on last year

2017-03-21 13:32:39****************************************
Any updates ?

by steven

I just updated the firmware and now I cannot get the notification neither instants... Please help!

2017-03-16 19:14:11****************************************
This was fixed but new problems came out.: no sound for notifications and the instants alert configuration time
Can I get back to the firmware that worked?

by Ivonne

最近更新Firmware 後
如果一直有人在鏡頭前觸發移動偵測啟動的同時會無法開啟即時觀看 會停在載入中 ...60%
重覆退出即時觀看再啟動即時觀看此狀態 則移動測的功能就失效了,一定要關電源重啟才會恢復

by Sam

Hello, have been using this camera for quite a while jow, was an initial backer of the project. I was wondering if there's an option to include this camera in my video surveillance system with other cameras. Therefor I would need HTTP/HTTPS access and thus require user id and password of the camera. Also I was wondering if you have plans to expose this camera so it can be integrated with home automation protocols. For example, it would be very interesting to have motion detection trigger the IFTTT App .... Thanks for your feedback. Tony

by Tony Knors

I am trying to integrate this camera into my Insteon network. I need the camera username, password and the port number. Thank you

by Shawn Campbell

After the update tot firmware 4.1.3 all of mine Camaras doesn't register any notifications. Please help!



by Mike

The unit went off-line- probablly under a firmware upgrade.
The unit simply seemed unresponding - and I pressed the reset button to get back on-line.
I got the Wifi up and running - and could connect via the Android device.
BUT it does still not get on-line - maybe due to it is still firmware 3.1.1 and "believes" that it is the recent firmware :-/
Well, anyhow, the problem is that it will not go on-line - besides the configuration that (most of the time) still can connect...
Please advice on how to proceed?


2017-03-12 17:47:06****************************************
Maybe you did it , I'm that car I appreciate it.
Otherwise it got out of the misinterpretation of being up-to-date and requested an update.
So it is back in order.

by Anders Kjærsgaard

What happens when the google drive storage limit is reached? Does the software begin to overwrite the oldest recordings?

Thank you for answering this


by Robert Coelen

Hi there,
I have a problem with both the motion sensor and audio sensor on my iSensor HD camera. It does not pick up anything after I return from Live View, so neither sound nor motion. Everything seems to be working fine after I start / reboot the camera, but this of course should not be. This also beats the purpose of me having my camera, the most important feature is motion and audio detection. I can now simply dance in front of the camera, flip the bird, shout and scream but nothing will happen. There are no alerts and/or recorded videos either. Can you support me into fixing this.

Looking forward to a swift response.

Kind regards,
Tammo van Eijden

2017-03-11 09:38:25****************************************
I also did a hard reset now. After I watch the live stream, every detection (motion and sound) stops working.

2017-03-11 10:48:33****************************************
I now have a similar problem with my icamPRO FHD (ever since I installed the new iSense HD). I can see the camera is following my movement, but no notifications when there is movement or sound.
Therefore it looks more like a software / app problem than a hardware problem.

2017-03-11 18:17:39****************************************
Now it seems that the alerts are working for the icamPRO FHD again, but not for the iSense HD :-(

2017-03-11 18:22:42****************************************
And in addition to what I already mentioned in my initial post, after I have watched the camera everything stops working meaning no response from the camera on detection of sound and movement. Also the light will not come on when it is dark while it did before. So everything seems extremely arbitrary...

2017-03-13 14:29:58****************************************
I understand that the alerts are not triggered in live view. The problem is that I receive alerts ( when not in live view) when I do a cold reboot of the camera (plug out and then in). So I receive alerts on my phone and iPad when a noise or movement is detected. What I do then, is I go into Live view and watch the cam for a few seconds. Then I leave Live view. From that point on, the alerts are broken and not working anymore. The only way that I get it to work again is by rebooting the camera.

by Tammo van Eijden

please cancell
Free 30-day unlimited FHD cloud storage trial upgrade


Hello, I realise my camera colour runs recently, all the recordings turn very reddish. Is there a way to get the colour issue fixed? Thanks.

2017-03-08 02:08:21****************************************
Thanks I dropped an email to you guys!

by Marc

Unit will not work-no video

by david shellenberger

My ISensor HD continually drops wifi connection. Daily basically. Fix is to unplug and then it connects on restart. I have an ICamPro HD that has no issues. What could be the issue. Wifi is great for about 30 devices.

2017-03-07 21:13:11****************************************
I tried this yesterday. Today offline again.

2017-03-14 00:09:28****************************************
Anymore suggestions?

by Michael Ryan

Camera not responding stuck in blue light, I did reset 4 times and not even flashes I did disconnect and repeat the same and still not working , need help please.

2017-03-03 22:27:49****************************************
Hi thanks for quick answer, After plug the camera the Blue led light appears and
Stays the same, camera is frozen not moving or flashes the led stays blue all the time don't change color .

2017-04-16 20:31:47****************************************
Hi Guys just want help for my Patio Camera , still not working, stays whit the blue light ON and doesn't do anything else
can you repair it or replace it ?

by Victor V

Hey there,

I'm trying to update my camera plans to both be on the monthly silver plan. Can you tell me how I do that. I can upgrade from the app on my phone but cant figure out how to go from gold to silver.


2017-03-03 14:13:02****************************************
Hello there,

Do you have any more information on what card and bank declined this order? I am happy to call them if you can give me the transaction date, amount that you tried to charge and the name of your company as it would appear to the bank. Also I just recently updated my credit card information a few days ago. Has the latest information been tried?


2017-03-07 03:12:26****************************************
Thank you for the information. I will contact the bank and ask them to allow payment.
Have a great day

by ryan harrison

I'm attempting to reset device. Holding reset button does nothing. Blue light is solid. Camera does not spin upon connecting to power.

by Chris

The blue light does not blink after powering on the camera. What may be the issue? The blue led doors light steadily - doesn't blink.

2017-04-28 11:03:08****************************************
Now the blue light flashes, but the qr code could not be read by the camera. The phone (tried on iPhone and android) was 10-30 cm away from the lens and parallel. Still no result.

by Ranjit Prakash Kamat

I lost my password, could you send to me a solution.

2017-03-02 02:37:54****************************************
Sorry, I not explante verry gut. The problem with passcode is in you sire amaryllo live, my iCam are before but i have problem computer et acces

2017-03-02 15:14:58****************************************
Hall is OK, Thanks


I want to cancel my cloud plan ASAP

by Matias Macera

I'm waiting always on you API for an integration with my home automation.
When do you plan this important fonctionnality ?

by Eric

Hi - Two questions about my Patio;

1. How do I enable activity zones on Patio - the motion sensor detects the smallest movement of a branch and is way to sensitive to be used without some kind zone function.

2. Is there a way to set motion alert sensitivity as you can with audio?


by Garth Johnson

Please change my services plan to Silver Monthly plan

by Steven Kan

Hi Support,

Would you please change my Services plan to Basic.


2017-02-25 10:39:52****************************************
Please ignore this request first

by Steven Kan

Hello, this camera is a great product. Bought a year ago with the intention to integrate it into my home-system and maybe buy 2 more. I thought every self-respecting product these days had some sort of API. Big disappointment. 1 year later after seeing a lot of people ask the same, still no way to integrate. So sad for such a great product.

by David

I have 4 of these devices back from the Kickstarter campaign, and since I have them i'm desperately waiting for the API to be released so I can link these cameras with my security system and turn privacy on/off then security system is disarmed/armed. There have been many questions about this already in the support group with plenty of responses from your side ("is planned for August", "will be available with 4.0", "will be available next week" and so on), but although you have stated more than once that API is available noone so far has received any information from you yet. Is the plan to drive your customers mad and make them replace this good product with something else that is more open in regards to integration with other systems ? I'm tired my mails and requests here are continuously ignored, in case there is no plan to open the API for your customers just let me know and i put them on ebay and replace them with other stuff.

by Max Stephan

I'd like to know if the Atom AR2 can be synced and controlled using the Wink Hub2. Thanks! Your products look amazing and I really want to buy some, but I'd like all my devices to work through my Wink Hub2.

2017-02-22 22:43:32****************************************
Ok, thanks. You should check it out.

Thanks, hopefully you will add this so I can buy your product and use the hub to control the cam.


by Mike Marty


by talia

The live view on the camera suddenly became grainy through the day with horizontal streaks across. I have reset and rebooted the camera but it is still the same

2017-02-21 18:21:25****************************************
How do I attach picture here?

by Soo Yar Ping

Camera is working . The problem I'm having is that with QR code is not reading on another phone. Is there another way for her to be able to view the camera?

by David Ellenwood

Please help. For some reasson I am not able anymore to live view from my PC in FireFox. It tells me that I hace to change to Chrom. But in Chroms tells me to use FireFox....Please help. I have been using it with no problem, but today I encountered the problem. I dont have problem using the Android in my phone!!

2017-02-21 13:17:02****************************************
Thanks, in chrome works fine

by Ivonne Bertrab

When live viewing in a browser is it possible to mute the mic/audio? I want to keep notice of who is entering while at my desk but I do not need to hear every conversation or noise. Currently I'm muting a tab in Chrome (right click on tab) but I feel there must be a way to do this from within the Icam?

by TJ

I have an iCare HD (my 2nd one). This is newly installed to the network, and has either 'device offline' error or unable to connect (105) error. I have rebooted wifi which resulted in device being online, but after some time it goes back to 'device offline'. I have reset the iCAM using a pin to reset, and this also resulted in device working, but next day, it was not possible to turn privacy off ('device offline' error again).

Firmware was updated when I first connected it - it is now at 4.1.1. There is no microSD card installed (is that the issue?).

Can you advise on fix, or might this be a faulty device?

The blue light is flashing at the front. There is no light on at the back.

FYI - the iCARE FHD was moved to 'privacy mode' when it was last in a working state.

The device keeps resetting.

2017-03-20 17:45:13****************************************
Hi can you confirm status of RMA, I sent device per email.

by Barry H

Please cancel monthly subscription. I don't want to pay $9.99 monthly charge anymore.

by Isaac Goldbrenner

My cam is continuously rebooting. It power on, it connect to wifi and after a few second rebooting and so on. I checked the power supply and the usb cable and they are ok. What's happening?

2017-02-26 19:01:30****************************************
I removed the sd card, fomatted it and now all seems ok.

by Alessandro Stuper

My iCam goes constantly offline and online, often every cuple of minutes, sometimes like now, for couple of hours. I did reset it, upgraded firmware, nothing worked. Wi-fi is fime as I have other camera thar works well at the same time. Now I'm out i need it and it went out again couple of hours ago. Can you please check it on your server.
Przemek Gostkiewicz

2017-02-20 20:36:46****************************************
Hello, the USB connection is fine as camera is moving and tracking objects while offline. Both online and offline the status LEDs are off.

2017-04-13 11:38:08****************************************
Hello, I did upgraded the cam, Still it's going offline. I did switch on LEDs. blue one is on all the time. The green LED is blinking while it goes offline for a moment, then it goes online for a moment with stable green light, than offline again and over and over.... Last weekend we went out and it went offline for 3 days, few minutes after we swithed on the camera, when we came back green LED was off, while blue was on.

2017-04-13 11:42:09****************************************
One more remark, I have another cameras as well, and they are online while iCamPro goes offline, so internet connection is OK, I have Apple Airport Express router.

by Gostkiewicz

Hi there .... I am getting "Invalid authorization for Google Drive" notifications on a regular basis from my camera despite it being in privacy mode at the times of notification and settings set to NOT send video to Google Drive. I've tested that Google Drive video archiving was working before without any issues. Can you help explain what you think might be happening and how I can fix it please?
Regards Trevor

by Trevor Pearson

Hi Amaryllo,

My iCam HD (Vierkant model), is not connecting anymore since the 27th of January (last recording date).
Reset button is not working, when I press it.
And reinstalling is also not working.
I removed the ap and re-installed it, but that's also not working. Your office is near my home, so I can drop the cam to have a look at.

by Robert van den Broek

when will chrome browser be supported?

by Anders Bossen

I need installation and setup help

by Joe Ferraro

I have noticed that the camera is not being able to enter night infrared mode. The infrared LEDs do light up but seems like the lens adjustment doesn't occur. Ido not hear the usual click that the other cameras do (I have a total of 6 Amaryllo cams, 5 Atom (1 iCam FHD, 2 iCam Pro and 2 Atom and one Koova 2). The one with the issue is one of the Atom branded ones). I even tried with an external infrared source (to verify if the problem was with the infrared LEDs) but the Atom did not improve its night vision. as of now when the lights are off its video is all black. BTW, the night vision settings are correct, just like all the others (Night Vison is ON, and Night Vision sensitivity is "Normal".

Is there any sort of reset I can try to see if it gets back to normal? I remember this Atom showing nigt vision properly at some point. Later on it would take longer to start it up and now it seems that it won't start it up properly at all.

I'll be looking forward for your support on this matter.

With Best Regards,

Jauvane C. de Oliveira

Let me know if you need me to run any test on it. I can use it side by side with any

2017-02-19 18:04:58****************************************
Three pictures have been sent. One in daylight, one at dusk and a third in the middle of the night. The red infrared LEDs do light up but the click the camera makes when enters night vision is much lighter than the usual (from the other cameras of the same type I own). Let me know if you need any additional information.

With Best Regards,

Jauvane C. de Oliveira

by Jauvane Oliveira

I can not add PC to view, it shows" Device can not create SDP"??

2017-02-15 00:29:20****************************************
What is firmware? Do you mean Chrome?

2017-02-15 04:40:11****************************************
What firmware?
The App?

by Chen

After a year of no issues, our Koova has stopped working. While we have a solid blue light, the app states the device is off-line. We powered the device off and noticed it no longer goes through its boot up cycle. We attempted a hard reset to the device and that also did not work. Please advise on how to remedy our situation

Kind regards,


2017-02-14 10:40:17****************************************
The Blue light os solid and the Green light is not lit

by Richard Gaglio

Why is my camera moving on its own every 2 to 5 sec to random spots or restarting it self over and over. It restart 15s a day?
Also loses connection to cam after getting on the viewer after 3 sec or less?

2017-02-13 13:19:41****************************************
No it is not loose.

by Jack

What is the phone book feature used for?

2017-02-13 12:56:12****************************************

by Arnold Tjew

Trying to give my Samsung S7 viewing rights from my installed camera on iPad, and the mobile just does not want to read the QR Scan. Have tried every way to get Amaryllo and the iCamProFHD installed on my Samsung S7 mobile and cannot . Very frus